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Struggling with brakes and win 10 issues

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by ShimonART, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. ShimonART

    ShimonART Alien

    Hi guys and girls
    ever since i got my csr elite pedals (replacing my g27 pedals) iam really struggling to stop the car . is there any advice you can give me? i have the pedals set to 10
    I also wanted to ask if there is a way to make more travel for the brake pedal because it is really really tight and i don't like it this way and i have some issues with making the pedals work with this game ever since i got win 10 , every time i go to track i have to reconnect the pedals .

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  3. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I have the same pedals. Bring up the pedal app in assetto corsa to see what happens when you're pressing the brake, maybe you have it set too high? The load cell on the brake seems to be the part most likely to fail, so I wouldn't set it too high.

    You can adjust the travel of all the pedals by moving where it attaches. All you need is some allen keys and spanners.

    I sometimes lose all my devices and have to set them up all over again, it happens rarely but it does happen.

    I have to get onto fanatec about my set of pedals, they're not holding up to well. I'm on my second load cell which is also showing the same failure signs as the first one, and now the accelerator is starting to get the jitters. That piece of foam or whatever it is in the brake pedal feels like it's sticking now as well. I wish they'd put a spring in there.

    Their customer service was pretty good though, if you continue to have problems send them an email. You're under warranty so if there's any problems now's the time to contact support for replacement parts.
  4. iVG

    iVG Alien

    I have the same pedals as you guys. Go to options -> controls. Press the brake and watch the bar that starts rising when you press the pedal. If it goes too low, try turning the knob behind the brake pedal to lower value. I put some more travel into the brake so the bar doesn't go to 100%, instead I bring the limiter down in AC controls to match pedals at max travel.
  5. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron Simracer

    Also make sure the brake linearity is at 1 in the advanced control options ;)
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  6. ShimonART

    ShimonART Alien

    I have to add that only with AC iam struggling with braking , in LFS I can go 100 braking without locking up but in a ac I need to push really hard just to get 100% and then I lock up really quick .
    the brake pedal is max , I have them inverted so its on the second hole from the top but its still too tight for my liking , are there any mods that add a spring or something?
  7. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron Simracer

    I would if you can try changing the hole you have it in so that you have a less straight angle,if you have the rod and brake pedal at 90 degrees it'll be harder to push.

    Also for your disconnect issues make sure to use a usb 2 port for your Fanatec gear this may help.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2016
  8. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    In addition to the suggestions offered, you can test your peddles using DIView to be sure that your getting 100% travel and even re-calibrate, adjusting for any deficiencies or jitter.

    I use it to set up my CST's and also it allows adjustment of the load-cell brake range setting.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2016
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