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Sim Racing System

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Lino Carreira, May 1, 2016.

  1. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Just so that i get it right: I'm usually driving online with my nickname. So, when i join a server to a SRS reace, the app automatically changes my name to my registered SRS name??
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  2. Ni-MH

    Ni-MH Gamer

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  3. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. :)
  4. Gunja

    Gunja Alien

    Also was not aware of this. Thanks.
  5. Freespace

    Freespace Gamer

    Have a little experience in SRS, around 50 starts. And maybe in 40 get to the finish line:).
    I didn't see any difference between SRS and ABCD public server.
    No major difference in quality of racing, same first lap madness, same rude and no respect driving from some players. You can easily been pushed out of track and hear after that, that it is your fault. All is like on public servers. People are fighting for position like a world championship at stake:). Rating and points system adds more fuel to the fire. SRS people didn't want implement any rules, because there is no people to observe that the rules are followed. Seeing many good players that are join SRS at the same time with me and i never see them again after 10 or so races. Why they stop playing on SRS.
    The main difference is on SRS you have only one race start in 4 hours in every of 4 classes. If someone was too aggressive you should wait 4 hours for another attempt.
    I had two races recently on public servers with a players I didn't know. It was close fights for all race long with ZERO contacts or rudeness or what else. We trying leave some place and have respect to each other. I never had a race like this on SRS.
    Maybe someone can explain to me what a point of joining SRS, if you can join public server and have the same experience.
    For me SRS is ABCD public server with shout-box and forum. What community is it if there is no respect between each other. For the moment I will stay on public servers. I hope someday SRS will rise their quality of racing.;)
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  6. magzire

    magzire Alien

    I agree. Waiting 4 hours to your next race is a little low tempo for me. I just end up on ABC servers.

    Is it not possible to have each group run hourly?
  7. jim jones

    jim jones Simracer

    What's the reason we have long intervals between races?

    Really believe at these early stages the long waits between races has slowed the participation down.

    Every 15 mins for cars like MX5 races would have boosted activity .
    Love to race on SRS but my timing never seems to catch the next race I want.

    Kunos have left users to take care of online rating system so SRS needs to be a success, already a few similar systems with no major momentum.
    As much as I like MR option we need some kind of rating/points system which provides history of wins/rating/skill/achievement .
  8. ziozeus

    ziozeus Racer

    @Freespace : I think we have seen 2 different movie:confused:

    As for the race every 15 minutes (!?) really can't understand. I mean, ok, go to a public server, srs is a different story. It has to have some kind of schedule to work as it's intended.

    And for the race every hour: is it so difficult to understand that with one server (free server, server you don't pay anything to game in) if you want 4 series you need to wait 4 hours for a series to repeat? and... if you want to have a semi league system, and hope to find people you know more than once, this is better then having 24 races a day? I find friends in real bars and drink a beer together because I go at the same bar at the same hour in the evening. what's wrong with this?
    Are you complayning because the free srs guys don't decide to pay for you 4 servers instead of 1 only? really... again... it has to have a schedule. you have to give something to gain what you have back. you have to give your "waiting". This is why races there are really not as "freespace" describes them (maybe he has been not fortunate?)

    You could always move to a complete league system, where you have a race every week... or every 2 weeks.

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  9. Freespace

    Freespace Gamer

    I really didn't like the idea of adding to the public servers any type of rating/points system alongside existing MR system. Players will start fighting for positions like for their life's. SRS have rating/points system so if you like to earn points at first and have fun on second just play on SRS.

    @"ziozeus": I hope your movie will be with a happy end:cool:
    Yeah all the bad luck goes to me:). Maybe at some point SRS organizers need to add some fee for racing on their servers to pay for web site and run the server or even servers. And I think players like "ziozeus" who are really dive in and enjoying allot will pay. For the moment it is very rare when server are full of players, usually 10-15 players. Only way to get more players on SRS it is to remain it free. Free of charge, free of rules.
    I don't want to slander SRS or organizers. They doing top job and I wish the best for what they do. It is nice that you enjoy SRS. I just add my view on SRS current situation. Maybe someone who want to join SRS read it and have all the different opinion about SRS in mind and know what he can expect from it.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2016
  10. Ni-MH

    Ni-MH Gamer

    I don´t get your point, so you will "race" without fighting for places? What you want are trackdays then.
    The beauty of the races is to win places and fight for them without punishing your opponents. Thats the goal of SRS and every single league you can find out there (and yes, it´s fun as hell).

    Had over 60 races and ended all of them, never ever I saw things like you would see in public servers (sometimes even MR doesn´t help).
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  11. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Simracer

    I have an accuforce so i have to open the game through simcommander 4
    will this give problems with simracingsystem?
  12. Henrique Alves

    Henrique Alves Simracer

    Hello Tim,

    If simcommander 4 only starts AC and after that you use it like you would normally and go to the menus, i don't see a problem.

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  13. RReed43

    RReed43 Hardcore Simmer

    I have raced on SRS while using SimCommander to start AC. It works fine.

    SimCommander is pretty powerful software. I use it to start several apps (Real Head Motion and JoyToKeys) that I want running for AC. Not only does it start them flawlessly it also shuts them down when I log off.
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  14. Ni-MH

    Ni-MH Gamer

    New series in SRS!

  15. Henrique Alves

    Henrique Alves Simracer


    We are testing multiple simultaneous series. The series that were running before this weekend continue just like they were before.
    There is also a new category, 1vs1 which is a ROC style thing using the mod track SHOWTIME that you can download from RD. This races won't affect your Road rating as it is a separate rating category.

    The Zonda R series requires Rating above 500 otherwise the button will show 'Low Rating'
  16. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    The 1vs1 series seems really interesting, very good idea! I'll try it asap. Bravi! You're adding something new to the MP experience in AC.

    I suppose also the drag race could be done? For me anyways one great thing to do could be point-to-point hill-climb or rally stage like Trento-Bondone, Kanniranni etc. :D
  17. Jynnantonix

    Jynnantonix Simracer

    Looking at the results for the daily schedule, it seems most of the categories are dead except for GT3 which is very well populated. If I may make a suggestion that could bring in lots more people is for now just make very race a GT3 race, so every hour. I really think this would encourage participation a lot, and then once you have more people and perhaps have some donations coming in, open up a second server with different cars. Everyone wants to race GT3, might as well ride that bandwagon no?
  18. Jos_theboss

    Jos_theboss Hardcore Simmer

    I remember the old dtm cars being pretty popular as well, but that was the very beginning...
  19. chakko

    chakko Alien

    As much as i like variety, but there is a point to that IMO. Or maybe just 2 series, a Formula series, and GT3, so you have races for these series every 2 hours. It's definitely a downer to wait so long for the next race. In iRacing, you could race hourly in some series, and it really added to the fun. The way it is now, i can do a race, and then i have to wait 4 hours for the next race again. That way i can do 1 race per day max, because some of the dates also don't fit me very well. At the very least i would think that SRS rather needs less series, than more. Your call of course, just my 2c.

    Don't get this wrong, i like the thought of having more series... it's just that i don't see much of a point in 2, or 3 people racing in races.
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  20. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    I agree with higher frequency of one or two series people want more. That was also what appealed people when SRS launched in beta but then with official release some things changed and less people participated at the same time, and that lower frequency of racing the same series could be the fault, as you now need to wait a lot before that race repeats, or in case you missed you need to wait a lot of time before it happens again.
    So after changes to the system or schedule it needs advertising to call people (back) in, like here, reddit, and steam.
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