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Spa *BigGrid* race event / stress test

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by MrGit@Twitch, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer

  2. Micii1

    Micii1 Racer

  3. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer

    Yup, a possible 105 drivers, so I'll need as many drivers as possible tomorrow evening to test and push the server towards that mark as @Minolin has challenged me to fill the server!

    Server opens at 7:30pm GMT, undecided on the SA limit as I need to strike a balance between drivers and safety, but I'll nail this down today and let everyone know what here asap.
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  4. RDGNL

    RDGNL Simracer

    Would be nice to have the option to ghost people with low SA to avoid them causing issues, not sure if server admins can ghost cars manually?
  5. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Can you only imagine how immersion breaking that would be? Especially for those that race in VR
  6. RDGNL

    RDGNL Simracer

    I join most of these big grids and I don't know what's more immersion breaking: some cars being ghosted (not visibly, mind) because they can't behave or pileup after pileup because some people with SA20 don't know their braking points and keep slamming in the back of others. It's the main reason why I usually opt to start from the back in these, the sheer carnage from the rookies is mind boggling at times.
  7. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer

    Well,for a start server #1 has never been below SA60 and as tomorrow's event is more of a test as such it should be treated as one...and if it all goes well and we get to the end of the race that's a bonus. :)
  8. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    This is where the rating system comes in. People who dont know how to race with others and how to brake in a pack shouldn't really be allowed in to these races until they do
  9. rycil

    rycil Simracer

    Hi there,

    I post here because I think there should be many people with big grid experience.

    I have a performance issue and I would like to understand what could cause this. I have read a lot the forum here and can't really find an explanation so far.

    I am racing VR (7700k and 1080ti) and I can maintain 80fps most of the time in MP.
    But above 25 cars on track the fps go down and I have strange stuttering. It can be smooth during 10sec and then stutters for no reasons.
    And whatever the graphic settings (low, no shadows, no mirrors...).

    We had a race with 40 cars with my private league and that was almost unplayable.
    What bothers me also is that the replay of this race on a 2d screen (HD resolution) is also with a lot of stutters. And same here, lowering the graphics don't solve the issue.
    And any replay with 20 cars is butter smooth.

    It seems that there is a bottleneck somewhere, like the high number of objects/poly to handle in the scene whatever the number to be drawn.

    Any help would be very welcome as I am about to leave my league :(
  10. RDGNL

    RDGNL Simracer

    Which VR set?
  11. rycil

    rycil Simracer

    Rift S
  12. RDGNL

    RDGNL Simracer

    Have you tried joining the ptc on the Oculus Home? There is a nasty performance issue in v12.0 of the Oculus software.
  13. |BAD| DavE

    |BAD| DavE Gamer

    When does the race start today?
    I’m thinking if I can get the time.
    Thanks in advance
  14. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer

    OP has been updated to include the news Sunday event details and SA changes. :)

    Also, just for tonights #BiggerGrid test it'll be a 60 min race instead of the posted 90 /w an open pitstop window for compulsory tire change and no refuelling allowed. We'll take up the 90 minute Sunday races next week.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2020
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  15. Guido Trampe

    Guido Trampe Simracer

    Since race is 60 min and nog 90. Will start be at 7.30 pm or 8?
  16. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer

    Server is live and I need drivers!
  17. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer

    We tried but failed!

    Ended up starting the race with 67 drivers in the end last night, so i'll be trying again in about a month or so for that 105 limit.

    Results : https://simresults.net/200209-6ME

    Streamable vid of the leader fighting off 2nd place towards the end of the race and a couple of screenshots at the start.


    Assetto Corsa Competizione Screenshot 2020.02.10 - Thumbnail.png

  18. Tiger Feet

    Tiger Feet Racer

    I think Mr Nobel needs banning from the livery editor :eek:
  19. Plastic_Manc

    Plastic_Manc Hardcore Simmer

    This caused a row in my house last night. Wife working on her laptop on the computer desk refused to move at 7.30pm despite half day notice...

    A good gaming computer was laid to waste. Had been practising Suzuka all that day too. Next time for me.
  20. Nobel

    Nobel Rookie

    Please no it's majestic! :D:D
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