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SimRacingXP - German speaking beginner friendly Community & League

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Ninepunch, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Ninepunch

    Ninepunch Rookie

    Hello everyone! As I was getting into Sim Racing and especially into ACC I realized that there aren't many communities for german-speaking sim racers that are suitable for beginners. The communities were either completely overcrowded with almost 4000+ members, which usually leads to a very impersonal experience or they are more or less made up of experienced drivers that are already way too good.

    However we aim to change that. With our SimRacingXP community we aimed to create a small and limited community for german-speaking drivers. Targeted directly at beginner level drivers, we want to practice, thrive and race in a small group of people with personal relationships building between the drivers, so that it feels like we are not only racing each other but racing with each other.

    So far we have a very active core of around 20-25 people who do spontaneously drive together and participate in our weekly organized race for our SimRacingXP Championship.

    If this sounds like something that you are interested in, you may have a few questions as to what differentiates this group from all the racing leagues and pre-existing communities. I'd say that's a fair question. Here are some general answers to provide some insight into our way of thinking.

    1. Limitation: This community is supposed to be limited in membership. We don't want to gatekeep with a paywall or anything like that, but rather limit the amount of people that can be active members of the community to 50 (at least in the beginning). This only means that no more than 50 people can participate in official community activities. However our Discord is not restricted to a certain member count, meaning that there is always space for everyone to join, discuss and drive in our unofficial races and activities!

    2. Due to the Limitation there needs to be an evaluation of every member at the end of a set timeframe. This evaluation does not take into account a driver's performance nor does it force you to play an arbitrary amount of time per week. We only check if you are active within the community, meaning spending some time with other members when you are simracing and being active on the Discord.

    3. Long-term improvement: We value long-term improvement over short-term gains. That applies to our plans for this community as well as our performance on the race track. We have a few racing rules in place that just amount to "Try to be clean first, fast second." because we want consistently clean races which in turn will provide an environment to actually measure your skills against others purely based on merit and not on external factors like "half the grid took each other out, I only won because of that".

    4. Absolute focus on ACC: While discussing other sims and playing them together is fine, the main activities are going to be centered around Assetto Corsa Competizione only.
    Now what can we offer as an community?
    • A safe space for beginners to ask questions they might deem "stupid" or "obvious" (I guarantee you, they are no stupid or obvious questions)

    • A small community where people get to know and appreciate each other and treat you with the same respect you offer them. We are open-minded and extremely integrative.

    • A Discord server for sharing and exchanging experiences, knowledge and organizing races, practice sessions, etc.

    • A plethora of public ACC Servers, some of which have random tracks for maximum variety, as well as closed off servers that are intended for practice purposes within the community.
    • A small low-stakes, low-pressure Championship/League so that people can get used to racing in organized races. Our race currently always takes place on Sundays and are set to 1 hour. The order of Tracks which are raced in a championship season get decided on a weekly basis by our members (by way of vote).

    • An active community with pace ranging from slow (5-15 seconds off alien times) to rather quick (1-2 seconds off alien times). Our members are all eager to improve and we help each other as much as possible. Our community average pace has increased quite a bit since we started out with the originally slower people becoming quicker and quicker by the day.
    What do we expect from our members?
    • You need to be able to communicate in the german language. As there are enough communities like this for the english-speaking population, we aim to create a space for german-speaking drivers. You do not need to be fluent. If you are learning german, you are more than welcome to join and try to improve by speaking to others in writing or in voice chat.

    • Have reasonable expectations for a starting community (We are only a few months old).

    • Be a decent human being (I know, this one is sometimes hard).
    Are you interested in joining us? Join our Discord or visit our Website and see if this might be for you.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us either here or on our Discord.
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  3. Boonatix

    Boonatix Racer

    Absolutely great community which I stumbled upon by accident... and am so happy to have found it. Already participated in races, very fair and clean behaviour on track, and practicing together on the servers throughout the week is always fun and valuable. If anyone needs help, it will be given. You can watch recorded streams of races I participated in here:

    First Race Barcelona:
    Second Race Zolder:
    Third Race Silverstone:

    Gib SRXP eine Chance wenn du eine Anfängerfreundliche Community suchst :)
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