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COMPETIZIONE SRO E-Sport Championship launches 2020 programme

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by pankykapus, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. I just watched this video from romain monti, he was victim of ACC bug when he cuted the track, when he came back on the track, ACC has considered that he loose 1 lap, without this bug he sould have fineshed at least 3rd of the silverstone race.
    Kunos, you should investigate in this situation.
  2. But that makes no sense, if one car is faster in that track, it's perfectly normal that people tend to use that car
  3. Yes, of course..... which is exactly why you want a "Top X" for each car so you're certain every manufacturers are represented and the grid isn't a Spec fiesta. During the season the BoP averages out a bit better, especially with the success ballast. For a hotlap competition people will just pick the fastest car, even if its only a couple tenths.
  4. But that's like saying "Because you aren't as fast as the top guys with X car, we are going to let you race with Y car, because even if the top guys using X car are the absolute fastest, you and your Y car deservers the spot, because something something too few manufacturers. This isn't a event to showcase all the cars, is an event where the fastest AM drivers can participate, choosing players because of his car and not because they are the fastest is pointless
  5. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    Around 35:00 is good fun, I wonder what some users from this forum would have said if they were driving that Ferrari.
  6. There would be aliens in every single cars I guarantee you lol. What it does is it makes the championship actually interesting. Now it'll basically be a spec series. Kinda feel bad for FFF Racing Team as well, they wont have any AM Lambos, and thus no prospects into their program.
  7. I know, but the point of this is that the absolute best ones should enter the event, not the best ones of every car
  8. Hind Sigh

    Hind Sigh Rookie

    well all i can say is that it does affect your SA. doing only the sro qualy sessions the last days with as you said 0 value SA scores made my SA drop from 99 to 77. since some high Value scores were being pushed away by new 3 lap qualy "stints". Keep in mind you get a new rating every time you go on track and not just every session. So if you go out 20 times in a 2 hour session, you get 20 new values... Tbh i dont care much for the SA as it is easy to build up, and in the end is just a number. But as I like to race some competition races where you need 79 sa, and servers of my preference that usually have 80+ requirements this became a bit problematic. I dont believe a qualy session or even practice should count towards SA, this system is meant for on track behaviour during races...Anyway after grinding a few open lobbys, just driving behind people for the sake of this rating i managed to bring it back up. Really annoying and unnecessary. Long story short, yes it does affect your sa.
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  9. Hind Sigh

    Hind Sigh Rookie

    as I said in previous post, yes it affects SA. I replied to the wrong guyo_O
  10. Hind Sigh

    Hind Sigh Rookie

    I agree and disagree, because the flaw is that now the best guys are just picking the best cars for the suited track, just to improve 0.2-3 seconds. Put that in perspective and it gets a bit ridiculous don't you think...Having a 3 to 4 manufacturer, 40 cars grid takes away a lot from the formula gt3 is supposed to be
  11. Rogue Leader

    Rogue Leader Simracer

    I wonder what they will do maybe consider a shootout between the fastest Lamborghini drivers to give one a chance?
  12. They still have their Silver guys, but yeah, no AM. Dunno what they'll do.
  13. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Hardcore Simmer

    Daimler press release on SRO E-Sport GT Series and more:


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  14. fabT

    fabT Alien

    Yesterday i did some SPA qualy.
    8 AUDI, 1 Porsche (me).

    Leaderboard is like 18 AUDI out of first 20.
    First non-AUDI is 14th, a McLaren.


    Given the first 40 will go through i guess AUDI is a must (infact they're 32 out of 40 already).

    Well i don't care, actually.
    I'm different: i'm slow -and- i drive a Porsche.
    Can't think of anything worse :D
    Last edited: May 5, 2020
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  15. Rhylthusming

    Rhylthusming Gamer

    Maybe issue is not car BOP but only that selection must not be done on a single lap. Yes top 20 are quick drivers and respect for those amazing times. But i guess that you will have another leaderboard (car and drivers) if you do the same with a 1 hour stint.
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  16. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    Yep, don’t think a hot-lap competition is the best way to select drivers for an hour race or whatever it is, best to set a hot-stint of the same length.
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  17. Making it an hour just means you'll have to no-life it even harder to optimise it.
  18. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    The thing is if your .5 or 1 second down on a hotlap you will likely be this or more down per lap to the same guys on top just over a longer period. To be able to get close to the cars limits you need to be very accurate and in control, these exact same qualities are what build bigger gaps in a race.

    In a proper race you may be in a battle and so race pace can slow, but a solo hot stint the fastest guys will still be fastest. The guys slower are slower because they are less consistent, further from the limit and so over a race distance the gaps wont get any closer but likely stretch out even more.

    I know in our league race single lap pace in optimal conditions match up pretty close to the fastest guys in the SRO races, races are far from a picnic and you need to pretty much push just as hard every lap to stay up front. The only reason the laptimes are a bit slower in is track conditions, weather, more fuel and tyre wear at the end.

    While we have no allowed life outside of our home detention, supermarkets and work for some its less of an issue atm. :p
  19. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    Did you check Barcelona leaderboard?
    Waiting for your comments.
  20. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    That’s true to an extent but at least if fuel and stint length was part of the equation then it perhaps lessens some of the more extreme setup changes and also tests consistency and requires a bit of commitment. Fast is generally fast though.

    What I’ve read about Silver competitors dropping down to AM because they failed to qualify in Silver should, if true, be stopped and those times excluded imo.
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