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Strange things in 0.4.1

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by StoneSpb, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. StoneSpb

    StoneSpb Gamer

    1. Rolling start balloon hides cars in front of you for 488's helmet view.
    2. Still cannot play MP sessions (i.e. practice) at Nurburgring. Something's wrong with grip. Sometimes full throttle is not enough to accelerate from pit lane, then some more throttle - and you are spinning around and loosing your car again and again like on ice surface. I thought it could be some strance server settings but it appeared to repeat again on another server as well. Moreover after parking at grass away from race line I found it impossible to return to menu (car was stopped), change view, turn on ignition/starter again etc.
    Tried at Paul Ricard with 0.3 and Hungaroring 0.4.1 - these were OK, nothing similar to the problem above.
    3. While in quick race I was traveling alone after some spin far away from leaders. And the race ended for me just in the middle of my lap. Why shouldn't I cross the start/finish line? What if there there will be overtakes before it?

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