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Streaming ACC to Home TV with Nvidia Shield

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by CmdrCody, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. CmdrCody

    CmdrCody Rookie

    Do any of you use your PC to play Assetto Corsa: Competitzione, or other games, on your TV instead of your PC monitor?

    I was reading about Nvidia Shield, which is a video streaming device you hook up to your TV. It supports streaming content from your home PC to your TV, but all the information I've found is a bit vague about how it works and how well it works. Apparently it only works with newer Nvidia GPUs, and it uses the GeForce Experience and GameShare software features to stream content to the Shield device that's connected to the TV.

    ACC is listed under https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shield/games/. That page says that ACC supports GeForce Now but not GameStream. What's the difference between these features?

    Some questions I have:
    1. Does Shield only support video/audio output, or does it also support input devices? I would prefer being able to connect my racing wheel to the Shield device with a short USB cable, rather than a very long one that goes directly to my PC.
    2. How much latency would get added? There would be video latency, input latency (if inputs are supported), and my TV would be limited to 60 Hz (whereas my PC monitor can do up to 200 Hz). Would the latency be noticeable when connected via Ethernet cable? What about WiFi?
    3. Does Shield have some nice UI which lets you automatically start a game remotely?
    I prefer having my racing wheel set up infront of my TV, rather than my PC monitor, so that's why I'm asking about Shield support. But I don't know if it will actually work, and if a high-speed game such as ACC will still be playable due to added latency.

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  3. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    I don't something, as you say, you have all the equipment, you have the TV that supports it, what's stopping you from actually testing it?
  4. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    For what it's worth, I've got Steam Link. While it's passable for slower-paced games I wouldn't recommend it for ACC or anything similar, even over ethernet. Image quality takes a big hit as well, almost like you're watching a twitch stream. No idea how comparable that is to a Shield, but they both have to deal with the exact same limitations.
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  5. I have used a Shield TV to stream locally and using GFN with ACC maxed out.
    It works but your experience will greatly depend on your network. I have even played on the mobile app via Verizon network.

    you should do your research on the Shield site, etc. since these questions are directed towards those developers.

    No one can answer that without doing the testing for you in your home on your devices. Everyone will have different results.

    yes or no depending on the user... I think it is nice but again you will have to try it yourself.

    Wifi can do the job but LAN is going to be best results. As mentioned, your experience is per your hardware and network.

    A streaming device will not replace your PC so I recommend you do your own testing and report back with your findings to help others.

    This is just one of those things each person has to try for themselves.
  6. CmdrCody

    CmdrCody Rookie

    I don't have a Shield TV and I'd rather not spend money on one before knowing it'll be useful for me.

    I heard the Shield TV has better hardware than Steam Link, but I don't know how much of an impact that really has. Maybe that's just Nvidia marketing BS. :)

    1. It's not easy to find useful information on the Shield TV. Nvidia only publishes a lot of marketing stuff, but very little on what the product does and how it works. That's why I posted here. Did you connect your racing wheel to the Shield TV device and did that work?

    2. What performance does your network have and how do you rate the performance of streaming ACC? I've got 1 GBit Ethernet equipment; some no-name home router that I got from my ISP. Do you think network latency will be noticable in ACC if one streams over a 1 GBit Ethernet connection that doesn't have any other significant traffic while streaming? (I don't share my home network with other people and wouldn't be downloading stuff etc. while streaming ACC.)

    3. OK, "nice" is subjective. But were you able to launch ACC via the Shield TV UI, or did you have to walk over to your PC and start ACC from there first?

    What's your overall opinion? Do you still prefer playing ACC directly on your PC, or do you think streaming it to your TV works well enough for this sim?
  7. Grab one at BestBuy so you can test it and return it.

    Nvidia has an entire duscussion forum dedicated to the types of questions about the Shield.
    I did not because my PC is on a cockpit.


    Quick search result on wheel support

    Mine is over a Google WIFI mesh on 5GHz with 1Gbps/1Gbps internet.
    Streaming from GFN isnt bad but local streaming on WiFi was worse than expected most likely due to my home network not being adjusted for PC<>ShieldTV communication.
    Regardless, LAN is recommended in general for good reason.

    You can launch games from the Shield but it will eventually be problematic.

    Its a cool unit to have around but its no PC replacement unless you simply dont have the money or space for a gaming PC.

    I do most my gaming on the PC since I have 2 Obuttos and 3 ESR cockpits and only use the shield for console-style couch games like Splintercell Blacklist and such.
    Have played SQUAD on it too but still had its ups and downs as a game best played from a PC.

    Its something you have to try yourself.
    Literally most of whats questioned here depends on the user.

    Id find another option like running a HDMI and USB hub to your TV so you can use your PC in two areas without the problems associates with streaming.
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  8. CmdrCody

    CmdrCody Rookie

    Thanks for the reply!

    The root problem I have is that I play racing games on PC (ACC) and PS4 (GT:S, Dirt Rally 2), and I hate having to move my racing set-up between my PC and TV. I'll try just running an HDMI and USB cable to my TV for now. If that works well, maybe I'll try it with a Shield to reduce cabling.
  9. In that case you could run a single USB hub and have two cables, one from your PC and another from your PS4, so all you have to switch is a single cable into the back of the hub instead of swapping everything between two hubs.

    You can also look up HDMI/USB switches.

    This is all assuming your TV is near your PC and PS4... and PS4 can read wheels on a USB hub.

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