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Sim Racing System

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Lino Carreira, May 1, 2016.

  1. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    Since many asked here is the setup I used for Qualifying.

    For the race, to keep rear tyre wear in check I lowered FW 2 clicks.

    Obviously for any other track than Donington National you will need to have a look at camber.

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  2. M Waechter

    M Waechter Racer

    A few guys need to be more patient, I can't vanish from one moment to another there uphill on that short-apex quick right hander where is only one possible line to take. Wait half a second more and I / the other car will drive aside, and not pull through -full speed and throttle- as if there was only air ahead and crash me+yourself.. . 'Seriously' (sounding like Vet but in perspective of an overlapped guy ;)).
    Happened in qualy and race. But the majority is quite enough patient of course.

    To the race: It was quite over, as I crashed in someone in lap 1 who was standing sideways 90° on the track after ~turn 5. Better luck next time.
  3. Henkz

    Henkz Gamer

    Thank you very much Phil!

    Quick question: Do you have alot of knowledge of setups in general or do you just go with the basics of the track and practice alot with different settings?

    Best regards and thank you very much again!
  4. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    The thing is if you are going to be in the way during a corner you are supposed to already be out of the way before you go into the only possible line.

    If we are too patient some guys don't even move. This is sprint racing not GT endurance, if a car is catching you at 3 seconds a lap you seriously need to plan ahead a place where to pull over before he's in your butt.

    I'm not saying it's easy...but avoiding a car that is 30 kph slower at apex is somewhat of a challenge too. Donington is not the easiest place to overtake anyway. It should be better for now on.
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  5. M Waechter

    M Waechter Racer

    I know and did, but it's not possible in all circumstances (that's the thing).

    In qualy I went off close before that corner, went back on track (it was clear) = slower of course -getting up to speed-, and the car was maybe still 200m away as I was driving on on the track. So I had to wait after the apex -no other way to react- to let him through, but the car already hit me before or in the apex. In those cases the car behind cannot rumble you just away (out of the way) full speed, that's simply wrong. Adrenaline I think.. .
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  6. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    Qualy is different there is no consequence so people will go and hope you do disappear. If you were off track and your lap was ruined you shouldn't imo in any way slow down another car. There is no "be patient" in Q. A lap is ruined as soon as anyone is in front of you in any corner. You get a penalty in real life if you slow down another car in Q no matter the reason. In race yes we are (I am) not very patient but in no way a contact is ever wanted, I go in there with not a lot of margin for error and when something unexpected happens it quickly ends in contact. It's just the nature of 40 minutes races imo.

    Mostly knowledge. Gotta keep an open mind to trying different things but usually there is a direction I want to go and I get there. Not much trying a lot of different things going on, but yes a lot of practice.
  7. JaapWgt

    JaapWgt Rookie

    Thanks for the racing, guys!

    It was a good race. I was impressed with how people took care of each other in lapping. It's difficult and requires attention from both lapping and to-be-lapped car. I saw a problem between Eric and Marco where Eric was a little too impatient in my opinion and bumped Marco out. Brian was too unaware in my opinion, but he replied already in the post-race chat.

    Let's keep improving this. We have to do it together. Spa-Francorchamps will be much better already... twice as long and twice as wide as Donington :p

    Well done Philippe and very nice that you share the setup here. Classy move.

    See you in Spa!
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  8. M Waechter

    M Waechter Racer

    In real life they go on back onto the track after a mistake / being off track as well as soon as the track is quite clear (to drive on / go for the next hotlap or to go back to the pits, whatever is planned).., and they have radio saying 'someone might approach sooner or later, better keep aside off the track until this and that guy is through'.
    You can't forsee that without certain apps in a Sim (no radio ;)) !

    Btw.: ferito live-car-tracker does not work anymore (no gaps displayed) with current AC version. Is there a similar app that will work ?
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  9. Henkz

    Henkz Gamer

    OK thanks!

    Tried your setup and managed to go from 1.02.2 to 1.01.6 in like six laps so very helpful, greatly appreciated!
  10. M Waechter

    M Waechter Racer

    Nice words Jaap ! ;) I think that was the corner before (before the one I spoke about in qualy), if I remeber right*. Had to go 'a gear' slower there in the race, later on. A being lapped car can do nothing, when it is still coping damage and g-forces and is driving through a real corner. Only after having finished the corner it can drive aside.. .

    *edit: at 41:00 Min. live stream. When I decide to go for one more corner, because afterwards is a better place to let someone through (unless the car would be super close behind already), then I'll do so.. and at that point always already I do have in mind: "After I'm through the next one, I'll definately drive 100% reliably aside".
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  11. M Waechter

    M Waechter Racer

    ...So, faster guys being just a (that) few meters more patient and even brake / slow down, if it is needed (just like in real life traffic, you would never risk such kind of crash either..), would be nice.
    But anyhow, running in circles, as already said in the first posting: Most drivers will act fine.
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  12. M Waechter

    M Waechter Racer

    Now, I tried it out also. I'm at 1:02.6 min. now as well -low fuel- with it, when I apply my setup's suspension (bump, rebound, ..) settings and put travel ranges at same -1 as ride heights (always do so to keep it simple).
    That assymetrical / track adopted tire camber makes a huge difference (and the ride height ' type' of it as well).

    My setup was like as (un)drivable -to overcome it I lowered FW and maximized diff. power- as when you set yours' right rear camber at the same value as the left rear camber. A 'small' difference someone can think, but that only change makes it already a mess.
    Never ever bothered and used assymetrical camber so far, but here it seems -obviously I have to admit- very important (since you can put much more FW on without having oversteering/stepping out at the rear).

    So, thx very much for the upload ! Hope I can take s.th. over to SPA.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  13. Jos_theboss

    Jos_theboss Hardcore Simmer

    I seem to be getting low fps with the dallara, at grid start 15 ai gives me 45 fps while the tatuus gives my 80 fps, using oculus rift.
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  14. Andrea Lojelo

    Andrea Lojelo Radiator Springs Racing Team

    Have you tried with the 2k skins package?
    I have exactly the same graphics card, but I have 4 more Gb or RAM and better Processor. Both our specs are lower than the recommended Oculus specs because of the graphic card. Despite that, I run 90 FPS without problems on my Oculus.

    I tested some time ago on a PC with even lower specs than yours, both our car in both RSR Formula 3 v2.0 and v3.0. v3.0 has a much more complex aero with a much bigger number of wings. When I was using AI on that PC I noticed that that PC was having lower FPS with the new, more complex version.
    This is in line with what you said since the Tatuus had a comparable amount of wings of our v2.0.
    Please contact me in private. We can eventually verify if that's the source of the problem.
  15. M Waechter

    M Waechter Racer

    You can try deleting all car's skins except -if you like and to be reconized by the other clients- your own folder. With my specs (or limited ram) I always need to do that (in any of the past championships), otherwise I get 2-5 sec. lasting freezes every moment with ~10+ cars = not driveable. But when I leave the skins out, this problem is 100% solved.

    Though yours 's maybe more about CPU / PCs performance (driving against AI uses more CPU than online racing), but it might help nevertheless as well additionally.
  16. M Waechter

    M Waechter Racer

    One rule question about points: Isn't it a slight disadvantage to drive all 6 to friday races, because the results 'only' get averaged and thus not the best result will count (like it is the case when you attend 5 or less races) ?
  17. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    Let me know when the retards are filtered out of the system. Back to public servers for now at least there is no preparation time wasted there.
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  18. h_l

    h_l Gamer

    Yeah, there was a chaotic start of a new week...
    View from my car:
  19. jamiebeech

    jamiebeech Rookie

    That looks like an absolute disaster! oh well first race of the week so
  20. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    I think people are used to public servers where typically they restart the race. But here there are no restarts.

    First two corners of Spa carnage never changes, and sometimes at the corner after kemmel straight.

    I watched the replay and at first corner a car hit you which made you spin, later at corner 12 (after pouhon) a driver turned into you but fortunately front wing against your rear wheel didn't make your car spin. Then next lap as you were overtaking a car at raidillon you went against his car which made you lose control of it; this wasn't his fault because he was following the line tight to the right side kerb.

    But no matter what, it was very bad at the first two corners in the first lap. Reminds me of this, but at least they all made it safely past la source, just not before eau rouge.
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