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Some early feedback/questions

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Epistolarius, May 30, 2019.

  1. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Some feedback and questions after the first few hours played, where it doesn't really make sense to make a thread for each:
    • Why do I get the race control message "Speed up over 50 km/h in 6 seconds" shown in pits (at FP/Q session start or during race pit stops)? Doesn't make any sense to me, so long I'm not blocking the fast lane (besides, there's no collision in pits). Edit: Has been removed.
    • Why is the overtime so short (two minutes)? Why is it there for players in singleplayer modes at all (I can understand the need for online public servers). Doesn't line up with the real races.. Edit: Has been extended to three minutes. The flip side is now that if you pit before the session end the sim doesn't recognize that you are in the pits and you have to wait the full overtime doing nothing despite every AI receiving the checkered.
    • The first flying lap perhaps shouldn't trigger the variety of "personal best" messages from pit radio engineer. It's the first flying lap after all, of course it's going to be the fastest at that time.
    • The delta on the first flying lap tends to show an increasing negative value, wouldn't it make more sense to just not show a delta as the outlap doesn't count as lap anyway? It's somewhat distracting. Edit: Fixed.
    • If you spin you have a chance of getting getting disqualified if you simply happen to take longer than ten seconds ("Speed up over 50 km/h in 10 seconds or be retired") to let a field of cars through, as you are supposed to. Makes no sense.. Edit: Fixed.
    • In the career the "Press confirm" prompt at the start of a session is hidden behind a countdown so you have to wait ten seconds to continue, even after restarting session. While that is nice to get people to read the session intro it gets annoying quickly when restarting sessions.
    • What is "ORD" below the race car number (top left of the HUD)? It's not always there. Edit: It's the current driver's name.
    • The free practice/qualifying session timetables still occasionally show cars in wrong order after session end. Have to keep an eye for when and how often this occurs to make a bug report. Edit: Appears fixed.
    • Mentioned this in another thread, but damage does appear to not get repaired in Sprint races even though pit strategy has repair ticked. If no repairs are intentional (I'm not 100% clear on what the Blancpain GT sporting regulations state for sprint races) the pit strategy options should be greyed out.
    • The career "bonus missions" are not all lining up with the results. What is "Hunter"? And I've been getting professionalism points even though I didn't win the race with a Cup car.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • There appears to be no separate classification and podium for Group National cars, you're simply classified as GT3 Am in the Career. Makes the choice of Cup car in the career somewhat pointless and most of the bonus missions (or Gold career medals) unattainable. And for some reason you have the choice of the GT3 Cup but not the Super Trofeo.
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