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Thanks, Kunos

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by romandevision, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    Sorry for the new topic, but I would like to thank Kunos for this wonderful game.

    We see a lot of disgruntled posts on the forum, but so few thanks to the developers for their product. Yes, there are downsides and things to do in the future, and this game is not always friendly to the player, but all this is not so important against the general background. So THANK YOU, Kunos!

    P.S. I once had an Alfa Romeo GT, so I take all the shortcomings as trifles:p
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019

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  3. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    It's a bad sign that I read the thread title in the new posts list and automatically assumed it to be sarcastic.
    I never owned an Alfa, but three FIATs, so I know when they work they are great to drive, but they were in for repairs a lot too :)
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  4. FelixR1991

    FelixR1991 Simracer

    Not gonna lie, you had me in the first half. You accidentally a word.
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  5. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    Difficult to translate? Unfortunately, I can not understand what you mean :(
  6. Alistair McKinley

    Alistair McKinley Hardcore Simmer

    Thought the same. :)

    On topic:
    I also like to thank Kunos once again for the game they have created.
    I love ACC as I do the other games/sim on the market. They all have their favours and I'm glad that I can enjoy all of them.

    Special thank to Aris and Kevin who try very patiently to explain everything comprehensively. (The explanation blogs are very much appreciated.)
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  7. Alistair McKinley

    Alistair McKinley Hardcore Simmer

    You wrote "Sorry for the new topic, but I can not thank Kunos for this wonderful game." in your opening post. That means that you are not able or willing to thank Kunos. ;-)
    You missed a "enough" in your sentence: "I cannot thank Kunos enough for this wonderful game."
    In this way it would mean that you are very grateful for the game.
  8. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    I corrected the posts. As I understand it, it was written that I could not thank, right? :eek:
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  9. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    Thank you very much for the explanation)
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  10. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    I second this opinion :)

    Coincidently, I've also had an Alfa Romeo GT (2005 2.0 JTS). It was my first of two cars I've ever owned and it was a really, really nice drive. It does totally earn the GT-badge. It actually served me quite well for the first few years where there was no problem at all. Then the rear suspension went south and I had to pay half the cars worth in repairs. I would actually keep it still if I hadnt been dependant on a car for my commute to work. Best looking coupé out there of them all. After 4 years of ownership, I would still turn around to feast my eyes on it every time I parked it.
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  11. Nev Roberts

    Nev Roberts Racer

    I was going to like your post until I saw the Alfa comment. I had '66 1600 Guilia Sprint GT Veloce and loved it. But I do still like your post thanking Kunos, sure there are some issues but I'm loving it.
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  12. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    Hi) I had a 2.0 JTS SS 2007, Alfa Rosso. C suspension was also due to bad roads in my country. And Selespeed ... is a terrible reliability gearbox that has constantly failed. But the car is really very beautiful and has a great interior. Sometimes I miss her and regret that I sold but unfortunately there are almost no places where it can be repaired. The official dealer closed in 2013 due to very small sales.

    This is a very beautiful car, I saw it once. Please understand me correctly - I love Alfa Romeo, but conditions in my country do not allow to keep the car in working condition due to the lack of a qualified auto service and the absence of an authorized dealer. :)
  13. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Maybe a bit off-topic, but I enjoy the conversation:

    Unfortunately, this was the case for me as well. I'm no mechanic, and even if I was, I live in an apartment with no garage to work in. When the suspension broke (probably due to excessive speed bumps at every frigging crossing in this town), I had to turn it in for repairs - the official dealer in Sweden phoned me back the same day asking if I could find spare parts on ebay and bring it to them. I thought that was their job :p

    In the end, they did manage to find the spare parts, but like I said it cost me half the cars worth in repairs :( I really did want to keep it, but when the front suspension also started to sound funny and my new job requiring me to commute by car, I simply had to let it go :( The driving position was absolutely sublime and I had the blood red car with tan interior. One of my biggest problems when getting a new car was that no other car looked as aesthetically beautiful...
  14. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    Yes, it is offtop, but we can talk in the post thanks to the Italian company about Italian cars :rolleyes:;)

    It's funny, but I also had a red and beige interior - tonight send a photo here)
    The suspension on the GT is very strange, it broke down for me a second time after 2 months when I stood still - all the rubber parts were smashed. I think it is not suitable for northern countries with a cold climate. This car needs a warm region and a garage. And it should be the second. I think that if I lived in Sweden, I would have chosen Volvo)

    I now have a MINI F56(not yet JCW), and now what is yours?
  15. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Yes, at first I did actually only use it as an enthusiast car, mainly driving on the weekends or when I needed to go somewhere. Then new job made me dependant on a functional everyday car and not an enthusiast car.

    My new car is a 2018 Nissan Qashai (Tekna model). It is basically double the car size and half the engine almost! But it's got a lot of gadgets and it's comfortable to ride, and it takes me where I want to. You just dont want to be in a rush ;)

    On topic, just for the sake of keeping this thread alive: I really like ACC. Sometimes, like yesterday, it can be really, really frustrating when car pileups which you really try to avoid, will "earn" you -3 in SA. Sometimes it feels like there's not much difference between rated and unrated servers, but in general terms I guess SA is a bit better.

    Anyway, in terms of driving experience and immersion, ACC is really awesome.
  16. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    An excellent choice if the variator does not confuse - for me it was a refusal to buy at one time, although there were good discounts. Perhaps this is a matter of habit)

    SA is likely to improve and over time will not fall through no fault of yours, but for now you only have to put up. My experience is that servers with a higher SA rating do not give less crashes, but sometimes everything goes on 10/10. People apologize in the chat, they slow down and let them through if they have pushed you by chance and most of them are behaving politely. For all the time I met only one toxic player, but it was ridiculous, as he was indignant that there was an accident every time - apparently he experienced a wild butthurt after another time))

    I hope this topic will be common for expressing gratitude to Kunos for his work and we will see here more positive impressions from the game. At least for the reason that the game really deserves it! :)
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  17. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    Thank you Kunos, for making something so enjoyable to drive and immerse myself in that I actually have to call it a personal drug . Yes, some of the embellishments are missing but the driving, the sound and, nearly most importantly of all, the RUSH … they are all there for me .

    So you guys did the same number to me with ACC, like you did before with AC .
    Does that make you drugdealers now, I wonder ?
  18. Maranello78

    Maranello78 Hardcore Simmer

    This game is great!!!!! i love it, i hope in the future will come some new Dlc with GT4 too or F4, now Blancpain has get rights for this competition, congratulations Kunos, step by step this game will be the best
  19. Thom@s

    Thom@s Rookie

    I think specially today with the 24 hours of spa on going, after a lot of critics it is time for some great compliments.
    In my opinion what Kunos did specially with sound, grafics, weather, physics, the looking of the cars and tracks, motec support and many more is really good. It makes fun even it is a challenge. And that there are some issues don´t make me worry because I knew the team is working on it ( and I may not imaging, how the last weeks were for the whole Kunos team).
    I already used ACC for over 200 hours and just the extraordinary heat here in germany in the last time forced me to stay away.
    So here comes a big "THANK YOU" from my side.
    And when I see all this new cars and liveries today at the 24 hours of spa I eagerly waiting for the new things coming in the future of ACC.
    Take the time you need, I already put some Euro aside for furture DLC´s :)
    have all a nice weekend and enjoy the Blancpain 24 Hours of Spa.
  20. Digger

    Digger Gamer

    Thanks Kunos for a absolutely great SIM. I've owned many Sims and think ACC has them all beat. Granted there are updates that are still needed but I feel confident you will follow through with those. While the ffb, sound and graphics are superb, I especially like the work you,ve done with the AI. I am probably in the minority but after racing online for years it's a breath of fresh air to race the competitive AI without worrying about making a human mistake and being chastised for it. For me, racing the AI has made this sim what it's suppose to be .....FUN. I imagine more of you time will be spent on multiplayer but I just want to say thanks again for the great work you've done with the AI. Good luck with your future development of this wonderful sim.
  21. issor

    issor Racer

    since i play ACC EA 0.1 i lose 16kg body weight ^^


    -lot of fun
    -find new friends ( racers ) good, bad, newcommers
    -loving the amg <3
    -good training alternative
    -the community is friendly


    -the crashkids ;(
    -the curbs ( in real life curbs dont cost time! i know it i drive on real life with bike and car on race track ... ) or look MotoGP Marques, Lorenzo or other Raceseries... they all use curbs. if you hit a curb in acc you lose time ;( "Monza first corner rightside out"
    -the amg sound can a little bit depper
    - i forget to eat play to much -.-


    overall? 840h says all I LOVE IT :))))

    keep it up and make a 2k20 dlc with 2020 amg :)
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