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Suggestion: network mode for spectator view when using oculus rift.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Marbas, May 21, 2015.

  1. Marbas

    Marbas Rookie


    Im a Oculus Rift enthusiast/developer. I found that Assetto Corsa is among the best possible experience for VR gaming. Also I have demoed my racing rig + oculus rift to a large number of people. AC is the only game were Ive been told that VR is the future of gaming. So my personal impression is that AC is hot in the Oculus community and truly interesting for the average-joe-gamer.

    But when a group of people is gathered to try this amazing experience, it's a bit boring for everybody else than he or she who is racing, not being able to see the game view.

    What I would like to suggest is a networked mode were a second PC is following the player in spectator mode, using a normal (not distorted/monoscopic) view of the race.

    Last edited: May 21, 2015

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  3. Hippy

    Hippy Racer

    Can't you spectate other players already?? Sounds daft to me.

    The rift issue, I think would be better solved with correct implementation of the direct to rift mode, where you should be able to see the users view on the screen at all times.

    You can get around this temporarily by using OBS to stream to another monitor.
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  4. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Or just join via a server and have them watch from there? CTRL + 1 or 3 to change cars.
  5. nonnex

    nonnex Alien

    yeah, make a private/local dedicated server. This will do it.
  6. +1

    This is a great idea and something I have wanted to be more accessible/flexible in Sim Racing for longer than AC has been around.

    I don't have a rift but do have a triple screen setup where the two outside monitors are angled inwards at ~45deg. When friends are over, it is difficult or everyone to see races in car. It would be great to have a separate monitor showing an external spectator view, following the selected user (the default spectator cam would be perfect).

    If this was over a LAN to a second PC, great. If it came from the same PC through additional unused display outputs, even better.
    Making a private/local dedicated server is ok but it means not being able to use all of the game modes (career, hotlap, etc.).

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