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Sim Grid ACC Daily Races Update

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by DoubleJ93, Dec 28, 2020.

  1. DoubleJ93

    DoubleJ93 Gamer


    We have some new announcements to make regarding the time slots and regions on The Sim Grid ✨

    More EU/UK Time Slots

    We now have up to 3 concurrent races in EU/UK regions, including one GT3 server running 24/7 with a race every hour for you night owls.During the daytime we have another GT3 event running and during peak times these are joined by GT4 events.

    Increase in US Time Slots

    We are continuing to see increasing participation from the Americas with large numbers registering with us from the US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina, and others. We have observed that many from these regions were racing much earlier than we anticipated, so we have extended the time slots available accordingly.

    Oceanic Servers Added

    We have been sitting on this one for a while, but we are excited to say that we have now made 12 new time slots available to players based in the Oceanic region. We are incredibly interested to see this part of the community grow and hope you enjoy some daily racing with ultra-low pings and lag.

    Choosing a server

    We are seeing a strong trend in people choosing a server outside of their region, rather than one close to them because it is busier - which in turn means that that region has a harder time filling up (and this causes a catch-22). We would rather not force server selection and we are confident that organic growth alone will eventually solve this problem. In the meantime however, please be mindful of this and if possible choose a local server. Feel free to use our Discord channels to organise a number of your fellow drivers into regional races.

    Change in race capacity

    Based on much feedback, we have reduced our maximum registration capacity to 30. The general consensus was that a max of 40 can produce some amazing racing, but given the mixture of experience and skill levels currently racing together and that we have some smaller tracks on rotation, it was too often causing issues.

    New Sign Up Process

    Lastly, we have tweaked the race sign up process, asking players to agree to a code of ethics before being able to join a race. This is step one in a long list of plans we have to improve the quality of racing across all Grids on our Servers.

    Check out our racing schedules at https://beta.thesimgrid.com and come talk to us in the #daily-races channel on our Discord - https://discord.gg/f37zB3scye

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