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SSD technical question

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by nrc689, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    Hi everyone, in this period I am thinking of installing an SSD. My monthly hardware scan found an "S.M.A.R.T. warning" and I read that it may be some problem of the hard disk.
    So I thought that putting some parts of the PC on the SSD puts me safer. This is my question: if I install the SSD how do I put ACC? Do I have to do a clean installation with the risk of losing all ACC data?

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  3. stephen_b

    stephen_b Racer

    Steam has the option to move your game install to a different drive. You can use that and your save games etc. Will be unaffected.
  4. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    Thanks stephen i'll try this
  5. vortex19

    vortex19 Simracer

    Are you planning to replace your HDD with an SSD or just add an SSD to you existing system? If you’re getting SMART warnings, it’s best to replace the drive before it fails completely, even if it’s just with another HDD.

    If you plan to replace, get disk cloning software and just transfer everything to the new drive.
  6. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    Thanks this is what i want to know. I don't know if is better replace or add... I need an expert for this. But i have to do something because i'm not secure in this situation.
  7. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    100% replace. Samsung SSD’s come with software to clone your old drive to the new SSD and are generally the best SSD to get. If sticking to SATA drives get a Samsung 860 Evo in the largest size you can afford and clone your drive to it. Make sure the SSD is big enough to clone the data from the HDD to it of course.

    Is this your main drive that Windows and the rest is installed on or secondary drive?
  8. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    Hi @Serge M if is possible to totally replace the HD (my is 1 TB) with an SSD i'll do it. Thanks for the Samsung suggest.
    Serge M likes this.

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