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SimRacers That like street cars vs Race Cars vs Both

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Tiago Lima, Apr 10, 2014.


What Type o Sim cars do you like ?

  1. Race Cars

    46 vote(s)
  2. Road Cars

    25 vote(s)
  3. You Like to Drive Street And Race Cars

    104 vote(s)
  1. Tiago Lima

    Tiago Lima Alien

    Was The name says there are this 3 type of persons , And i want to know your opinion about why some people dont like Road cars (bare in mind is not normal day by day cars like the 1m and e30 etc ) , and why some people dont like to drive Race cars in simulator.

    My opinion ?

    -People that don't like street cars are fast with Gt / cars with slicks and are slow with road cars .

    -People that don't like Race cars are fast or average with street cars and and are slow with race / cars with slicks

    -People that like both are fast with both , or just want to drive and have fun and learn all the cars , or are fast with both
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014

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  3. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

    both, because they are both fun in their own way
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  4. I am average in street cars and slightly below average in race cars speed wise. I enjoy both although If I had to pick one or the other it would be street cars. (fortunately I was able to choose both in your poll)

    I've owned and driven a few high performance street cars so I have a better understanding of what I think they should feel like in a sim is the reason I would choose street cars if I had to make a choice.
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  5. Big Engine

    Big Engine Simracer

    I'm number 3. Not fast but I enjoy to learn how to drive each car and discover it's own specifics
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  6. plaid

    plaid Alien

    Huge topic. There are many factors.

    First its there are so many things you like about a car and that can evoke emotions. Regarding street-tracks there is more potential in the appearance, so as long as you dont actually drive and the fact you can drive them anywhere (even you cant use legally use their potential, which you can do with a mountanbike, what I love about it :)).
    Or you are purely focused on motorsport, so race cars, where its less about the single car.

    Overall you can argue what a race car have to be one. For some its a WTCC or GT cause the adjustments for racing, other demand the whole car to have to be purposebuild, like a prototype. Some modern street cars, are easier to drive tzhen some old race cars, BTW.

    It highly depends what you do with it sometimes. Racing in a grid or driving fast alone (+maybe cruising/drifting/...) on a wide circuit or tight country road.
    I prefer driving GT-racecars in a race on circuits and street cars only on civil roads, rallye-tracks etc.

    For some modern racecars are too easy or not enough character. I wouldnt want to race 30 laps with a MP4, but prefer it on just driving fast on JP, cause there is so much goin on! The E30 DTM is really great on it, too! The size of the place where you can dance on the limit is much much higher then in a GT3.

    AC is focussed on circuit-races, but there is much potential for several kinds of racing and driving. What counts is the base, so physics and then graphics and sounds. Without that I actually would be better on with other titles, but Forza for example, just doesnt do it for me.

    Edit: Ah and you sure can like something, while not being good. The T125 is too much for me, at least at the moment.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
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  7. nivadepi

    nivadepi Racer

    3rd choice ; I'm slow in all :confused:, but loving every minute and getting faster (less slow)
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  8. Qwaribo

    Qwaribo Alien

    I'm both..

    I like to have fast times, but much more important to drive beautiful racing lines! Driving a beautiful lap on a track is for me heaven! :D Fast or slow..
    nivadepi likes this.
  9. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I will drive anything I have even driven the sim goat :D
  10. Tiago Lima

    Tiago Lima Alien

    Nicee One :p

    In sim Racing what mater is driving a car , after all , is what its all about ,driving every car is a car
  11. Maxidyne

    Maxidyne Hardcore Simmer

    Race cars, a circuit is for race cars in my opinion. A road car can't handle the stress of circuit racing for a long period of time. Brakes fade, street tires can't handle it for long, suspension is always a compromise between sporty and comfort on a road car. You have real hardcore streetcars like the 911 GT3 RS, and stuff like that, but they are more suited for the track then the road. The ride is so hard on the public roads!
    I love motorsports, GT and touringcar racing. And i'm slooooooooow:)
  12. OffAgain

    OffAgain Simracer

    Can't agree with the original premise of the thread beyond the obvious observation that people tend to be slightly quicker than their basic pace in cars they've spent a lot of time in than those they haven't. I'm about the same pace relative to others regardless of what I'm chucked in assuming a reasonable setup and a bit of practice, and that seems to be about right for everyone else as far as I can tell with the possible exception of those who're just starting out.

    Personally, I couldn't really give a wotsit about cars on an abstract level and am far more fussed about racing the things. In my experience at least, the level of challenge and entertainment is set entirely by the opposition with the car itself being only a minor component of it.
  13. Tiago Lima

    Tiago Lima Alien

    I dont know if is what you are trying to say but what usually spends is that people that usually drive race cars , pick up a street car and go drive it doing some laps in it and being very far from WR and then give up and go back to the type they prefer , the result is that they dont get enougt pratice , and what is needen to be fast in any kind of car is practice no practice no speed
  14. Snarffu

    Snarffu Racer

    Both for me I am slow in everything in every sim/game :oops:but I have fun :D
    Tiago Lima likes this.
  15. OffAgain

    OffAgain Simracer

    What I'm trying to say is the distinction between "road" and "race" is irrelevant when it comes to pace and what matters is a combination of a driver's basic pace and their familiarity with the car. Whether a simulated car would be road legal in reality just doesn't matter.
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  16. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Car, van, truck, go kart, bus, tractor, lorry, quad bike if it has an engine I'll race it, or crash it whatever comes first. :)
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  17. Closegrip1

    Closegrip1 Racer

    Of course a third option.
  18. damys

    damys Racer

    road cars are for car enthusiast, race cars are for people who love competitions and win something .. but i like some race car like Z4 GT3 , 599XX, Zonda R and Fxx.
  19. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    If the physics are good driving something not really intended for the purpose can be lots of fun on a track. A great example is this top gear van challenge.

  20. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Option 3, and the fact I can tick it makes AC great.

    Maybe I'm stating the obvious but road cars really need roads not racetracks to be appreciated. Take the Fiat 500 round Silverstone and it feels like a snail, drive along JP and it comes alive.
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  21. She was an amazing drive.

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