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Team tournament without changing pilots

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by reeeeri, May 8, 2020.

  1. reeeeri

    reeeeri Rookie

    Registration for the #rusCP team tournament is open, where everyone has their own car.
    All drivers of the team take part in one race at the same time.
    The team score is the sum of the points of the 2 best positions of the pilots from the personal standings at the end of the race, the team can have up to 3 pilots.

    Register using the link https://ruscp.fun/eu

    We welcome the same cars for teams and livery

    Allowed number of participants in one race more than 40

    6 trails, 2 days a week Wednesday and Sunday
    an hour-long race with a mandatory pit stop, mandatory tire change, and the ability to refuel while changing tires

    On the day of the race, you can log in to the server and practice from 17: 00, qualifying at 19: 30 (20 min), race 1 hour

    Points are awarded according to the positions at the finish line

    The personal and team standings are available on the website https://ruscp.fun/eu

    The first stage will be held on may 17
    #ruscp #acc #assettocorsacompetizione

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