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Test Track with Skidpad

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by sonicviz, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. sonicviz

    sonicviz Gamer

    How many of you actually rank consistently in any competition racing in the top 3?
    How many of you actually teach anything substantial to anyone?
  2. Dufloth

    Dufloth Racer

    I don’t play special events, but you can find my name in several top 3 in the AMS/PC2 leaderboards

    with that being said, it’s not a stupid circle pad that will make you reach the top
  3. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    So you are basically saying that people who can't get top 3 are bad and have low skill ?
    Setting a top time is all about executing every corner at maximum speeds but what generally happens to most of us(especially me) is that we basically on our way to top lap basically screw up a corner or 2 by small margins.
    hence missing on top spot by under a second.
    I assure you that alot of guys here will post top times if they could just string a whole lap together.
    If anyone is good enough to get near top lap with 1-1.3 second gap is very good sim racers, you don't need top person to tell you actual behaviour of car just asking any good enough players will do.
  4. sonicviz

    sonicviz Gamer

    You're all (apart from a couple) fixated on telling me how I should drive (while back patting yourselves) but can't be bothered to actually understand what I'm talking about.

    *slow hand clap*
  5. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    I can recommend some tracks that are very good for testing cars behaviour so you don't have to drive on all of them to get the picture.

    1.paul richard testing->>
    •straight line speed,acceleration,aero stability, long corners that induce understeer,some kerbs riding

    2.Hungaroring testing->>
    •Kerbs riding, low-mid speed behaviour of car,some off camber braking zones

    3.Spa testing->>
    •Eau rouge is very good to check stability of car and generally requires little bit of understeer to get through that corner BUT with this understeer lot of other corners suffer crucial one is T16 which needs to taken flat to achieve good times; Also some nice off camber corners.

    4.Brands Hatch testing->>

    Lots of elevation changes, narrow course means cars needs to be agile and not understeer too much, bumps handling which means car needs little bit soft setup BUT since track is narrow especially the last corner where i've ran wide many time due to understeer so overall needs a good compromise to be able to handle bumps and not understeer too much.

    The only problem in GT3 car IMO is understeer on power (not true for all cars) here me out , If you got braking oversteer or understeer you got LOTS of settings to adjust like brake bias, ABS
    if you got power on oversteer you got TC
    if you got coasting understeer you can lower the diff values and adjust danpers etc
    so basically only thing that could go wrong is power on understeer which sadly has only one cure, don't get greedy and apply throttle at appropriate time or go ham with drift setup( NOT recommended)

    That is all i have learned from ACC.
    sonicviz likes this.
  6. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer

    I’m not going to get into an argument about skid pads getting you into the top 10 as I feel like the original post has gotten off topic. I will say a skid pad is a very useful tool when used in conjunction with telemetry. You can learn a lot about the car and the effect adjustments have on its lateral acceleration capability by using a skid pad. We use them in irl for both testing and car development. Best part about having them in game is you don’t have to worry about replacing tires. You can easily go through an entire set of rubber in a day of testing on a skid pad.
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