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Simracing.org.uk League Thread

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by MJ911, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    Gentlemen, I present the new GT3 sprint series based on the real life Blancpain Sprint series :) I aim to use the same points system and track selection, albeit in a slightly different order. I will also use as many real life Blancpain car skins as I can find to add authenticity, though you are also free to use your own. I will upload all skins provided or found into a single zip file on my dropbox for all to use.
    The first round will be at the Nurburgring GP (Short) circuit as per the real life event in July 8) I will run a test race next weds (maybe 2x20mins?) so people can hop in an alternate GT car and see which they prefer in a race. I would also prefer it if everyone chose a car and stuck with it for the series. Races will be 30mins long on weds eves. Feel free to Pm me with your name and chosen car and I can put together an entry list. (though not essential)

    The initial race calendar is as follows:-
    Test race (29th June) - Mugello GP
    Round 1 - Nurburgring GP (Short) - 6th July
    Round 2 - Misano (Test needed first)
    Round 3 - Brands Hatch
    Round 4 - Monza (E)
    Round 5 - Silverstone
    Round 6 - Paul Ricard(E)
    Round 7 - Spa (E)
    Round 8 - Budapest
    Round 9 - Nurburgring (E)
    Round 10 - Barcelona
    Some of these rounds are normally endurance events in the Blancpain marked with an (E). I would love to run some 1hr races for them but will be dependant on turnout and if people are willing to commit to the odd 1hr race :-\ if not I will just run them all as half hour sprints.
    Round1 poster:-
    1st = 25pts
    2nd = 18
    3rd = 15
    4th = 12
    5th = 10
    6th = 8
    7th = 6
    8th = 4
    9th = 2
    10th = 1

    Head on over to sign up at the forum and your ready to go racing.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
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  3. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    I think I may have to include this popular Blancpain car. Who doesn't want to see one of these beasts in their mirrors?!


    just tested it with a full GT3 field at Donington and Monza and it appears to fit in nicely. The interior view is a bit crude but externally and audibly its fantastic. I fielded 4 of them amongst a 30 car GT3 grid and they were spread out nicely in the laptimes.
  4. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

  5. I'd be tempted with this, though I've never really taken part in organised racing before. I'm not very quick, but I try to keep it clean.

    I tried to register over at simracing.org.uk but got a few errors, but when I get that sorted I'll make a post over there. Also car of choice is the AMG GT3 :)
    MJ911 likes this.
  6. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

  7. Fred Joseph

    Fred Joseph I'm watching you ! Staff Member

    SROU Roxxxx !!!!!!!!!

    How many drivers are you looking at @MJ911 ?

    Good luck guys !
    MJ911 likes this.
  8. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    still growing at moment Fred, got drivers interested also from Core and from here so hope for a good GT3 grid :) Come and join us!
    Test race tomorrow eve, all clean racers welcome regardless of pace as we have all from aliens to fairly newbies.
    First Round next week.
  9. Fred Joseph

    Fred Joseph I'm watching you ! Staff Member

    I'll see tonight if I can join you guys Mark !

    Seems you are doing booking mode though, why is that ? This is not really needed anymore for that kind of racing ?!
  10. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    We are dropping booking mode for the test race tonight so drivers can hop in different cars during practise. Then hopefully before round 1 next week I can put together an entry list and do away with booking. :)

    Pre season test race at Mugello tonight folks

    If you want gt3 racing using the same calendar tracks as the Blancpain series then come join the fun
  11. Fred Joseph

    Fred Joseph I'm watching you ! Staff Member

    Good !
    I hope to join yes :)
  12. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    This should get your racing juices flowing..onboard gt3 action at Mugello

    Awesome 8)
    Fred Joseph likes this.
  13. Fred Joseph

    Fred Joseph I'm watching you ! Staff Member

    Too bad we can only have 24 drivers on board at the same time..... errrrrrrrrrmmm :D :D

    (I think I saw some modders adding pits btw !! did you try already?)
  14. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    I have seen the new pitbox extensions mod. If we get to needing 30 pitboxes I can retire a happy man ;)
  15. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    i would like to participate at mugello too.

    running a league myself and want to check out what this may become :p if its good we could even work together, maybe?

    how do i participate for this test race, do i need to get my booking?
  16. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

  17. Hi mj911 is the nurburgring short gp the gt version , i take it paul ricard is the blancpain layout? and what is barcelona the moto or gp version thanks.
  18. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    Just about to check the Nurburgring Sprint version which I am assuming is the same as Blancpains 'Short' track. Paul Ricard will be Blancpain and Barcelona is full GP.
    For track config maps see here:- (click on any circuit and a map pops up).

    We so far have about 20 drivers from aliens to tail-enders for this new series so if anyone wants to join some for good close racing, head over to simracing.org and join the forum. :)
    Series thread here if anyone wants to join in the discussions and put down your name and chosen car.

    Round 1 is next weds 6th July at Nurburgring Short
  19. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    Round 1 next week gents, Weds 6th July Race start 8.30UK time


    Race thread:- http://www.simracing.org.uk/smf/index.php?topic=13863.0

    The real race takes place this weekend in the Blancpain Sprint series, so watch it for pointers! Simracing echoes real life :)

    The test race had 4 different cars in the top 4 finishers in a grid of 15 gt3 cars, so expect close fierce racing.
  20. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    Any drivers watching/sitting on the fence/waiting in the wings, please provide your car choice, driver name and guid either here or over on the srouk series or race thread in the links provided earlier as I need to create the entry list for the Round 1 race this Wednesday.
    If you watched the real race this weekend you will know it should make for a great gt3 sim race :)
  21. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Gamer

    Looking forward to it, the test race was already awesome :D
    MJ911 likes this.

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