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Suggestions for AI improvement

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Poguinhas, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I remember Stefano saying once that it was hard for him to improve the AI, because since he knows how they act he doesn't encounter many of their flaws that we do. I've been doing several AI races for practice recently, and considering that I'd love an entertaining offline game play in addition to the online features, here are my (hopefully) constructive suggestions:

    1 - AI line, or fast lane: On many tracks the AI loses a bunch of time because they don't use the correct line, especially on fast corners. On Eau Rouge, for example, where players on a GT3 car can have an exit speed of around 240km/h, the AI can be 30km/h slower than that. By recording a new line I was able to bring that up to 230, which proves that the line is not allowing them to have the best speed there. That also happens at Blanchimont, copse, and so on. On most circuits on AC you're able to improve the AI pace just by having a proper line. I know that sometimes this is difficult because the line must work for several categories, but since ACC doesn't have that issue, having the proper lines is essential for the AI to work well.

    2 - Not driving into walls: It's so frustrating to have a race at Spa, because on la source and the kink before Eau Rouge, the AI will just drive straight into the walls, causing massive pile-ups and retiring half the field in Lap 1, sector 1. So it would be nice to teach the AI to drive around walls, instead of trying to go through them.

    3 - Holding the inside line: I've seen this happen a lot in maggots and T6 at Laguna Seca. When you take the outside line to overtake them, they'll hold the inside up until the apex, but instead of slowing down and holding the inside they'll just go straight to the outside and push you off the track.

    4 - Defensive lines: The AI would be a lot more convincing if they took defensive actions like holding the inside line to force you to the outside. Little things like that which make they look a lot more human (hopefully not changing directions 3 times on the straights forcing their teammates to crash into them).

    So those are the main suggestions I could come up with. If those edges are ironed out, in my opinion ACC could be up there with the best AI in the genre.

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  3. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    5 - Pit stop strategy: being able to manage stint length; manage tyres and fuel; pitting for tyres at all

    6 - Awareness for other cars on the pit AI line (not ramming cars out of the way on pit in and not blocking oncoming traffic on pit out).

    7 - AI able to abide to flags; penalties apply to AI also
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