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Steam Awards 2018?!!!

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by JorgeHidalgo, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. JorgeHidalgo

    JorgeHidalgo Rookie

    It's serious ... look for the Steam Awards 2018 ... in an alpha phase application with thousands of problems in the different steering wheel, with a multiplayer that freezes when you go to find a setup, that the ping is very high , which is unmanageable for the majority, with graphics and fps problems, with problems of controls and pedals, with less than half of the content of the full version, with a FFB very little optimized, The GT3 racing car can not turn 80 km and gets lost losing total control of it ... ok they are lucky... But in my humble opinion I think you should put your batteries and look for the Steam Awards 2019... Regards

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  3. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    I don't necessarily disagree with the rest but this bit... wth does that even mean:
  4. chksix

    chksix Simracer

    Googoo transrate at its best :(
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  5. plaid

    plaid Alien

    Probably rather contraproductive to draw attention to the game now, yes.

    Besides I probably would never pick a racinggame, but if it would be FAR better than everything that was released to this day.
  6. JorgeHidalgo

    JorgeHidalgo Rookie

    This is an opinion of a non-fanboy ... I do not totally agree ... but !!!

  7. Psit

    Psit Alien

    You must be new around all the simracing sites ever.
  8. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    If you think they deserve it, vote for it, if you don't, don't vote for it. That's what voting is for.
  9. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    I've considered it very carefully and I honestly can't find a better nominee than ACC for the most fun with a machine award.
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  10. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer

    Well, he does have some fair points, it's up for the devs to actually listen to them or not.
  11. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Ah, good old Emma Sulkovic.
    I missed her.:D
  12. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    What alternate reality are you living in? To think the devs would give a crap what some foul mouthed nutjob on youtube dreams up in a fit of rage. Why in hell would you give someone like that even one micron of credence? Even the op of this thread is a nasty little sycophant. No doubt his favorite machine has low batteries tonight! Not having any fun? Dot, dot, dot! He exclaims! Humble opinions don't need advertising! Humility is a concept these attention seeking gen z loud mouths can't' comprehend. If op was at all humble he would have kept his driveling egotistical and self serving psychobabble in his tiny head- Or he would have voiced his humble opinion in a much less inflammatory manner and provided at least some verifiable evidence to back up his stale and regurgitated claims. This op's rant was the antithesis of a humble opinion dot dot dot. It was nothing more than a poorly constructed hit piece! This is what we got when streakers and foot stompers moved indoors!
    That's my problem!
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  13. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

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  14. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer

    Well the complain about slides is a pretty old one and I'd say it's still valid. You can catch slides, but other games are much better at this in my opinion.
  15. So go play those other games. And vote for one of them. Problem solved....
  16. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Just throwing one thing in, to play a bit the advocatus diaboli regarding those slides:

    Jan Seyffarth, a pro GT3 driver and sim racing fan as well, said the big issue with all racing sims of today is that it is too easy in all of them to catch a slide. Well, I do not think Seyffarth knows simulators professionally well, he even admits it - but he sure as hell knows professional GT3 driving, driving a Mercedes AMG GT3 himself. He also said, repeatedly so, that when watching laps by usual players, he sees them taking into turns too fast, and going too much over kerbs.

    AC is a work in progess, that is what many of these ambitious super-serious early evaluators seem to forget when presenting their opinion of current status in a tone as if the sim already would be finished.

    The video linked by JorgeHidalgo: is from September, and the spin offs early shown at Nürburgring, what should I say: I do not drive that line shown in the video, and I never face these radical spins at these two turns as shown. I spin sometimes, yes, but not there, in this fashion. Often Ican catch the spin. Also, the first thing in the Huracan that I do is resetting the brake balance to make the car less oversteering. And thats all I do in setups, except tuning the TC and ABS to my taste (relatively high).

    On the Steam Awards I must agree this year is too early for ACC to enter. Thats like sending a movie into the race for the Oscars that is just 30% shot, cut and edited. Next year obviously is the right time.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
    chksix likes this.
  17. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I also think that on ACC the drop off in grip over the limit is too sudden. I don't think slides are that hard to catch, I just think that when I lose grip, I lose it too quickly, but I've never driven anything even close to a GT3 car to know how that is in reality. However there's one thing everyone likes to forget: aerodynamics don't work sideways. As soon as you're sideways, the splitter, the floor, the diffuser and the rear wing will stop working and you'll rely only on your mechanical grip, so it's only logical that you'll lose a lot of grip after that first slide, especially on high speeds.
  18. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    But... it's a race car on slicks?
  19. dbr93

    dbr93 Gamer

    At the moment is the best game ever created (maybe after the Witcher 3)
    So why not?
  20. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien


    And I gave my vote to AC.

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