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Starting new assetto Corsa league

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Raymondjtoth, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Raymondjtoth

    Raymondjtoth Rookie

    Hi I'm starting a new assetto Corsa league it would be hosted on my PC for now since no money for server at this time it would he on Sat or Sunday after work I'm in Illinois USA and would need to register over at http://racingforjesus.com before can race we are a Christian league also and we have a discord channel would run f1 mods and tracks also sorry if hard to understand I have autism we would use ac thanks hope can join will post more info in fourm thanks Ray
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  3. Vasracing

    Vasracing Gamer

    Keep me up to date on your league. Is there a signup site////
  4. Raymondjtoth

    Raymondjtoth Rookie

    Just sign up at link and it's don't have a logo yet since not main one that's all you do let them know it's sign up for ac thanks ray
  5. Raymondjtoth

    Raymondjtoth Rookie

    Can you let other know more we get the sooner we can start it just sing up like tells you in rfj site we're can sing up

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