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Struggling to break loose the rears.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Aurelius, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Aurelius

    Aurelius Gamer

    On most of the road super and hyper cars, mid-corner at the limit of grip where you start under steering I try to apply throttle to break the rears loose and correct the under steer but instead I just get MORE understeer.

    Basically, it feels very difficult to spin the rear wheels on cars like the Huayra or F458 mid corner. Is this realistic? Am I doing it wrong?

    Please note: My usual driving style is very smooth, this is when I am trying to have fun sliding a car around not for hot laps.


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  3. Wrongfire

    Wrongfire Hardcore Simmer

    Try and be less smooth? I don't know, unless you have TC or stability on. I find it easy to lose traction in any of the cars.
  4. PhenOm

    PhenOm Alien

    When I'm driving the Huayra I'm also understeering quite a bit, but once I'm at corner exit I'm starting to oversteer a lot.

    I'm not a good driver so I don't know whether my advise would be good but try steering a bit more fierce instead of smooth and also enter the corners a bit slower and then accelerate hard so you'll spin your rear wheels. And as said above by Wrongfire, put TC & Stabillity off if you've got those on.
  5. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    Just tested stock 458 at drift track, brakes traction mid corner with 2 or 3 gear with ease, didn't do any weight transfer etc, just press the loud pedal and beck steps out immediately.
    Maybe you are to slow with the throttle? then you will just build understeer.
    *watch from 2:14min
  6. Bill

    Bill Gamer

    when you're understeering you don't have much control in the first place. it's basically the exact opposite of drifting. stepping on the gas when understeering should increase understeer unless it's a light understeer and you can flick the weight to the back real quick. the problem with understeer is that all the weight's in the front. even if you do get the back end to go out instantly with a flick of throttle, you're just gunna spin yourself out. if you're driving smooth and turn into the corner without understeering and blip the gas a bit, the rear's sure to pop out and you'll be able to catch it and drift away with practice.
    then again, i can't really drift the super cars all that well. never really liked drifting more than 600hp in heavy road cars so to me the super cars are just a good bit of overkill xD

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