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Streetfight [MR] servers

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Christopher Low, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. I just wanted to highlight an online server where I have been racing for the past two weeks. This server has a selection of no less than twelve road cars, uses street tyres, and operates with a 10 minute qualifying session/5 or 6 laps race format. Whilst it isn't perfect (I rather lost the plot on Friday night after being taken out in a revenge attack that had absolutely nothing to do with me :oops:), it is exactly the kind of format that I enjoy the most. These cars are not perfectly balanced, but who cares? Driving a slightly slower car is a challenge, and extremely enjoyable when the grid is full. Ballast is (thankfully) nowhere to be seen.

    I have been driving a different car each day over the past week, and it has been great fun. The admin (Gunja) is a nice guy, but he will kick anyone who is clearly causing trouble. Why not check it out if you like a bit of road car action?

    On a side note......my dislike of ballast is partly because I am better at driving some cars than others. If one or two fast guys just happen to be brilliant in a car that is not one of my best, adding ballast to it will only make matters worse for me! You could argue that it is better than nothing, but I disagree. I want the cars to feel and perform as they should do. You may be able to balance vehicle performance, but you can't do the same with driver skill. Maybe ballast is the best option on other servers, but I sincerely hope that Gunja sticks to the current format on this one, because (IMO) it is working extremely well.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2016
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  3. Bo-Göran Larsson

    Bo-Göran Larsson Hardcore Simmer

    I would say I had the most fun yet in Assetto corsa the last 3 Days when i found this server.
    Roadcars racing is so much fun and this server cater my needs brilliantly. Thanks Gunja!!
    And thanks to all fair and fast drivers Ive meet the last 3 Days. Only one wrecker in
    around 20 races so far wich is wonderfull. Theres hope for online driving.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2016
  4. Gunja

    Gunja Alien

    Cheers lads!
    I'm very glad you're having so much fun and i hope that few rotten apples will not spoil it for you.
    I'm spending all my free time trying to be present in there so i can react if someone's idea of fun is to deny others to have fun.
    So dear reader, if you like racing road/street cars, come join the fun.
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  5. AmorFati

    AmorFati Hardcore Simmer

    Sounds great, looking forward to lay down a few laps today, thanks for the heads up!
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  6. jim jones

    jim jones Simracer

    i've seen this server too and am very glad to see this. For us online only players lack of diversity is killing online racing.
    Road cars are real great fun to race ...

    I've said it many times enough of the gt3 spa and nords...have fun with the rest of AC content before wishing for more content.

    Am hoping this will change shortly with the Porsche dlc coming, be great also if Kunos could also bridge the gap with players with dlc and non dlc to race together

    Thanks Gunja and to those road car racers making online racing interesting.
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  7. AccAkut

    AccAkut Alien

    Had some really great races on your server last night. Cars are a bit unbalanced, but this makes it even more fun I think, carving through corners in the Lotus 240R next to a beasty Levante understeering all over the place, with a totally bashed up 1M drifting in front. Since Gran Turismo I'm a fan of unconventional race constellations :D
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  8. This server is starting to feel a bit like the old Gamers Crib GT Legends TC65+ server. A nice selection of cars, a growing list of regulars, and a good compromise between qualifying session length and race duration. The track is also changed every day, which isn't quite the same as track rotation in GT Legends, but it's the best that we can do in Assetto Corsa 1.8. To be honest, I am really not looking for many other servers these days when I check out the online lobby. I just keep wanting to return to this one!

    EDIT: If we could just add another six pit spots at Zandvoort.....
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  9. Dave Kafato

    Dave Kafato Gamer

    Just had a few races this is the best yet nice verity of cars some pushing and shoving BUT all for the race not because of ignorance.
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  10. Nao

    Nao Alien

    It's quite fun, i'm liking that the cars are not balanced 100% so that i can jump in any day and have a nice battle vs people of different skill levels.

    @Christopher Low There is always the additional pits mod, but being a mod might drop participation too much. (I'm ok with it thou, the files for all tracks are really small)

    ps: dang Levante does not stop when sliding, taking the T1 at brands with suboptimal line makes it fly like an eagle, completely zero grip :D
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  11. I would prefer Kunos to add an extra six official pit spots ;)
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  12. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Yes, the server is good, but there is still a good amount of people that you instantly notice why they are grade C. :(

    But I guess 128 km/CP on an ABC server counts as acceptable.
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  13. We can't have it all, Berniyh :)
  14. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    No, of course not.

    It's just that I hate unnecessary bumps. Not (only) because of the CP (I'm in no danger of being downgraded to C), but because it always affects the race.
    And there are just so many absolutely crazy people with grade C around.
    The dive in every little bit of space they get (even if it makes no sense whatsoever), which makes me extra cautious and presents me with the "great" objective to overtake these crazy people again. :(

    In other words: Racing with proper racers (read: ALOOG-1/6 :D) is still more fun and challenging. ;)
    The main challenge here is to avoid hitting people in this slalom run.
  15. baronesbc

    baronesbc Simracer

    Agree, i like this kinda of server for cars selection, but sometimes i'ts very hard to have clean races in abc server. Recently i lost most of my ab rating because of a guy who wanted to win to all costs, dive-bombing me for impossible overtakes.. At some point i stopped to battle him, it was just ridicolous.
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  16. gandlers

    gandlers Hardcore Simmer

    godda love the divebombers.
    had a few enjoyable races earlier, then a few where all the divebombers were in attendance.
    the joys of public servers and the must win at all costs mentality...
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  17. I can't argue with any of the comments above. This weekend has been frustrating at times (and today was no exception), but when it all comes together......it can be beautiful ;)
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  18. Gunja

    Gunja Alien

    It's worst in peak hours but it's quite normal. It's not better or worst than any open to public server. You get super clean races only on servers where there's not too much traffic and everybody knows each other. The thing that people seem to like the most is that these cars each have their preferred tracks and also parts of a certain track.
    It can be give and take for the entire race between two or more respectful lads in completely different cars. What Mogget said... good old GTL days.
  19. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Well, most other ABC servers are worse by far. The slow cars definitely help here.
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  20. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Just drove the first time on the server.
    Wow, it was some great fun racing. :D

    I might drive here regularly, didn't drive that much online cause most of the times I was alone and only hardly had others with comparable pace to mine.
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  21. Mathieu Labbé

    Mathieu Labbé Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks @Gunja for this amazing server, finally something refreshing that is actually populated! A very nice idea indeed. I just had a tremendous race with the Alfa 4C against FAK in the Audio Quattro. Overall the 4C was way quicker so I had pole, but the AWD Quattro blasted off the line and off FAQ went. All 6 laps were a case of trying to find a way past the very fast guy in a much slower car than me, but with such different characteristics... I was much quicker in the braking zones and in the corners but as soon as the Quattro floored the throttle off he went. End result: a very fun and challenging race with two very different cars.

    Just a suggestion, maybe raise the qualy timeout to allow drivers to end laps that were started before the checkered flag? On brands I started a lap maybe 10 seconds before checkered flag and couldn't complete my fast lap. Otherwise, congrats and thanks a bunch!
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