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Spa 24h race with 50 cars

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Jarkko Torvinen, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Jarkko Torvinen

    Jarkko Torvinen Simracer

    Feeling a bit cold and weekend coming, what to do? Run Spa 24h endurance race in ACC ofc :)

    First of all, the day to night to day transitions are awesome, there are some really nice moments that you miss with accelerated time, this is whole new level!

    Started p50. Worked my way up from there and after two or so hours was running p2 or p3, 50sec behind leader, some close battles with two AIs around me. Eventually left behind those two (I think they both crashed), and started reeling in the gap to leader. Pushed 101% through whole night and when sun started to rise again, was 15secs behind. Then the leader crashed and my 13hour amazing chase was over, and was a bit boring from there on :(
    That brings to the bad things, the blue flags:
    Specially at Spa T1, under blue flags AI goes inside to give room, then it divebombs T1 crashing out anyone in their path. And if thats not enough, after corner exit they make hard right back to inside (to give more room) collecting out more cars. I think this was what took out most of the competition.
    Blue flags implementation is also weird as AIs give room from so far away in front, making it dangerous for player and other AIs. There was even awkward situation when t1 crash happened and 4 cars all in different laps were figuring out who gets to go in front. Also when a car tries to unlap itself, its impossible as it hits the brakes immediately after the pass. There was some weird **** happening all the time, and that was only what I saw, must have been all around the track. There were situation where I wanted to give room for faster AI, but was impossible unless I got off track and hit brakes hard.
    So could this be changed someway? for example:
    - make AI to give up position under blue flags only when the lapping car is alongside (they do recognize car beside, that could trigger). Would solve the unlapping issue and possibly make behavior more expected. And hopefully would not cause trains.
    - only trigger blue flags after some corners or even only after one lap

    The current implementation is simply not working, looks wrong and causes accidents (a lot of them).

    Otherwise AI has come to levels its now really good! I guess it got some more speed at Spa or then I suck with Porsche.. or both :D
    Had no issues with it racing closely, sometimes was afraid that will it rear end me being so close coming into braking, but no, not a single time in whole 24 hours. GJ!

    One thing I noticed when the leader AI crashed, it pitted for repairs, but did not make driver change. It was fully in window to make that change considering overall time, but instead it came back in 10mins later.

    - Pit stops worked beautifully, every time
    - Pit strategies are useless. Its new set of tyres and full tank, repeat 22-23 times. I would like to have option to disable automatic pit strategies. You still need to change driver and fuel was always zero, so.. just one strategy, keep the values as is, "i know what im doing". Mostly its just adjusting pressures to temperature change. Having it changing is just confusing and need to double check every time.
    - Tyres app. Dont need that much, would like to disable it. But there is one important piece of information: current tyre set. Could you add tyre wear level (simple rough % would do) to pit stop MFD page to display wear on each set when selected. That way could get rid of tyres app and easily select next unused set for next pit stop.
    - Track limits. I think they are spot on. Got two warnings during 24 hours, from my own stupidity not lifting a bit when clearly taking inappropriate line.

    Was running ~60-70 FPS all the time with my 3600x + 5700xt with 3840x1080 screen with mostly high settings. So the performance is good to run on this medium spec system pushing pixels more than normal 1440p screen. 49 AIs brought some stuttering at times, I guess when some crash happened etc, but was no issue for driving

    Some random minors:
    - racelogic resets after loading saved game to display current lap time
    - gap to fastest lap not working
    - Porsche incar avg fuel per lap displays I guess avg for whole session? That is a bit useless, would prefer per stint or per previous lap. But dunno how its irl.
    - fuel used in Porsche incar display started from something -62l after loading saved game
    - no fireworks at night, did you devs even watch the 2019 race!? was so disappointed :D

    All in all, works nicely, looking forward to do full season when IGTC DLC comes :)
    Mostly annoying was the blue flags and the problems it introduces, it may look fine with single situation, but adding 50 cars and 24 hours, its bit of a mess.
    Oh and did not even spin or crash during the whole race, couple of moments but could catch slide easily, Porsche <3
    Took couple of days to complete, 598 laps.
    Oh and the ratings behaved weirdly, after resuming some saved session. Mostly the histories was cleared and got even message that I was downgraded to Bronze during race. SA tanked to 54 with not much sessions in history. But no worries, seems that new sessions get registered fine and Ill be back up in no time.

    Thanks for this amazing game!

    ps. my wrists are busted, so have to take timeout of driving :(

    Some screenshot and results for proof :) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ldSJTxddHHxBUxw4U-2MOeYLd4IJ68S8

    Edit: and 100/100 AI level
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019

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  3. gunner1483

    gunner1483 Gamer

    Yes the blue flag ruins everything. It should work when the lapped car is very close in front of you. Maybe in 0.3 sec.
    trutya likes this.
  4. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    and the lapped AI should be teached to give way in the straights, not in the middle of a corner/corner combination.
    this, with the distance to give way set lower, will bring lapping closer to reality. you'll always lose some time while lapping slower drivers, and in real life most of them don't step away in the corners, but in the straights.
  5. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    I'd prefer AI to just stick to the racing line. That would at least be predictable, whereas at the moment you have absolutely no idea what they might do.
  6. Probably the most useful thread of all time for devs :cool:
  7. mmm it's not true man, I saw many times lapped cars slow down at les combes

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