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PS4 Steer Lock not functionnal with T5OO rs on PS4

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by trazomni, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. trazomni

    trazomni Gamer

    I have the latest firmeware on my T500 rs but even with that, there is a steerlock issue in the settings menu.

    I can only change the value of the rotation of my wheel with the greed button on my wheel (270-360-540-900-1080) and if I put any value on the steerlock setting in the settings menu, it will keep the value of my wheel.
    e.g. If on wheel I have 900 (push 4th time the green button) and if I put any value for the steerlock, it will keep 900°.

    But If I plug/unplug the wheel in the setting menu (inistalization of my wheel), It will be considered as if I only push one time the green button (270°) even if i have any values on the steerlock setting.

    Did someone have the same issue? I saw this bug reported many times on youtube channels.

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  3. trazomni

    trazomni Gamer

    big mistake, It's for ACC not AC which perfectly works. If a mod can delete this thread here please. Many thanks in advance

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