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Sparco TopDriver Challenge by DrivingItalia.NET

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by VELOCIPEDE, Jun 9, 2017.



    A pochi giorni dall'annuncio della straordinaria partnership tra SPARCO®, DrivingItalia.NET e Driving Simulation Center, per lavorare insieme allo sviluppo, divulgazione e spettacolarizzazione del settore simracing e guida virtuale, sveliamo anche l’innovativo progetto dello “Sparco TopDriver Challenge”, un torneo simracing online con il software Assetto Corsa, aperto a tutti gli appassionati ed adatto ad ogni tipo di pilota virtuale, che accende i motori da subito con premi incredibili dedicati naturalmente al nuovo mondo SPARCO GAMING !

    here http://www.drivingitalia.net/index....er-challenge-accendiamo-i-motori-regolamento/

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  3. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    Could you maybe repeat that in english please ???


    Just a few days after the announcement of the extraordinary partnership between SPARCO®, DrivingItalia.NET and Driving Simulation Center, to work together with the development, dissemination and spectacularization of the simracing and virtual driving industry, we also reveal the innovative project of the "Sparco TopDriver Challenge" An online simracing tournament open to all enthusiasts and suitable for any type of virtual drivers, which powers the engines right away with incredible prizes naturally dedicated to the new SPARCO GAMING world!

    Sparco's TopDriver Challenge is not just a tournament, but a great simracing event, which sparks the engines right at the end of December, divided into THREE PHASES:
    STEP 1
    20 different turns on online DrivingItalia servers, with 20 different cars and tracks, to satisfy every type of virtual pilot: all simdrivers can try to qualify by marking their own roundabout! At the end of the turn, the fastest driver gains access to stage 2 and immediately wins a Sparco Gaming T-shirt or gloves

    STEP 2
    In December, the 20 fastest riders challenge in an exciting 4-race tournament with 4 different cars and circuits and incredible prizes at stake: well TWO Sparco Evolve cockpit and three custom Sparco SG1 seats!

    STEP 3
    Is not it enough yet? At the end of December you can join everyone at the live event at Lan in the Driving Simulation Center, with another Sparco Evolve cockpit and two customizable Sparco SG1 seats!

    You go right into the new tournament forum, reading the topic first with all the first details, for doubts or questions use this link. Virtual engines will light up from June 11th
  5. Housemania

    Housemania Gamer

    How to sign up, if you don't know Italian? Or its only Italian oriented?

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