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SOG Racing League: Season 2 - PC - Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by |SOG| Vir2L, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. |SOG| Vir2L

    |SOG| Vir2L Rookie

    SOG Racing League: Season 2 starts Thursday June 28th at 6PM (PST)

    This is a casual league that strives to have fun, but have competetive clean races.

    We are looking for participants, both new and experienced racers.

    For the Championship this season we are racing with the RSR Formula 3 cars.

    The SOG Racing server will be on the track for a week before the race. The day of the race the server will be set to practice all day, then qualifying starts at 6PM (PST) for 30 minutes, then a 20 lap race.

    We have a stat page on our website for the championship standings here: http://race.sipcs.me/

    The SOG Racing server is based in the US but other countries are more than welcome to participate.

    June 28th - Vallelunga
    July 5th - Monaco
    July 12th - Laguna Seca
    July 26th - Barcelona
    August 2nd - Mugello
    August 9th - Imola

    REQUIREMENTS: (must download to participate)
    RSR Formula 3


    Here are a few ways for you to signup for the league:
    - Visit our server and talk with an ADMIN (SOG Racing)
    - Join our SOG Racing League Group on Steam
    - Friend Request |SOG| Vir2L on Steam
    - Reply on this thread and we will get back to you
    Hope to have you join us!
    - SOG Racing League

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