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Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by DozUK, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. DozUK

    DozUK Gamer

    I've just bought this today and I have to admit I'm struggling to enjoy it.

    Admittedly I've not given it time yet but I find the sense of speed unbelievably slow. Turning a corner at low speeds of 30-40 mph feels like a standing start, I'm sure the car is stationary.

    I really want to enjoy this game, I've read the bad reviews and comments but bought it anyway as I wanted this to be a good alternative to project cars.

    I fully understand the limitations with career and game modes but that doesn't concern me, I wanted to run with the physics and enjoy hotlapping but I'm finding it very unresponsive and slow.

    Anyway, early days and I'll keep plugging away. I want to enjoy this game but it's not helping itself at the moment.

    Does anyone recommend a good way to get into this sim? I tried the Fiat 500 career as a starter but just couldn't keep up with the cars in the first race. Their brake lights didn't seem to come on they don't seem to scrape round the corners like I do.


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  3. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    Have you updated it. Two patches have been released to improve the game.
  4. DozUK

    DozUK Gamer

    Yes I have thanks, I'm up to date. I've tried the first special event (bmw) also and just finding the sense of speed awful.
    I'll keep plugging away, love the intro video, I'm just finding the playing experience not too enjoyable. Early days but it's not pulling me in
  5. Horus

    Horus Alien

    If you are looking for that fake 'zoom' effect you get in some games then you could try upping the g-forces to the max, along with DOF. But to be honest without a triple screen layout you will not get any sort of peripheral movement which will make you seem like you are going slow. Try it in a car, when you are not driving, blinker yourself to the sides and look straight ahead and you will not think you are going as fast as when you have peripheral vision. As for getting faster in the cars, well that comes from practice and if you are not getting along with AC you will fail to get the practice in. It is worth it, but hey if we all liked the same things wouldn't it be a boring world. Good luck getting something close to what you want.
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  6. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Try 60 FOV and race with steering wheel in view, if you haven't tried that.
  7. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    To be honest, I was not at all impressed at first either. But part of that is because I was expecting a pseudo-sim. I have seen games claim to be realistic, but end up being arcade-y. AC has done away with the gimickry. And before you call me a fanboy, know that I am also aware of the games current warts.
    I'd say skip that BMW special event, it is a wacky car to drive on that tight track. Play around with the lotus or try some of the time attacks.
    The game has some strengths, give it some time
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  8. DozUK

    DozUK Gamer

    Thanks for all your suggestions, I'll certainly stick with. I knew beforehand the limited game modes and lack of leaderboards etc but I bought it as I was more interested the physics and tire model. I was just surprised at a few things once I got started. It didn't feel real, things didn't make sense while I drove. the car felt slow but yet I would still slide while turning at low speeds with no resistance or grip. A kind guy messaged me directly with some advanced settings to try and that actually changed things quite considerably for me surprisingly. I used it with the fiat 500 in the race I mentioned above and it felt much much better although I'm not sure why.

    I'm certainly not going anywhere I really want to like and enjoy this game, it just needs practice and I've come from a lot of hours spent on Project Cars (Which I love and will continue to play in the area's where that this game doesn't provide like career for instance).

    Thanks again for your suggestions and help, much appreciated.
  9. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    I find a with some cars I lose the sense of speed, on these ones I tend to drive with bonnet cam rather than cockpit cam which helps it feel faster....
  10. Fat-Alfie

    Fat-Alfie Hardcore Simmer

    I found it just took me time to retrain my brain, as I was so used to driving arcade racers with 60° FOV.

    When I first switched to 46° it felt so pedestrian but now it simply feels right (and the Lotus 49 still scares me!)
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  11. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    It would be interesting to know if OP compared AC to pCars with the same view and FOV. IIRW pCars has a speed sensitive FOV that can transition to another FOV as you pick up speed. You could even set the threshold speed last time I tried.

    But this is unrealistic - there's nothing besides motion blur and camera shaking that will increse sense of speed - and AC has it both.
    Don't get me wrong - it's a nice option to have and I can see how people would want to use it. But it's also logical how a pure sim doesn't feature it.

    Dunno if AMS or iRacing have variable FOV. I find they're all exactly the same as AC with the same FOV.
  12. DozUK

    DozUK Gamer

    Hi, thanks for your comments. Good suggestion with trying bonnet view over cockpit when finding it slow.

    Also, to answer another question I do tend to use cockpit view in both AC and PCars and I used the default FOV in both games. To be honest, I don't usually change this, should I? I don't really know too much about the benefits of this.

    I did have a run out in the Lotus 98T as this is the car I've recently been spending a lot of time with in PCars so I wanted to compare. I did get a much faster sense of speed with this car (Obviously) but as mentioned the slower cars did appear like they were at a standstill when turning in corners between 30-40 mph.

    I'm also noticing while doing the special events and the career (Don't really see the difference in these options, they both just look like events only with career controlling the difficulty) that my tires quickly go from hot to cold (In all cars I've tried). Should I be tinkering with pressures etc to counter this to be able to complete the challenges or do people just complete these with default setups? I think what I'm asking is should I be spending time tuning in the challenges/career or just for my own timed hotlaps and personal fun?

  13. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Mate, before the discussion can possibly go any further, go and adjust the FOV to the same value. Google projectimmersion - they have a FOV calculator. FOV is THE (!!!!) determining factor when it comes to sense of speed ;-)
  14. DozUK

    DozUK Gamer

    I've just looked at that, thanks very much for sharing. I was unaware of this so I appreciate your reply
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  15. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    In the leaflet i got with AC it says 60 FOV will give greater sense of speed whilst 50FOV will give slower sense of speed but let you see the apex easier. Also worth noting that on a track like Silverstone you're not going to get the sense of speed that you would on a track like Zandvoort (spelling) for instance. I should mention it felt slow to me when i first played but it all makes sense now. 30-40 MPH really isn't that fast.
  16. DozUK

    DozUK Gamer

    Hi, thanks for the reply, I get that 30-40 isn't that fast it just seemed like I was not moving at all but rotating a stationary car. It felt like creep mode in a automatic car for example. I'm glad you mentioned that it felt slow to yourself at the start, so I'm sure I will adapt to this.

    It's interesting that you say 50fov or 60 fov, I used the calculator kindly suggested above but after entering my details it came out as a suggested fov of 36.24 for AC and 60 for project cars. It also highlighted that AC used horizontal (hence the lower figure) and PC used vertical or vice versa to explain the difference in numbers. I'm pretty sure though (Although could well be wrong) that AC only allowed me to change between 50 and 60 anyway so I couldn't enter 36.24?
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  17. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    @DozUK well done, now you have your numbers. If AC only allows down to 50 on consoles that sucks of course. But you can still do the comparison by pretending in the calculator that your screen was a lot bigger, so that the AC Value is around 50. Enter this fake screen size into pCats calculator and compare the sims. Make sure to deactivate speed sensitive FOV in pCars. Let me know if it still feels much different.

    And BTW: when I decreased my FOV to a sort of accurate value in AC it felt crazy slow at first....like I could take any corner at 200 kph...it needs some getting used to.
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  18. DozUK

    DozUK Gamer

    I'm not 100% sure that AC only let's me go between 50 and 60, I've only had the sim one night but I did look at options and settings and that's in my head right now but I could be wrong.

    If it is though, thanks for the alternative, I'll be sure to do that and report back how it goes. Thanks very much
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