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READ HERE Thank you community

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Aristotelis, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. good job @Aristotelis :) i even did not renew my iracing subscription the first time in 11 years :p
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  2. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    Have you considered what you might spend the savings on? New gear? Vacation? Jimmy Broadbent donations?
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  3. Ducati

    Ducati Rookie

    New house? Ferrari? I’d go for a new
    Ducati 959 Panigale Corse
  4. Rolz

    Rolz Alien

    Well deserved @Aristotelis, the team has done a fantastic job! :)
  5. NemethR

    NemethR Simracer

    I do agree that ACC is one of the finest racing sims ever designed.

    A Few Years ago I was a great supporter of Project CARS. But to be honest SMS (the company who made the game) did disappoint me with having a lot of promises, and not keeping many of them.
    So I tried AC (1), but could not really get on with its handling model. I drove GTR2, Race07, Dirt Rally, Project Cars, and the handling was similar in those games. But in AC, for me it was totally different, so did not bother with that one.

    After PCars, there was not really a game i felt like moving to, as PCars2 was another game from SMS, and AC was because of the handling nothing for me.
    So as there was nothing new at that time, I felt like trying, I moved to PCars 2...

    But, when I first drove ACC, I was literally shocked how immersive it is.
    It is in my opinion far better in simulating GT cars then PCars or PCars2.

    Awesome racetracks, superb sound, great visuals, super immersive overall.
    For me (too) ACC is the best simulation I ever played.

    Kudos Kunos!
  6. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    • [​IMG]
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  7. cooknn

    cooknn Alien

    Just to confirm, these modified thresholds have yet to be pushed out to us, correct?
  8. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Finally left my positive review on Steam! Keep up the good work :-*
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  9. Great new !
    The pleasure is now present each time I use ACC.
    Lot of improvement has been done ; thanks all the team for your efforts.
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  10. Gryphy27

    Gryphy27 Rookie

    Thank you Kunos for the hard work! Why have the posts and screenshots about IGT DLC been deleted on FB and Tweeter?

    Is that dlc still in the work?
  11. NemethR

    NemethR Simracer

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  13. I think ACC raised the bar of quality and maniacal attention to details and set it quite high for any future sim title.
    I also think there will be a "before" and a "after ACC", it is undeniable that the level of care shown by Kunos about tyre model and general physics is something many of the current sim devs should really be looking into and take as a reference.
    Last thing, for me the choice made by Kunos about preferring quality over quantity has been the most brilliant move for the development of that title, and like I said something many should be take into account, we have seen too many sims washed out on the overall quality because the general consensus lies more on the quantity of the content instead of the quality.
    I could write untill tomorrow about the precious gift ACC has been for the simracing community, but like anyone else I'll just say thanks Aris, thanks Kunos guys, from the heart.
  14. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    While the focus of ACC is limited, what is inside this focus is done better in ACC than in any other sim. For GT3, its the to-go sim out there. Praising it for what it is, thus is only a logical consequence! :)
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  15. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Couldn't agree more.
  16. NemethR

    NemethR Simracer

    Quality over quantity is sadly what is lacking in our world nowdays.
    I really do hope they will be rewarded for this decision. I for sure will buy any DLC for this game/sim to support this approach. (Of course also because it will bring more content to a great game)
    With the coming DLC, apart from the Nordschleife all my favorite racetracks will be in the game anyway.
    (And Suzuka and Kyalami apart from being among my favorites, are some rare gems in Sim racing anyway.)
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  17. Gryphy27

    Gryphy27 Rookie

  18. Like many of you I too spend a lot of time on ACC (most of my game time, that is not very much in term of quantity but it's very important in the routine) and ACC surprise me many times.
    One of the best remarkable moment was the release of the 1.2, exactly the day of a big endurance 90min in our league; many of the players was scared about the bugs that could pop up with a massive update like that but in the end it was all smooth and fun; I did my 3 pitstops with setup and strategy from previous versione and the car felt "easy" on the track, eau rouge was slightly faster and more grip coming out from the kurb; I was really impress about the confident 1.2 came out with lots of improvements and very few bugs in the interface that let us play the whole race without hiccups.
    I join the EA for 25€, it still feels very cheap to have ACC now.
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  19. TBH i feel the same. I just paid 25€ for this... I feel like i would exploit kunos a bit xD
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  20. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

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