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Stability control = cheating?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Rex, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Rex

    Rex Racer

    Whenever I turn it on I feel like the car is corrected by an invisible hand, giving me large room for error. Is it cheating to turn it on for hotlapping (achievements, RSR)?

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  3. There is RSR Pro mode for the iron man in you, otherwise all is fair game. I drive with assists off all the time ( even when I probably shouldn't ) because I like the involvement - if you feel cheated then stop doing it :p
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  4. ouvert

    ouvert Alien

    if it is real car system, than it is not cheating, if it is game assist - than it kind of is ... not sure if cheating is correct term :)

    you didn`t cheated those laptimes .. you achieved them with unrealistic assists :)
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
  5. Stability Control is not the same as the ESC system on real cars. If you are able to make laps without spinning out without it, then turn it off, spit on it, and forget that it is even an option. If you absolutely can't keep the car facing the correct direction more often than not then turn it on and have fun.
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  6. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    It has nothing to do with cheating. Except maybe 'cheating' yourself for missing the most authentic driving experience. But that's all down to personal preference :)
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  7. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper Alien

    This setting could also have a Factory option (mostly for equipped road cars). But even with a gamepad, I feel like I'm missing most of the game when it's on.
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  8. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Yes. AC is all about realism, so bringing in something virtual that removes all the tricky details and makes everything super easy - yes, this sounds like cheating.
    Of course this term is relative. You're aware that you are cheating yourself? Fine. You are cheating to be more secure even in a MP session? Fine.

    But if you would ask "Do you recommend using the SC for fun"? - No, never.
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  9. Does it slow you down overall though? if it doesn't it really should, if it does then it's not worth worrying about.
  10. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I wouldn't really see it as cheating, I would see it as being in the way of enjoying the cars. I'd rather spin out a thousand times, than have a system help me around the track. It's a personal preference though.
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  11. Rex

    Rex Racer

    Ineresting stuff. I find some cars impossible to enjoy without stability control (Ruf, Miura, Lotus 49, even LaFerrari). It is so frustrating to spin all the time that I just enable it. For other cars I don't feel I need it, but there is no way at my skill level to drive the older ones without it. So choosing between spin and wasted lap and magic hand that saves the spin, currently I choose the 2nd.

    Another thing: as far as I understand, some cars were not designed to be driven without assists (even the Ferraris). So when you turn everything off, what are you actually doing, isn't that punishing yourself? Having said all this, some kind "factory" setting for it would be fantastic, because you can then drive the car like it's designed, not guessing it.

    So driving, let's say, LaFerrari with no assists, is that realistic if it just wasn't designed like that?
  12. You can drive the LaF without any assists IRL. Just turn the Magnetto to CST OFF or whatever it's called.

    Usually they tend to keep a bit of traction control in the other modes, but no stability control in Track mode. ABS always on for these cars, most older ones don't have it however.
  13. ouvert

    ouvert Alien

    If you set it to factory, it should activate all real cars systems, right ?
    And Lotus 49? I understand RUF cause of turbo and instability on braking, but that little 49 is nicely ballanced with proper downshifting and controled steering input. Maybe you`re just turning your wheel too much
  14. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I don't think it's so much that they're not designed to be driven without SC and TC but that they can go faster with them turned on. I also don't think the SC that you turn on before going to the track is the cars actual real world SC, it's a game assist.

    I know the likes of the McLarens have pretty sophisticated systems in the real world, but I think they mostly revolve around the TC system. That would be adjusted in game using the Ctrl+T keys.

    I prefer them all off though, in the real world you would have them on so you don't put your lovely new hyper car into a ditch by accident. In the sim world you can afford to take the risk and learn to balance it without the help.

    For me the joy is in learning to drive the car, I see driving as a bit of a martial art, so I don't mind getting it wrong if I learn from my mistakes. I'm not so much worried about getting the fastest time in the world.
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  15. D1visor

    D1visor Alien

    Manettino :D
  16. Yes yes, that :p
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  17. D1visor

    D1visor Alien

    Having an accurace approximation of these systems on each car that has them would add a lot to the game:) IMO
  18. ALB123

    ALB123 Alien

    Interesting stuff regarding Stability Control...

    As an Assetto Corsa n00b, what are your thoughts about Traction Control? I'm not talking about you guys who turn off all assists...that's fine. I see that you can either turn TC ON, or set it to FACTORY. If a car comes from the factory with TC, don't you think that's "more realistic" to drive with it enabled? Again, I like turning off TC so I can throw the rear of my car around at will, but as far as realism goes...do you think the traction control system dulls the car too much?

    Also, I've seen some people mentioning that they adjust FFB on the fly, while driving. How do you do that? I know that pressing 1, 2, 3 ... 0 adjusts the Turbo of some cars. What keyboard shortcut lowers or raises the FFB while driving?

  19. FFB is +- on the numpad now. I was slower with TC on in GT2 cars in 1.2.x, not tried it now.
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  20. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    It depends on how good the TC works and if you can adjust it to personal preference. Especially in older cars (like 10 years old) TC/ESC is just annoying on track (even on road sometimes), kicking in early, making it slower and spoiling the fun. It's activated by factory, but for track use every experienced driver will feel the urge to deactivate them sooner or later (when possible).

    Todays system work much better, they are not hindering the performance anymore. Usually they are multiway adjustable and even allow drifts up to certain angles. They work so sensitive you won't hardly notice them being active on a clean fast lap (except for the blinking on the dash)

    Talking about racecars: BMW had a sophisticated ESC in use during the 2013 season in the Z4 GT3 to create an advantage in wet and mixed conditions. Good thing it was banned imo. Advanced and highly adjustable TC systems are being used in every GT3, even in GTE and LMPs, which are categorys mainly targeting professional drivers and factory teams.
  21. I have always switched TC off, although I use Factory ABS. To be honest, those cars that used to slip and slide around almost uncontrollably are now much better after the 1.3 update. The McLaren MP4/12C in particular felt rather unstable prior to the 1.3 update with TC disabled, so it will be interesting to test this car with the new v5 tyre model.

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