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Sorry to say: refund requested on Steam

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by ..LeRenard!, Jun 12, 2019.

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  1. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

    EDIT: before posting blindly with rage & fanboyism, please view it with a bit of discretion
    A) I want to make clear that I want feedback. Not personal 1:1, but communication what is being worked on - so users feel more in touch with the dev-team and know what's on the bug list and what is not. Because as of now, we have no idea. I don't expect a fix in a day, but I expect at least better communication in the form of a list of known bugs + updates on them. Not just "bam" a patch.

    B) Before replying with rage to this thread consider going to another thread and help out other users like I did as well. Who can't find folder X or Y, or don't know how to set their visibility options etc..

    C) Mods or @AC Support feel free to close this topic.


    This is not something I like to do, but unfortunatley as there's no info from support to many people and I can't play this game now for 5 days in a row already I informed steam. I want to love this game so much, I put up with bugs, but if it doesn't start anymore AND kunos doesn't reply or provide any information - then it stops...


    "As of patch 1.0.2 the game won't launch anymore. KUNOS won't answer on their official forums on which I posted several crash reports with other people. I want to give this game a chance, but it seems they don't want to fix isses.
    See https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/application-wont-launch-the-ue4-ac2-game-crahsed-and-will-close.58275/"
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  3. The guys (devs) said that they are working exclusively to solve the crashes and will not stop until they have all solved. They have already said that another hotfix comes out this week.

    Do you have them individually answer all posts?

    Only two days ago that patch 1.0.2 came out. Really depressing this kind of attitude.
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  4. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

    I supported them through beta, I provided logs. I never read ANY statement on STEAM forums or this forum (please link me) where they say what they will fix.
    Yes they should be more responsive and make sure to get a community manager involved, because this is now an official release of a game. And as a customer I've always refunded when I can't even launch the game.

    I'm a professional software developer myself, if we would put out a product like this we'd have a lawsuit or dispute with the client. On top of that if we don't provide daily updates (on various channels, e.g. sticky posts on steam or else) then we will be slaughtered by clients. It's as simple as that.

    There's a lack of communication, there's silence on twitter, there's silence from @AC Support on topics they themselves requested info from.

    So this is not a depressing attitude, it's a signal that I hope they take seriously. Provide better communication, (not every single post for sure), better bèta checking and/or rollback scenarios when patching. Patches now break people's experiences. That is depressing.

    I did not go over this lightly, it is only the second time I ask for a refund. And only because this is just unacceptable for terms above.
  5. mr.urlauber

    mr.urlauber Gamer

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  6. Kroegtijger

    Kroegtijger Racer

    Well, what do you want? Do you want Kunos to work on fixing the problems, or do you want Kunos answering questions people are asking every day?
    If they're not answering, it means they're busy (working on solving problems).
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  7. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

    A community manager or a daily update isn't that hard, really. It's simply management of communication that is lacking here, they can bring a lot to the table there.
    And secondly, all of you commenting: if the game works for you (e.g. if it starts up) and you can play then I understand the fact you guys all think it's fine to throw away $$ at something that doesn't even start up. I mean, somewhere, somehow one has to draw the line.
  8. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

    Plus: awesome to see all of you now commenting in stead of helping others out or pointing me to communication. As there hasn't been any in the recent days - I can't find anything since 1.0.2 from official statements anywhere. If I looked over it, then please show me.
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  9. Thx1137

    Thx1137 Racer

    Indeed. I've not seen many people complain about crashes on load though, all the other crashes I saw were while playing.

    I did see one guys log files before bed last night, dunno if it is this one and it said he had missing files. If I can find the post again I probably respond though I assume he did a steam verify and maybe even a reinstall which is the first thing I'd do if missing files.

    Many on the internet seem to think if a dev doesn't personally answer they "dont care" or "are ignoring the issue". When in fact they are actually troubleshooting the issues and getting things done, at least I doubt they are playing at the beach and having fun in the sun while giggling at the forum posts.

    That said, most developers could certainly do better at communication to help people understand, though seeing few use the search functions or read others posts it generally doesn't help if they do!
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  10. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

    I searched the forums.
    There are multiple posts on the issue I'm talking about, see here: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/...he-ue4-ac2-game-crahsed-and-will-close.58275/
    As I said before I'm a dev myself, if I/the company I work for do communication like this I would be fired.

    I'm not saying they don't care, I'm not saying they aren't troubleshooting. But their communication lacks. Their patches break previously working builds - which is a PAIN and something that actually is a common trait for software that is painfully rushed.
    If then you don't manage this communication, it'll get worse. I can't play and I'm not allowed to complain or voice my opinion - jeez.

    There's so many bad reviews on the technical side on steam (sad to see), there's also a lot of bug reports of which we don't see updates / activity anymore since last friday-ish. This is concerning for sure. At least a dilay updat in this crisis state the game is in should serve the community well.

    And of course, if the game runs well (or starts) then I understand this comes over as a spoiled whiny post. But rest assured, I don't complain easily, and when I do it is with reason. I can live with in game bugs and crashes and wait for them to get fixed, but the lack of communication AND the fact that for more then 5 users now that have reported the game won't even launch + logs. I can't. Sorry. You have to see that side too for sure.
  11. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

  12. Thx1137

    Thx1137 Racer

    I won't criticize you event though I don't agree with the action because I think it is over the top. But, you are not me and I don't have your problem. Obviously it is frustrating you a lot which is fair enough.

    Kunos _have_ communicated, maybe not on this particular issue but as you know it comes down to priorities. I think most would agree that other crashes have affected far, far more people. That a community manager could provide more info, I think so too but it is very rare to see. I'm not sure why though I fully expect that they have reasons that make sense to them, even if it leaves us a bit out in the cold.

    In the end for every bit of software I've ever had I see lots of people complaining about communication and bugs. It gets tiring, not because it is all unfounded but because it is "normal" for any complex non-specialist software. That it is "normal" as a sad state of affairs in out industry but given I know how much it costs to do significantly better I don't expect any change soon. I remember one client I had where they wanted a system to be "bug free" on release, documented and frequent progress meetings. When the managers tallied up the options with their time and dev costs they freaked out.

    In the end the question is this. Do you trust that they will fix the problem or not. If "yes" then I wouldn't refund, if "no" then with that level of confidence with any developer then a refund is a given. I can see they are publishing frequent patches so they have my faith. But as I say, that is me.
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  13. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

    I see where you are coming from. I had faith up until 0.7.2. But communication dropped dramatically after 1.0.0 and more so after 1.0.2. I know people will always complain. For a fact I want to conclude that the software industry should communicate better and more open - in general. We do this, and it makes our users more tolerant to mistakes and they can also see the complexity of it when things arise. It takes time indeed, but it builds a good foundation and relationship. Hence I feel strongly about better communication. Yes there was communication on monday about 1.0.2.. Since then nada.

    There's more reports on this issue than just me, maybe not a big amount. And I know about prios indeed - hence they need to communicate those prios - that's a best practice. I won't be waiting forever. So indeed there I lost my faith.

  14. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    asking for a refund when buying the game around sep 2018, I think Steam is gonna pass that, unless Im mistaken, you have two factors for refunding, playing time being less than 20 hours and buying time less than two weeks.
    So I hope Steam doesn´t refund you ;) and Kunos adresses your issue to play the sim at least. I really hope you will enjoy ACC ;)
  15. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    With ACC Kunos is doing great job... With AC we had to wait patches for months or even years... :D So with ACC they are working amazing. Yes, there is some problems, but they will fix it. Just wait... and Yes, you not gonna get refund because you bought the game in 2018 :p so, no choice...
  16. jaxx_za

    jaxx_za Hardcore Simmer

    You logged the bug two days ago, and are now asking for a refund due to the lack of support (even though AC_Support did acknowledge your thread)?

    What exactly were you expecting in two days?
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  17. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

    Responses below, but for a fact, you all seems to ignore that besides targetting me you could invest your time helping out others in the threads I posted. Secondly, if this would hit you, twice, then I'd want to see your reaction. I bought other games (and sims) where patching was needed. For sure I will be patient if the communication is up to standard. Posting news about a new "patch" isn't communication ;). It can be done a lot better, you should at least acknowledge that.

    For sure I know I played more than 2hrs and bought it before. You scenario would be the best outcome. But I do hope at least devs don't get pressured on releasing bits, managers communicate adequately and timely. Either way it's a service, I have been refunded outside their limits before because of a game that wouldn't launch given enough factual information.

    "Some problems"? It's a mess the Steam forums and other forums. This one too, full of bugs. And tbh in-game I can live with some bugs, and it crashing when trying to go multiplayer - but when the game after patch 1.0.2 doesn't even start up anymore.. That gets a bit silly.

    Better communication, point finale. If I could somewhere see it is on some sort of todo list, then yup. Even if it said "working on it - don't know when it will be fixed" in a list somewhere. That's being transparant - that's just basic. They did not acknowledge the thread - they asked for more info and upon providing then went silent. I'm not asking for a private conversation with @AC Support - but at least an adequate information release what they're working on (that takes like 10 minutes to compile) and what their priorities are. It can be updated along the way. Better would be someone in-house at KUNOS or someone of their co-publishers handling support & information to clients for them. That's just all about reputation too. Just look at what a mess it is now with complaints.
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  18. jaxx_za

    jaxx_za Hardcore Simmer

    It is extremely difficult for the community to assist with such a specific issue.

    Your options are to either patiently wait for someone with the correct expertise from Kunos to be freed up to look into your case, or assuming you cannot try a complete reinstall of windows and steam.

    The reason you are getting the negative feedback, is because it is unreasonable to expect a solution to a niche issue within a few days.
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  19. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

    Read my posts, you'll see all I ask for is better communication first. Solutions later.
    I said it in various threads/posts, I'll repeat it again. Communication is key. If somewhere they have a list, they should have, they should make it known what they're working on. Even if I have to wait a month, then I know. Now, I know nothing other than it's posted on the forum. But there's no guarantee or feedback to that. Point finale. It's all down to communication which I repeated over and over again. I'll repeat again that I also don't expect a private conversation or a direct solution or a privileged solution. All I want is transparant communication for people who have issues like me AND for other issues. So we at least know what bugs are on the list and being worked on. This could easily be a pinned post being maintained.

    That is not unreasonable.
    PS: "try a complete reinstall of windows and steam". The system is fresh 16days of running time now. I tried what I could do here. I also help out other forum members who can't find the logs. Because, it's not always in the "Documents\Assetto Corsa" path... Something they clearly should communicate better too. That is what the community can do as well in stead of blindly shooting fire here.
  20. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    What a whinger! And I suspect a little drama queen to boot.
  21. ..LeRenard!

    ..LeRenard! Racer

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