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COMPETIZIONE SRO America GT Rivals Esports Invitational Series

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Ecnelis, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Hardcore Simmer

    Round 5, tomorrow:

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  2. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    Really good race at Suzuka, I liked it better than the SRO e-sport "official" races.
  3. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    Good stuff and some drama over the Japanese track.
  4. P308R

    P308R Hardcore Simmer

    Fantastic racing throughout but Bentley's are really suffering :(
  5. AusWilko

    AusWilko Gamer

    Are all the cars the same? I noticed the Nissan is winning for the last 3 or 4 races but if there hadn't been a DT then Ferrari would of got it but, are the cars given equal BOP and it is down to the drivers or are some cars given a bit of a break while others are slugged? I am new so still trying to understand
  6. Rogue Leader

    Rogue Leader Simracer

    Its a good question. Bryan Heitkotter is in both series and runs the same car (Nissan GTR) in both (and was a driver in that car for a couple seasons in the GT WC America IRL after winning GT Academy). Hes been handily winning almost all the GT Rivals races while in the SRO races hes finishing mid pack at best. Is it the car BOP? Or are the Euro series guys just really good at Sims?
  7. Euros are way more competitive ;)
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  8. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    I suspect other series let select manufacturers buy a BOP advantage one season to get better media coverage. Looks like SRO have avoided going that route and it's great IMO.
  9. eracerhead

    eracerhead Hardcore Simmer

    If a series allowed that sort of thing (either publicly or privately) then other teams would likely refuse to run.
  10. stephen_b

    stephen_b Racer

    Faster drivers in the Euro series. Not that Bryan isn't a top tier alien, put him in one of the more competitive cars and I've no doubt he'd be running top 10. Plus these are taking place in the middle of the night his time over on the West Coast.
  11. AusWilko

    AusWilko Gamer

    Is this because ACC is mostly used/recognized in Europe but not so much in America? where I presume iracing is the one most use.

    I hope ACC becomes more exposed over there then as it would be good to see it grow, I am a learner but have enjoyed my time immensly with it
  12. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I think he likely is focusing more on the US series as the Nissan in the right hands is very competitive with a good setup. Our league is being mostly dominated by an alien @Andyo450 in a Nissan but last season he dominated in a 720.

    The BOP overall is pretty good if you come close to getting the most from a car, many seem stuck in traditional favourites. There is generally one car that has a slight advantage on single lap pace at any combo in certain conditions.

    When you have a big strong field, 5 tenths in qualy can mean the difference between front row and mid pack. From there your not going to make upnheaps of spots in the same strong field.

    If he hasnt ran the track in the US series he may be a bit more off pace in the euro probably not putting in as much time as both rpunds are usually the same weekend. Also overall the driver level is likely better in the euro series.
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  13. Has nothing to do with ACC, North Americans are just not as good generally on road courses as Euros, it really is that simple. No idea why, but its also obvious on iR.

    Havent been around much on iR for the past couple years, I think there's a few more now, but back when I raced, you didnt need more than two hands to count the amount of North Americans who could compete at "world" level on road courses, both US and Canada. Heck, in many cases one hand was enough.

    I even think I'm still 2nd or 3rd on iRating in Canada even without having that many races, and iRating being way more easily available at the mid-top end nowadays. I used to be Top 50 worldwide, now the same rating (didnt race much since then) is barely Top 300 I think lol.
  14. Rogue Leader

    Rogue Leader Simracer

    I can agree with this from my experience as well.

    I would say I'm a pretty competitive driver in iRacing, I do fairly well there, and I can do well even if I screw up a few laps.

    In ACC most online races I run (non-CP because I'm not online when they are running) I am able to qualify and finish mid-upper pack, but ONLY if I am perfect every lap. Any mistakes, and I get passed, quickly.

    I will say the fact that Heitkotter has to be online at like 2-3am to make the Europe races, and then be fully rested to make a 12pm local time to race in Rivals tells me hes likely tired as crap for the Euro ones and getting some sleep in between to make the American ones. His chances of getting a real life ride or anything out of this are also higher in the US. Sadly Nissan pulled the plug on his whole program with them despite competitive results including a win.
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  15. This whole thing really makes me want Road America in ACC. I grew up 3 miles or so from the track and I miss hearing cars there every weekend. I'd love to drive it in ACC.
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  16. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Hardcore Simmer

  17. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    Stream starting in less than 30 mins. Last race at Suzuka was good, hoping for a good race at barcelona.
  18. stephen_b

    stephen_b Racer

    Very close in qualifying :)
  19. P308R

    P308R Hardcore Simmer

    The Americans might be a bit less fast than the Europeans but #GTRivals is putting on a fantastic show. It is such a joy to watch and the commentary is really good too. Surely they add more 'flair' to the race then their EU-collegues :cool:
  20. Creegz

    Creegz Racer

    I think it has to do with motorsports in general not being as big over here. We have a very small interest in motorsports. GT cars especially have a small following compared to Europe. So if we have 1 in 10 aliens the pool is a lot smaller and improvement doesn't come as easily as it does in Europe. It's sort of like Starcraft in Korea versus Starcraft in the rest of the world. It's an American game but all non-Korean players are called "foreigners" in that community because it's dominated by Koreans. I was Platinum/Diamond level in NA but when I tried the Korean server I was Silver/Gold league (and trying really hard) which is a fair drop considering the pools for those groups are so different but the overall skill in the region is so high.

    I also think the time difference for Bryan to EU races is definitely a factor here as well. You can't be consistent as easily when you're tired, even trying to get an hour of consistency out when you're normally asleep at that time is difficult.

    I am curious if there are driving style discrepancies between different countries like there is in other competitive stuff. FPS games, for example, if you take a team from Brazil they will play very differently from one in the US/Canada. There's a very large difference in approach. Brazilian R6 players tend to be really aggressive even in a defensive position whereas North American players are typically more conservative and try to cover everything as much as possible. I drive very conservatively. I will usually follow for a lap or two and see where I think I can make a clean move and find the weak point in the driver ahead, then I'll still let off the throttle and brake a little bit earlier until I get close enough to push past. If someone is trying to get by me though I will play chicken into a corner with them.
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