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Some little things to fix and improve if possible

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Donnced2, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Hi Kunos devs!

    First at all, wooww!im impressed with your "game" the level of simulation, physics, FFB is on top!
    I've got a smile in my face since i put in my console.
    And i love driving cars around the tracks,learn about their behaviour, becoming confidence and start to try improve my times and try to push a car to his limits!
    Really thanks for bringing a genuine simulation game to console for people ho can't or want to afford a gaming PC.

    Ok, let's go on with some things i seen that should have a look and possibly a fix.

    First at all in the version 1.01 (before no) the Nordschleife tracks are duplicated in the selection screen :


    Overall the game runs well on PS4, but even with the 1.01 update there's still some Fps drops and screen tearing, sure that your already now it.

    At last, I've got some petition for a possible implantation if it could be possible.

    1- personal button mapping
    2- wheel and pedals calibration option.
    3-hud apps like tyres temperature and information.
    4-unlimited replay time recording
    5-telemetry screen

    And a manual speed limiter on/off to enter and exit the pit lane would be a great feature!

    And again! Thanks to the team for porting this sim to the console!

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  3. TNTNitro

    TNTNitro Gamer

    If possible,

    option to turn off the Red arrows
    option map control buttons
    Ford gt 40 is impossible to drive
  4. Archangel22

    Archangel22 Gamer

    fix the automatic gears on alot of the cars, they dont change at times
    some cars do feel undrivable I agree not sure like above poster said if thats poor form by us or if the car is like that in real life
    Fix the godly AI on various difficulties and make a dynamic racing line not a static line
    Just adding to the already mentioned fix requests
  5. Jenson

    Jenson Rookie

    I would like to see larger meter boards leading up to corners, I'm struggling to find my breaking points
  6. thetightlife

    thetightlife Rookie

    Please add the option for unlimited time in drift mode practice. Trying to learn 15sec. at a time is incredibly aggravating
    Larryf1951 likes this.
  7. Stevesixty7

    Stevesixty7 Racer

    I wondered why they were duplicated myself.
  8. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    It already fixed now in the new 1.03 update ;)
    Stevesixty7 likes this.

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