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Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Skybird, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Feel free to make this thread a compensation for that we have a suggestion forum for AC, but not for ACC. Or I am blind...

    Some suggestions for a start.

    The driver competence rating app at the top right corner, it often is quite big and clunky, too obtrusive. Also, in the Audifor example it covers the centre mirror. I would like to have that in a smaller, less obtrusive design, not covering mirrors, and with the option to individually switch it on and off, independent from other elements of the HUD.

    I would like to have a single race rank indicator in the timing app at the top left, so that I can switch off the race ranking tables in the middle of the left side. That one too is quite big and includes info like names of drivers and times which make it big and which to read during race I am not interested in at all. A toggle to have that info reduced to much more basic, spartanic format would be welcomed. Also to use the space and move it even further to the rim. Something like "6/22" (sixth of 22 runners) or time differences just to the two runners in front and behind, would be sufficient. Its racing, not newspaper reading, all that info is distracting and not asked for while the race lasts. It also spoils immersion in cockpit view.

    The text box at the beginning of the race - why right in the middle of the viewing field?

    I want the ability to chn age TC, ABS and BB without needing to either stare in the dahsboard display ore having the full HD activated so that the gear-revs-app in the bottom right corner is visible and can reveal that wnate dinfo as well. A textline at the very top, centre, saying "TC 6" or "ABS 10" or "BB 68%", disappearing after two seconds again, would be the best solution, I think. Not in the centre of the screeen, please.

    Placement of temps app and map also are not that good, for my taste. Push them further to the screen's rim. Don't have them stick that close to the centre of the viewing field.

    Being able to grab and move these "apps" like in ACC, also altering their size, would be the ideal. But I think it was said some time ago that that is not possible, that the old app system is dead!?

    Anyhow, keep the HUD unobtrusive , while readable in VR. Keep it simple, at least as an option.

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  3. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Why without needing to stare at the dashboard display? I don't quite understand that request, the info being presented in the actual car would seem like the best solution if you want a view unobstructed by a HUD. Just curious.
  4. mailanmanu

    mailanmanu Rookie

    I also wonder why at the beginning of the race the gigantic Text box obstructs my view to the front.
    I hardly can see the cars at this stage of the race. A change would make sense.
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  5. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Maybe I do not drive in cockpit view...?

    Leave this as an option, let people choose. Why enforcing such a strict regime? And many other games would do like I suggest, too. Probably for a good reason.

    Also, in VR dashboard is hard to read in AC, resolution being the prioblem. I expect to have that problem in ACC as well, once VR is there.

    Heck, I talk about a simple line of text information at the screen top when you touch ABS, TC BB settings - don'tunderstand that we must even discuss this.
  6. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    I suggest to have a command that toggles mirror on and off.

    Also a command allowing "look back". Situational awareness and everything that helps it, is welcomed in this limited perception environment that a PC is. Especially in multiplayer. There is a command hat can be mapped, I think its called "look to mirror" or something like that. It does nothing for me.
  7. rpm

    rpm Gamer

    Rain mode at night is a bit hectic. Maybe create a headlight mode for fog lights at the front instead of brights. You must be able to see both white lines. So raise the height spray or decrease the density at the bottom. Right now it is headlights into the fog which is exactly what you should not do. Cant see anything.

    There also seems to be a sudden falloff of spray (or a sudden restoration of visibility) just before corners as cars slow down that seems a bit jerky for fog.
  8. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Yep. That was my impression as well.
  9. Some thoughts/suggestions from the top of my head.

    For the race standings/leaderboard in the top left, would be nice to have an option to make it only pop up when you cross the finish line. And maybe a slider to choose how long it stays on (1-10 seconds or whatever). Much like the PitBoard app for AC. I think it's brilliant.

    Also, on the subject of pace and timing, would it be possible to implement the pace timing colors (green when you're ahead, red when you're behind) into the Racelogic timer on the dashboard? That way even if all the HUD elements are turned off you'd still be able to see how you're doing pace wise. Maybe it could have two display modes, normal and "timing" so those who don't like it may keep it as it is.

    And lastly, for now, what about the cool down lap after a session is over? Instead of just 'BAM!' you're back at the menu after crossing the finish line/session time expires, you'd have the option to finish the lap and drive to the pits and once you're parked you'd be taken to the results menu etc. In races the podium guys could drive to the paddock area. Of course you could always ESC yourself back to the pits if you don't feel like cruising around the track.
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  10. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Direction indicators and rain light and setting of headlights seem to have no indication in cockpit. You are left unaware if they accidentally got toggled on/off. The difference between half and full headlights not always is easy to spot if time of day is not very dark. Only the overtake headlight has a blinking indicator.

    Simple line of text flashing at the screen top may already help.
  11. nfsw55

    nfsw55 Hardcore Simmer

    Tire trails behind your car when the track is wet. They are visible for a certain time, but after that disappear.

    This video shows pretty good what I mean.

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