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Sim Racing System

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Lino Carreira, May 1, 2016.

  1. ziozeus

    ziozeus Racer

    Mmm.. I think people interested in srs have also the attitude to buy dlc and download the best addon out there... srs kind of give a service advertising on these throu their choices by the way. I'm not sure what you say could help.
  2. fbiehne

    fbiehne Hardcore Simmer

    I think the only way that more players use SRS is an official implementation from Kunos.
    It’s probably the same why mods are not that popular online: too few take the time to search for mods and install them.
    SRS is really a great approach for clean and more serious racing but most people don’t know that it exists or are too afraid to use it.
    Vanilla content on the other hand is what most people are used to.
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  3. Louizf

    Louizf Racer

    What's the point of using your real name?
    People will driver better if they user their real one?:D

    It's just that, I don't use mine anywhere on the internet and don't plan to start now.
  4. Ni-MH

    Ni-MH Gamer

    They don´t ask your for your real name, only "a" name.
    It looks cleaner so, instead of the xXxfl0r!22132, etc. you get the point.
    Btw, GT4 race in Virginia North in 23 min, already 9 registerd :)
  5. chakko

    chakko Alien

    It would be a shame if people didn't state their real name though. I'm not really into driving races against John or Jane Doe.
    Tim Meuris likes this.
  6. Louizf

    Louizf Racer

    Fair enough.:)
    I will join this one too.

    Although my ping may be too high.:(
  7. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Good call. :)
    Are you on wi-fi?
  8. The only reason I don't use it is because a) you spend a number of years driving under an alias and building up a reputation and contacts based on that alias but then become an unknown together with not knowing who you are racing against - I could be racing against one of the guys from my league and not even know it so there is no banter or sense of community.
    B) in Australia there isn't anyone using it - I think the most I've seen are 2 other racers. It needs to be opened up to other regions. Higher pings aren't an issue any more in AC if you have a stable connection.
    But yeah, from my point of view SRS has failed in AC because of the above.
  9. Louizf

    Louizf Racer

    No I'm on South America:D

    But I just did the GT4 race in VIR with 240 ping and it was totally fine.
    AC came a long way in MP, no warping whatsoever, all fine.
    pika4u likes this.
  10. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Aah... yeah, i remember from games on other multiplayer games with guys from south america that the connection is not always the best. :D
  11. Louizf

    Louizf Racer

    23min to Nurburgring/Dallara :D
  12. deci

    deci Simracer

    was interested, registered with my real nickname / internet pseudonym (first and last name - fantasy name but realistic enough) - but it seems it was rejected and my account was removed. so this is off putting.

    then i saw the intro video for the AC SRS app. and it has advertisements injected? if those advertisements are not hand-picked and hosted on the SRS server (with ad-networks they usually are NOT) this is a security risk. i am not sure how AC launcher parses websites, but i doubt it is using my heavily protected firefox (ad-blocking, script blocking, etc) browser as a base.

    so i guess SRS is not for me.
  13. pika4u

    pika4u Hardcore Simmer

    It's a free service and the ads are needed to pay servers. So ad-blocking is not so fair...
    I'm not sure how ads could be a menace thou.
    And you really think your browser would protect you from a real security issue?
  14. deci

    deci Simracer

    i cannot reply in detail, because i don'T want to take this thread off-topic. Sim Racing System looks like a great thing and i would love to take part, but since my registration seems to be rejected anyway, i lost motivation for this now.

    regarding internet ads and security risks. google search for "malvertising" . the guardian, malwarebytes and other websites have reported on this a lot. browsing the internet with ad-blocking is a must in 2016 for your computers safety. and personally i am opposed to any form of commercial advertisement anyway.
  15. Ni-MH

    Ni-MH Gamer

    New update for srs (no need to reinstall the app):

    (only viewable inside the app in assetto corsa, not in the webpage)
    pika4u, Guidofoc and Jos_theboss like this.
  16. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Without ads, you would have to pay for everything on the net. Avertising is the only way for companies to handle server, and work costs. And this is kind of silly anyway: "browsing the internet with ad-blocking is a must in 2016 for your computers safety." Are we really that far yet? Getting a malware or virus isn't as easy as showing the ad, especially when you're not logged into your computer as an administrator.

    Anyway, we're talking about a sim racing online league site here, so there's really no point in expecting to get a malware there, and there's no point in preventing them for getting revenue, especially considering that they do all this for free, and that there are costs involved. Would you rather donate to be able to run in the league?
    Ni-MH likes this.
  17. Henrique Alves

    Henrique Alves Simracer

    I like to think that everyone is free to give their opinion.
    But there is a line...

    "our staff" page NEVER EXISTED on SRS

    and sentences like "Amazing support team" WERE NEVER used on SRS pages.

    Since day one, SRS is aiming to be a free service, there WERE NEVER payments involved nor payment data asked!! Not even a single donation button!!

  18. Jaye

    Jaye Alien

    It was about that server "company", sorry if this wasn't clear enough.
  19. Louizf

    Louizf Racer

    I don't mind the ads but I think the name registration thing is silly too. Now I need to change my name before every race with the app, yea.
    But hey, I'm registered anyway and the only real "issue" for me now is that is that at the times I try to join a race usually I'm the only one there.
    Would be cool if we could know what are the busiest times.
  20. Ni-MH

    Ni-MH Gamer

    You don´t need to change your name anywhere, it goes automatically.
    Had a race in the GT3 before at 17pm (european time) with 19 participants.
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