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Telemetry and Race Strategy tool for ACC (Real-time and Offline)

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by Iko Rein, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer

    Moved the "main thread" of this application here. The older thread was in Apps section.

    This is the tool to make you drive faster regardless of your driving level.

    The tool can be used both during and after the sessions to analyze telemetry data, car behavior and race history.

    Key features:
    • Realtime and offline (after-the-fact) Telemetry
    • Compare your own laps (speed, controls, forces, line driven etc) in many different ways
    • Compare many laps at the same time
    • Opponent laps: Speed, time and gear traces from your opponents from online or offline races are saved, and you can analyze and compare them to your laps to see where you are losing those tenths.
    • Use Math Channels to look deeper into the data to e.g. analyze your setup changes
    • In real-time map see position of other cars + the pit window (i.e. where you will land after successful pitstop), same map can be used in offline to see the driving lines
    • Extensive data for race, fuel use averages (also per fuel mix mode), how much to refuel etc.
    • Very accurate time Delta to other cars
    • Race history, which you can also save for later viewing
    • DriveDNA: Tool to view your consistency over many laps
    • Can reside on the same computer as ACC or e.g. on separate laptop.
    • The tool can be run in Windows, Mac or Linux.
    • Data can be forwarded to another location, where e.g. your race engineer can work on the data
    You can download the tool from RaceDepartment: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/telemetry-tool-for-acc.34563/

    Before installing, read the ReadMe.txt inside the .zip packet. I have also put installation and guide videos on Youtube.

    Enjoy, and get faster.

    PS. Some screenshots:
    RaceEngineer: View a race engineer could use to look at the driver's data

    Telemetry, telemetry traces + user defined math channels in the same view

    Multilap, compare traces from different laps in easy way

    Map, real-time map also shows the yellow flag sectors

    Race Timing, race timing has info about how many pitstops other drivers have made, their best and last laps.

    Statistics, statistics of current lap, fastest lap and for the duration of the session. Handy e.g. to see total fuel usage, tyre temp ranges + max tyre pressures.

    Driving, basic driving data, e.g. wheel slip is visible and temps and pressures and estimation for the repair time needed.

    Racehistory, graph normalized on leaders laptimes. There are few other graphs, like per lap track position history, history compared to your laptimes etc.

    RaceInfo: This shows laptimes listed + fuel usage statistics (per ECU mode). If you need to do many refuels, this will also show how much you need to fuel per pitstop to make it to the end. This also shows the time history of cars around you.

    DriverDNA steer. Visually see, how consistent you are on driving. You can see the data on few key controls, like streering, braking and throttle.

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  3. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer

    BTW, this tool also works with AC (both PC and console version).

    Some limitations with the AC
    • On the console version track detection doesn't work, so you have to change the track by hand, when you start in new track.
    • AC the tool works as single car tool, so there is no racetiming or race history etc, as there is no proper data from other cars.
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  4. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer

    Version 10.5 of the Telemetry and Race Strategy Tool is here.

    The new version is at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/telemetry-tool-for-acc.34563/

    Biggest addition is system to sync your laptimes + basic lap data with a global database. When there is more data, I will add functionality to the Tool, which will allow you to compare your own times to the times of other users of the Telemetry Tool. The tool will ask consent for sending the data, when you start it for the first time.

    For old installations run the 'Fix database' from the Tools menu as there were some car id issues introduced by the latest ACC release.

    Notable ACC related additions
    • In online or other events, added to Map the gear indicator to opponent cars
    • Fixed issue, where on online races many players' TLA was "PLY".
    • Fixed car id issue introduced with latest ACC version.
    • Proper ACC tyre compound data is saved to the local db
    • Fuel at start values were bad for first out lap. This was fixed. Still if you "fly" back to pits, the fuel values for that lap will be "odd".
    • Opponent lap saving: Fixed issue, where the opponent lap might have 0.000 or near zero laptime.
    New general additions
    • Multi-histogram view
    • Multi-XY-plotter view
    • Map: Border color added to leader, car in front and behind for easy detection
    • New trackfile format, which is more compact + also loads bit faster.
    • Tyre pressures are now saved to lapdata files
    • PgUp and PgDown work as zoom in all views (handy if there is no mouse scroller on the system)
    • Many little fixes and tweaks.
    For update, backup old installation, then unzip the .zip on top of the old installation. There are many new files in bin, lib and tracks directories.

    For new installs, check the ReadMe.txt in the packet or the Youtube videos on how to install the tool

    If you have any questions, let me know.

    Enjoy, and get faster.

  5. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer

    The Telemetry Tool updated to 10.6.

    The new version is at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/telemetry-tool-for-acc.34563/

    With this version I updated the JRE to version 15. So if you are updating, you need to
    - update the bin directory (there is also for Linux and Mac a custom JRE binary included)
    - update the lib directory
    - update the Telemetry.jar + the .bat (windows) and .sh files (linux/mac)

    Key new features
    • Support for ACC driver swap. This feature has been tested, but not extensively. Any feedback is welcome
    • Added Statistics table, which will show much more driving statistics on per lap basis
    • Added Launcher, which you can use instead of the several per game .bat files. The runWin.bat (and runLinux.sh and runMac.sh) have been updated to start the launcher. You can still use the per game .bat files to start the Tool, if you prefer that.
    • Added to UDP forward option to send the data out in F1 2020 format for all supported games, including ACC. You can use this e.g. with Thrustmaster SF1000 wheel to get data to the wheel's dash, or to send data to other dash, which supports F1 2020 format.
    Other notable ACC related updates/changes.
    • Fixed the "non-realtimeness" of the ACC track position data. Now the tool should show that data as it is in the track, no just update at sector change. This most likely fixed the sometimes odd delta values in race info
    • Fixed issue, where player lap number might be wrong
    • Fixed issue, where laptimes for first lap would be odd in race and causing the "History vs. Me" to be erroneous.
    • The tool should now keep receiving/showing data even if you change driver in endurance racing.
    • Fixed issue, where the first lap would show 0 laptime.
    • Added new system, which will show the Delta also on the last laps after the session time has run out. Also works on time-multiplier races.
    • Fixed random/odd situation, when in some tracks (like Oulton Park), the lap data might not get written.
    New users: In short, unzip the .zip to your system (e.g. to Program Files) or some other place. The start the tool with one of the .bat files (on Windows) or .sh files (on Linux/Mac). The tool will the ask for location of the data etc. Check the ReadMe.txt for details.

    Enjoy, and get faster.
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  6. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer


    New version of my telemetry and race strategy tool is here. This is mainly a bug/stability/performance fix with few interesting additions.

    You can get the Tool from https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/telemetry-tool-for-acc.34563/

    What is new in version 11.1?

    Notable ACC related fix is the UDP Redirect fix. This should also fix issues some people were having with the driver swaps. It also made UDP redirect for the SF1000 to be more stable.

    UDP Redirect
    • Fixed a very nasty random bug, which prevented the UDP redirect to work properly. This fix also improves the performance of the F1 2020 format redirect (ie. the TM SF1000 rim feed).
    • With the UDP Redirect F1 2020 format, the rev lights will blink, if the pit limiter is on.
    • Plenty of smaller fixes/tweaks to the redirect model. This should improve the performance in any game mode, most notably with ACC.
    • Added option to show the map with as transparent background, so if you have only one screen, you could have the map still visible with e.g. the lines driven. See the images below. This does not work on Linux (yet)
    • Made tire core temps to be more prominently displayed. Also moved things bit around
    And many little tweaks/fixes. Check the ReadMe.txt for details.

    For update, update the Telemetry.jar + tracks\ams2 (if you use AMS2) + the .sh files (if you are on Linux/Mac).

    For new install, check the ReadMe.txt file inside the .zip for details on how to install the Tool on Windows, Linux and/or Mac.

    Enjoy, and get faster.
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  7. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer

    A heads up for those, who are using or plan to use my Tool with driver swaps.

    I have had some endurance racing teams testing my tool, and now there is two ways to make the Telemetry Tool work with driver swaps.

    Simple way is to just UDP forward data from all drivers to one central server using the same IP and Port number. All drivers have to have the ACC Broadcast also working (if driver short names are like D01, D02 or long names like Driver 01, Driver 02, then the broadcasting is not working, and needs to be reset by saving the ACC Settings once). Also for all drivers, disable the 'Automatic Track Detection' via 'Settings' --> 'ACC Settings'. In this mode, the server could also be on driver 1's computer.

    Bit more complex, but maybe bit more robust way is to again have central server, where Driver 1 sends data via normal UDP Redirect. In the central server set UDP port for drivers 2 to driver 5 and then the drivers 2 to driver 5 send data to the corresponding UDP port on the server using the ACC Swap Driver UDP format option. The tool will detect the active driver and use data from that driver. And ACC Broadcast must work for all drivers, otherwise the tool will not detect the active driver. Also for this setting, disable the 'Automatic Track Detection'

    Enjoy, and get faster.
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  8. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer


    New version of my telemetry and race strategy tool is here. This is mainly a bug/stability/performance fix with few interesting additions.

    You can get the Tool from https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/telemetry-tool-for-acc.34563/

    What is new in version 11.2?

    Notable new additions
    • New trackmaps for new tracks in F1 2021, AMS2 and Kartkraft
    • Statistics table: Added wing setup data
    • HTTP Server output:
      • Fixed deltaToLeader in the json/aidata
      • Made JSON/tracks to output track list for the current game
    • + Many little fixes and tweaks
    See the ReadMe.txt for details

    For update: Copy Telemetry.jar + the tracks directories content to your current installation. The changes are in AMS2, F1 and KartKraft directories.

    For new install: Check the ReadMe.txt for the installation instructions. In short, just unzip to somewhere on you system, either to 'Program files' or somewhere else. Now you don't need to anymore edit the baseSettings.xml, as the tool will create it automatically.

    Enjoy, and get faster!
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  9. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer

    New version 11.3 is here.

    You can get the Tool from https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/telemetry-tool-for-acc.34563/

    Largest addition is the new 'Workspace'. In short this is like the Telemetry view, but you can save and load the set of traces. E.g. you can have different workspace for setup work, and another for driving inputs. There are also many new traces, e.g. wheel speed diff for sides or wheel locking indicator etc. For each trace there is now few options to adjust the view:
    • Basic: normal trace
    • Diff: blue vs. red trace (or with multilap blue vs each trace)
    • Smooth: smooth the trace along many data points (option varies from 1 to 33)
    • Derivative: calculate the derivative at that point. The slider varies for how long time the derivative is calculated (bit like smoothing)
    • %-change: How large % change (vs. 0 value) happened. Here the slider adjusts, for how many packets the change is calculated.
    CTRL-SHIFT-S saves the workspace, CTRL-SHIFT-L loads the workspace

    Field spread tab
    Also there is new 'Field spread' tab, which shows how far apart the cars are on track (dist or delta). This is good way to see while racing, of someone is holding the pack or if someone is approaching you from behind etc.

    Added "reset UI" to the launcher. This will reset the main window position of the Tool. So if for some reason the window positions get corrupted, this can be used to reset those settings. This applies only to the selected game, when you press the 'LAUNCH' button.

    Notable ACC related additions
    • Fixed situation in race, where the lap is invalid, but it was not flagged as not valid
    • In statistics page changed tyre temp to tyre pressure. So now the statistics page will show the temps like this: "FL 27.3->27.6 : avg 27.4 | 95C" which means, the pressures ranged from 27.3 to 27.6, with average at 27.4, the average temperature was 95C. This makes it easier to decide what to do with the tyre pressures for the setup.
    • New Relay + added new fields in 1.8 shared memory to the tool

    Notable other additions

    F1 2021
    - Added Imola and Jeddah trackmaps
    - Added F2 2021 drivers + teams data

    • Fixed Monza 10k trackmaps
    • Added new Racing USA trackmaps
    • Added v1.3 new car + car class data to the tool
    • Added full Nordschleiffe 24h track map to the tool.
    • Tried to fix a very random occurrence, where the fastest lap would be replaced with slower lap
    • Made the shortcuts, like CTRL-O work even if menu is not visible
    • Color saving now also saves the opacity
    • Many little tweaks

    For update: Copy Telemetry.jar + the tracks directories content to your current installation + in the bin directory the contents of the ACC directory. The changes are in AMS2 and F1 and directories. It is also a good idea to run the 'Tools -> Manage DB data -> Fix database data', if you have run laps with the new BMW.

    For new install: Check the ReadMe.txt for the installation instructions. In short, just unzip to somewhere on you system, either to 'Program files' or somewhere else. Now you don't need to anymore edit the baseSettings.xml, as the tool will create it automatically.

    Enjoy, and get faster.

    Some screenshots


    Field spread tab

    Tyre pressures instead of temp in the Statistics page
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  10. Malaplauso

    Malaplauso Gamer

    Hi Iko,

    we are trying to use the app with our team for a endurance race but we are not able to config the app to use it. We don't get data when we swap a driver. Have you got a video on your channel where it are explained how to do it (we are not capacble with the documentation). Other question, We want to ask you if we can use the app for two drivers driving simultaneously. If the answer is yes, how do we have to configure it?

    Note: on the app you need to uncheck "Automatic track change" but there is a mistake, It's writtten "Automatica rack change" (we were crazy searching the option on the app)

    Thanks a lot.
  11. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer


    Sadly I don't have two systems with ACC licenses, so I cannot make proper video of that. I might do a simple setup video though at a later date.

    But I will try to write here, how to do it.

    In short, there is the "simple way", which I have been told works too and the "bit more complicated way".

    In both options you run a 'race engineer server', where you run the Telemetry Tool, i.e. you have an install of the Telemetry tool (in one of the drivers' computer or on separate laptop/desktop, e.g. on the rage engineer's computer.

    "The simple way"

    1) First make sure, you have a working Telemetry tool installation for the 'race engineer' and for all the drivers (up to 5). This means, the drivers receive data to their Telemetry Tool, and on the 'race engineer' site if he/she drives in ACC on the system, data is being received properly. Make note of the listen UDP port used in the 'race engineer' setup (Settings --> Network settings --> Listen port).

    2) Now all drivers setup UDP forward via Settings --> Networks settings (set format to ACC) and set the IP to the race engineer's system's IP and the UDP port as in RaceEngineers 'listen port'. (Here using a VPN tunnel like Hamachi might make it easier to get the data from the drivers to the race engineer, i.e. there would be no need to setup port forwarding etc.)

    3) When the setup is done, driver 1 in the system drives out. When the driver 1 then comes to pit for driver swap, the system should be able to detect the swap. This is because when the driver is swapped, the old driver doesn't send anymore data, but data is received from the new driver.

    I have been told, that this system works too and might be easier to setup correctly.

    "The bit more complicated way"

    1) Again here, make sure you have working Telemetry Tool installations for all drivers + for the race engineer install, i.e. each receive normal data properly.

    Take note of the Race engineer's UDP port + the IP address.

    2) The tricky part is here.
    • Driver 1 needs to forward the data to the race engineer's UDP listen port. (e.g. 9001). This is necessary. And driver 1 is the driver 1 in the team and must go out first.
    • Driver 2 sets the UDP forwarding (Settings --> Network Settings) IP to race engineer's IP, Port to be the race engineer's driver 2 UDP port (e.g. 9002), data format to ACC Swap driver. This same port needs to be set in 'race engineer's setup in the ACC settings to the 'Driver 2 UDP port'.
    • Then same way new port for other swap drivers (up to 5 drivers). So e.g. driver 3 uses 9003 etc.
    Some screenshots

    Race engineer settings
    Driver 2 settings

    Again might be good idea to run this over a VPN tunnel to avoid firewall hassles etc.

    2 Simultaneous drivers

    This is not possible, i.e. getting data from two drivers at the same time. If you can give a good reason, why it would be needed, then I can look into that.

    The use case I think would be that you are in practice and want to check two drivers at the same time. For this I would run two instances of the Telemetry Tool listening different ports and getting separate data. And if there is then need to have other drivers data as reference lap, you would just copy the file over and set it as reference lap.

    Or if you have two cars from the same team on the track doing driver swaps, again here I would use two instances of the tool, one for each car.

    Fixed the typo on the 'track change' checkbox. The fix will be in the next release. Thank you for the note.

    If you have any questions, let me know.
  12. Malaplauso

    Malaplauso Gamer

    Thanks. One question regarding your answer, on the screenshots you show race engineer (in our case it's a server) and the rest of the drivers but:

    - Could you share a screenshot with first driver config?

    Other questions:

    - driver 2 to 5, do they have to config something on the ACC Settings (own public IP, Port, UDP...)?
    - about relay.ini, ACC shared memory.exe ... The files you mentiom on the ACC Settings screen) Which kind of action does enrigeer, driver 1, driver N... Have to do with them?

    Thanks a lot.

    Enviado desde mi M2102J20SG mediante Tapatalk
  13. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer

    I think this needs bit more explanation, on how the Tool receives data from ACC and how the UDP redirect works.

    So the model works like this.
    From ACC you get data from two different systems, the Shared Memory and the ACC Broadcast system.

    I have created the relay to send the SharedMemory data via UDP to the Telemetry tool. This is what the "UDP Relay" settings in the ACC settings dialog manage. One needs to run the relay on the same computer as ACC. There are some networking options, because if your Telemetry Tool runs on different computer, then the relay must send data to that other computer, i.e. you set different IP address than (i.e. localhost) there. The relay settings are stored (i.e. save by the Telemetry Tool) into the relay.ini file, which the relay reads when it starts.

    ACC also sends data about other vehicles via the ACC Broadcast System (not to be confused with UDP broadcast). To use that, a tool has to request a connection + the data from ACC. The settings for this are done on the ACC Settings dialog in the 'BROADCAST' section. Normally one would run the Telemetry Tool on the same computer (i.e. as ACC, but if not, then you have to enter the IP address of the computer running ACC, so that the Tool can send the 'BROADCAST connection request' to ACC.

    The 'UDP redirect' combines the two data feeds and sends them to another address. There are few data formats available, but typically in driver-to-race-engineer setup one would choose the active game, i.e. in the case of ACC you would set the format to ACC. When the Telemetry Tool receives a combined ACC data, the Telemetry Tool operates, like it would receive the two different data feeds, thus when you redirect the data to your race engineer, they see same data as you.

    So for the driver swap situation, what needs to be done, is that each driver has a working Telemetry Tool installation, i.e. they receive the data from both the relay + broadcast system. This can be verified so that there are correct driver names in the Map or Race Timing panel. If each driver has working Telemetry Tool installation with data from both relay and broadcast, then you don't need to worry about the relay etc. settings, just start ACC, relay + Telemetry Tool, set the correct UDP redirect IP address + PORT number and restart the Telemetry Tool, and you are good to go.

    Setup screenshots

    Here is the first driver config:
    So driver one sets the port forward to 9001, as is below in the 'race engineer' listen port. Also the IP address is something else than in here.
    Also remember to check the 'UDP 1 Enable' checkbox.

    And the "race engineer Telemetry Tool install setup"
    So driver 1 sends data to the 9001 port. In the earlier screenshot the driver 2 sends it to 9002 etc.

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions, let me know.

  14. Malaplauso

    Malaplauso Gamer

    Thanks Iko for the answer, but one question. In the race engineer side do you have to change listen port each time that you want to read the telemetry for each driver (9001 for driver 1, 9002 for driver 2…) or the rece engineer on the listen port field has to write down driver 1 port and the rest on the “Driver swap” side on ACC settings?

    You’ve mentioned that driver 2,3… has to send ACC file format on the UDP relay, but I read some post ago that we need to use ACC Swap Driver file format. Which is the right one?

    Thanks in advance.

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  15. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer

    On the simple version, the race engineer sets the listening port and all drivers send data to that port. So the race engineer starts the Telemetry Tool and all drivers start their game + Telemetry Tool and send the data to the same port, format should be set to the ACC format. This works, because the way ACC works (at the moment), only data from the active driver gets sent out.

    On the more advanced way the race engineer sets the tool normal way to listen data to the driver one (normal Listen port in the networking settings) and then for the driver 2 to driver 5 sets the listening ports for the swap drivers in the ACC Settings dialog. Driver 1 sends data to the "normal listen port" and the swap drivers (2 to 5) set their UDP Redirect port to the corresponding port and set the format to ACC swap driver. If all is set correctly, the Race Engineer starts the Telemetry Tool and driver 1 starts ACC + Telemetry Tool (with relay on) and drives. Drivers 2 to 5 can also start ACC + Telemetry Tool (with relay on). When the driver swap happen, the tool will detect data coming from different drivers and to different port and does the magic. You see the server side setup on the earlier post, where for each driver there was different port.

    So in both versions when the setup is done, Race Engineer starts the Tool and then the drivers use the Telemetry Tool to send the data. no need for restarts or changing settings, when racing.

  16. Malaplauso

    Malaplauso Gamer

    Hi Iko,

    sorry for the delay but we hadn't a race to test it. I want to share with you the configuration of the Engineer, driver 1 and Driver 3 to check with you if everything it's ok because we have been recieving spurious data when we swap a driver as you can see on:

    Engineer Config.



    Driver 1


    Driver 3:



    Please, let us know if there is something wrong. Everyone (engineer and drivers), execute ACC + telemetry tool through runWin_ACC.bat. We tried running ACC-SharedMemory_Relay_x64.ex, but the result was the same.

    Thanks in advance.

    Attached Files:

  17. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer


    It looks, like the driver 1 is still sending the data and that makes the driving pane odd.

    Few questions:
    1) Do you get Telemetry data saved for the drivers (driver 1, driver 2 and driver 3)?
    If yes, is the data ok?
    2) How is the data in the other screens, like race timing or raw data?
    3) Does this happen, if you change the driver 3 to be driver 2?

    One way to find out the issue would be, that you create the debug data (on the Race Engineer system) and send it to me (you can PM me the link). With that data I can check out, what is happening and why the data form Driver 1 gets processed. I have some ideas, but getting the debug feed would make it easier. You enable the 'debug feed' from 'Settings' -> 'Base Settings' and check the 'Debug feed enabled'. This will create to the data directory root file debug_data_FEED_ACC.csv, which can be run against the Telemetry tool with the fxFeed tool (see help for more details).

  18. Malaplauso

    Malaplauso Gamer

    Hi Iko,

    the test we did was with driver 1, driver 3 and engineer. We have data but it's diffcult to say they are ok (I don't know how to rad the csv file to understand if the data are ok or not). On the other screens the data are in the same way.

    I send to you a package of data and debug file to check it. If you want to make a online test, plet let me know and we can organize it.

  19. Malaplauso

    Malaplauso Gamer

    Hi Iko,

    Could you check the data?


    Enviado desde mi M2102J20SG mediante Tapatalk
  20. Iko Rein

    Iko Rein Gamer


    I have downloaded the data + I also purchased an extra ACC copy, so I hope to have time this weekend to do some more testing and hopefully to see, where the issue might be.

  21. Malaplauso

    Malaplauso Gamer

    Thanks Iko. If you want to make any kind of test, we can help you to arrange a meeting and test online with some drivers.

    Enviado desde mi M2102J20SG mediante Tapatalk

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