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[SUPPORT] Multi-GPU and Triple-Screen

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by JetPistol, Sep 12, 2018.


Is support for multiple GPUs and screens (still) a crucial feature for modern racing sims?

  1. Yes

    154 vote(s)
  2. No

    9 vote(s)
  1. JetPistol

    JetPistol Rookie


    while I tend to agree that SLI/Crossfire setups become less important for "regular" AAA titles, I don't see the necessity for devs to go the same way for simulation titles. In this genre the share of gamers with multi-GPU and/or triple-screen setups is way higher than in any other. So it's somewhat logical to implement these features.

    Will there be support for multiple GPUs and screens during the Early Access phase or at least for the release version?

    If SLI works already - how to activate it? I wasn't succesful with the following known UE4 custom bits:

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  3. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    You're asking two questions but only allow for one commulative answer. That doesn't make sense.
    Apart from that, there is a no wishlist rule, so I guess you can count the seconds/minutes until this will be closed.
  4. JetPistol

    JetPistol Rookie

    Oh it does in this context. Think back a couple of years. To get modern sims running in triple-screen at decent framerate/visuals you often were forced to have multiple GPUs. Please also consider that system requirements always go up and never tend to go down. I didn't put this up without thinking. Also having either one feature or the other would "force" a noticeable amount of players to swap hardware. Which could either mean changing two GPUs for one to keep the triple screen or keep the (dated) GPUs and switching back to single screen. That would make no sense.

    This topic is not about expressing any type of conviction. Triple screen support has been a core feature of racing simulations for more than a decade. It's only fair to ask if this - and surrounding features like multi-GPU support - will be added or are in the works already.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
  5. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    It's a valid question. I used to run AC on triples with 780 SLI but am on a single 1080Ti these days because VR. It won't run ACC at 7680x1440 without turning settings down.
  6. szydl0

    szydl0 Rookie

    UE4 has several titles which have very good results with running on SLI. Hellblade: Senua Sacrifice, _Observer, Insurgency, A Way Out, GRIP. If those work, why ACC should not? It would be very useful for big setups.
  7. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    This is a really worthless and irrelevant question RIGHT NOW. In a few months, to a year this will be a very good question. But on DAY ONE, of an EARLY RELEASE, we do not need to be wasting energy/brainspace on this topic at this time.

    Hopefully, SLI Support will be there eventually, and hopefully my two 2080Ti's will scale well/have minimal to no real issues with frame pacing, tearing, stuttering, etc. Obviously, they will support Surround sooner, rather than later. This is KS, they have earned our trust. Still, this is a silly post/poll.
  8. szydl0

    szydl0 Rookie

    Disagree. In a year this topic will be long forgotten. This is a feature of UE4 engine, it is given from Epic. If it is easy to implement, why not add it? It will make life of players better. And, as you can see, the poll is quite popular. Please note, that GRIP received official nVidia SLI profile exactly during Early Access phase.
  9. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Because triple screen is popular. As I said, the combined question just does not make sense, because it's impossible to interpret the results …
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  10. szydl0

    szydl0 Rookie

    These two issues are connected. You can not now get a decent framerate with good quality on triple screens without SLI. Not even on 1080TI. So the poll is definately relevant.
  11. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    Exactly. Also, IT IS AN EARLY ACCESS TITLE and we have much, much more important, vital stuff to discuss.

    Also, I work with Nvidia rather closely, or have over the last decade or so. Nvidia Surround, VR, UE4, SLI/NV-Link/RAY TRACING are all on the verge of being figured out, dialed in, and FULLY SUPPORTED by Nvidia at the HARDWARE LEVEL. Do some research and see your mind being blown in regards to how Sim Racing will be going through quite the freaking epic transition to realism, and FIDELITY. KS is at the forefront and all the rest are just sorta pretending to innovate but not REALLY, TRULY innovating anything. KS, with their smaller team is just knock this crap out of the park and I for one know first hand, that Nvidia bros are watching and waiting to support them. A few of the big boys that I have worked with for over 10 years, at NV, are freaking stoked about Sim Racing and bigger Sim Racers with $25K Sim Battlestations. AMD, is not even in the freaking conversation, as per the usual. Lisa Su, my ex boss is about as much of an uninspiring "Leader" as it gets, and about as innovative as a damn rock. Just my two cents, and I have digressed obviously, sorry for the rant. As you can tell, I am one of the most PASSIONATE (and hopefully BRILLIANT) ACC Bros out here. I also do this stuff for a living.

    Obviously, they are related.

    However, #1: there should be two polls for two separate topics and, #2: this still is obvious stuff that only a noob would honestly think about. Obviously AF they are going to sort this crap out. Obviously, KS knows way more than you, or I, about what is important. They also have a TON of data that you and I could sift through for MONTHS and MONTHS. We should not be discussing such obvious crap. They will sort out a good SLI Profile with Nvidia, and will continue to for all the best dopest most expensive, newest RTX and etc Nvidia products. They obviously know that triples, and VR (VR being the future, triples/IR being the past), are important to most of us. This topic is so mehhhhh. Just my opinion, two cents of course, but again, I am sort of an expert on this crap. Also, we have been celebrating here in Hillsboro, Oregon with my good Intel buds, here at the shop, and we have been drinking a lot.

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  12. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    Well, I still disagree with the pairing of the two questions. I believe triple-monitor support is essential, but multi-gpu is not. You don't absolutely have to use more than one GPU for a multi-monitor setup, especially if we're talking high end GPU and not a crazy resolution. Personally I'd never run 3 4k monitors for example. I prefer the regular 1080p with high fps and I make sure my sitting distance makes up for the dpi loss.
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  13. ALB123

    ALB123 Alien

    If you're right, you've just made me feel much better. I bought this $2500 laptop October 2015 solely so I could play Assetto Corsa. That's the only reason I bought this. Because I'm an idiot and I don't know crap about video games I bought this laptop which has two gtx 965m gpu's in SLI whereas I should have ordered one with a gtx 980 - I just didn't want to wait because the 980s were backordered. AC was awesome with my laptop. ACC was already pretty damn good driving in the day time with 1 car on the track...but trying to drive at night or with weather, even 1 car was too much for my laptop and I had to start lowering graphics settings a lot. But, if this is because ACC is only accessing one of my two GPUs, I can understand...and if ACC will support both GPUs by official launch, I will breathe a huge sigh of relief. :) Thanks.
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  14. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    Hit me up bro if you are here in the US I can just give you a decent price for that SLI Laptop, and hook you the hell up with a badboy, brand new, from MSI i9/i7+1070/1080 Laptop. Or maybe even a 2080 one. I got the connects bruv ;) I'll do what I can to help.
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  15. JetPistol

    JetPistol Rookie

    One could start to think you are deeper into the actual development than the devs at KS themselves. :rolleyes: Your opinion is nice and sweet but certainly it's not for you to decide which features are relevant and worthy to implement. So please stop pontificating, it's borderline laughable...

    Stop spamming, please. I wouldn't mind a moderator to delete all unrelated posts (including this one).
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
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  16. Winston

    Winston Hardcore Simmer

    The question isn't quite right.

    I don't have either but have VR so I could just answer 'no' but I'm not sure how useful that would be.
    I'm sure those with either would want it supported.

    A survey of output devices may be more revealing.
  17. JetPistol

    JetPistol Rookie

    It's confirmed that VR (see roadmap) will come and it's highly likely that we'll see an elaborate triple screen support (not stretched/fisheye type). My question however is directed to those who own the above mentioned combination of hardware (multiple GPUs and screens). It wasn't my goal to cover all possible configurations. The reason why I deem the question relevant is because I don't think that a single GTX 1080 Ti or 2080 Ti could handle triple screens at max. details in 1080p, let alone in 2160p resoultion.

    A short announcement from the devs will clear things up.
  18. Winston

    Winston Hardcore Simmer

    Ah right , that makes sense.

  19. Lino Carreira

    Lino Carreira Hardcore Simmer

    If im not mistaken SLI is not something that Kunos can do...only Nvidia, but since ACC is on their radar now that might be happening, AC took some fiddling to work with SLI , if i remember correctly Stefano at some point mentioned that only Nvidia can make it work... AMD i have no clue tbh....

    PS: Even if it wasnt Nvidia i think that EPIC would be the next one to go before Kunos...
  20. ALB123

    ALB123 Alien

    Oh, okay... I don't know squat about gaming or any of that stuff. I just know that I need it or I'm hosed. :(
  21. Glen Orpheus

    Glen Orpheus Racer

    they are keeping very quiet about triple screens though, just a simple "its coming" would put the masses who want this feature minds at ease, instead they just mention VR :(
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