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Streaming AC through steam works fine

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Warrior4Jah, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Warrior4Jah

    Warrior4Jah Gamer

    Hi fellow simmers; having a quite small house I am looking for opportunities to remove as much clutter as I can out of the living room. I have a tv cabinet which is too small to put my desktop pc in it and I don't have the option of making that rig smaller (it is watercooled; the radiator adds to the bulk).

    Thinking out of the box; I have a laptop with a broken screen which I run with an external monitor. So I could hook that thing up to my tv and place it inside the TV cabinet and be done with it. Only... I can probably forget playing Assetto Corsa on an Intel HD3000; it would be AC - slideshow edition if it would ever run.

    One solution is to stream AC through steam. Although this might add some unwanted lag and the client will get a lower quality picture, it might be a solution for those who are in the same boat as I am.
    However, initially I could not get AC to work properly with streaming; due to the introvideo and ui not showing on the client. It does work by disabling an option in AC (step 5 below).

    These are the steps to stream AC through Steam:
    1. I am going to assume you have no weird firewall rules setup which might hinder Steam streaming. I didn't have to change any default rules; note that it will only work on your lan anyhow.
    2. Power on your host machine if your didn't do so already and make sure you start Steam.
    3. Power up your client. (Install Steam and sign in if you haven't yet).
    4. Go to your games library and click on "Stream" button. If you have Assetto Corsa installed on your client you have to click the drop down menu and change it from "Play" to "Stream".
    5. If the client doesn't display the introvideo and UI do the following on your host-pc: Go to "options" --> "General" --> untick "GPU-accelerated game launcher".
    6. Make sure you set the right screen resolution if neccessary.
    Streaming does have its limitations; I did notice a lower quality picture due to (probably) compressing. My host pc only has a 100mbit networkcard; while my client was connected with 1gbit. So you might get a better picture then I do; but then again you might not. I did not experience any noticable inputlag with a Xbox360 controller; but I did not try my wheel yet.
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  3. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    The HTPC connected to my TV is running steam streaming as well. But I'm running on a connected wired network so there is barely any lag. I do sometimes stream to the laptop when I'm too lazy to get out of the bed over wifi on the 5GHz network and I don't see any lag there either. Steam in house streaming is awesome indeed. :p
  4. Warrior4Jah

    Warrior4Jah Gamer

    Exactly; its a cool feature :). AC streams with 60 FPS and by setting the Steam client to "beautiful" streaming and upping the bandwidth limit picture quality improves alot. It seems to be maxing out at 47mbit; in hotlap mode. Now to try an old laptop :D.

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