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PS4 Special event quick race duration

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by turismoslayer, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. turismoslayer

    turismoslayer Rookie

    Does anyone know if you can choose the race duration for quick races in special events? The gameplay options screen show 2 race durations but the only thing that is adjustable is opponent level. Thanks.

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    WRC_MADMAX Racer

    you should be able to set race duration and the option is selected when setting your race. from my recollection you can chose what time you race and the length, the type of AI. in race weekends you have more options to chose like practice, qualifying, race etc.
  4. turismoslayer

    turismoslayer Rookie

    You’re right but that is in the “Drive” game mode. In the special events game mode there are quick races with 2 preset race durations in the options screen before starting the event.

    WRC_MADMAX Racer

    i think i missed that but special events have hotlap, hotstint and superpole events and this is where you enter the global time trial competition and you also gain PC or Pace for your stats based on your rankings. Quick races can only be selected in single player mode. The duration of the events in special events is preset and cannot be changed as it's the conditions all must compete for fairness.
  6. turismoslayer

    turismoslayer Rookie

    I think you’re referring to ACC. I’m talking about AC. But thank you for your replies.
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