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Generic Somehow allow pc features??

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by thenextdk, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. thenextdk

    thenextdk Rookie

    The whole experience of being able to download custom tracks, cars etc NEEDS to be implemented on console.

    I know it's early days, but feel extremely limited with the drifting aspect so far. Compared to pc it's gonna get boring real fast which isn't good, especially as I feel the physics are spot on.

    Would be a real shame if more options aren't made available. Like real soon.

    Also, more car variations would be great in general. I mean, why so many lotuses?

    Keep up the epic following from pc and get it transferred to console. That would render all other driving games redundant and make you guys at kunos winners.
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  3. Hermanlol

    Hermanlol Gamer

    Agree. The driving experience and look of the nurburgring is amazing but game feels like some kind of early beta version with leaks of fautures :(
  4. Boris Lozac

    Boris Lozac Alien

    Mods wont be available on consoles, you buy pc version for that.
  5. Steezo87

    Steezo87 Rookie

    They did it for fall out why not assetto?
  6. Boris Lozac

    Boris Lozac Alien

    It was said in multiple interviews and stuff.

    Besides i don't think it's that easy porting them to consoles, people do it in their free time and for free, so don't expect them to make further effort of making them for consoles too. Just forget about it.
    Ace Pumpkin likes this.
  7. Steezo87

    Steezo87 Rookie

    This is true sadly. Guess I could settle for the dlc packs, more wheel settings and some small patches :-/
    Boris Lozac likes this.
  8. Boris Lozac

    Boris Lozac Alien

    Well it probably sounds like captain obvious, but for a full benefits of a sim you get a PC..

    For example this is one of my favorite tracks and i probably drive it even more than official tracks..


    JDMW1ZARD Rookie

    I feel the same way hopefully you will be able to import custom cars, i've spent days researching to see if it would be possible but i haven't fpund anything.

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