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Thanks, Kunos

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by romandevision, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Digger

    Digger Gamer

    Congrats on another great DLC Kunos. These cars are so much fun to drive it's like having two games and if one doesnt make you happy the other one will. I personally love them both. As I have said before, if you already have the best driving sim on the market the only way to make it better is to have more. So I hope the Kunos staff takes a well deserved rest and then creates additional DLCs with more tracks and or cars. Please dont let it end here. Once again, thanks thanks thanks Kunos for another great DLC.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
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  2. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    I come back after two mounth in MP races. I did two races and I can say that Gt4 is very very very funny, more than GT3 races. I think the races are better, also the other drivers :D
    Thanks Kunos!!! too cheap ;)
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  3. PLebre

    PLebre Hardcore Simmer

    Overall Masterpiece! Thanks ones again Kunos.
    Have a nice holiday.
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  4. JanR

    JanR Gamer

    Yeah, same here - did two races with a GT4 entry in a mixed grid and it was a really new (and good!) experience.
    After I made some mistakes in the beginning of the race towards the end I was managing to catch up to the guy in front of me (also driving a GT4), but at the same time we were both being caught by the GT3 leaders.
    This lead to some really "interesting" situations - trying to not block the GT3 drivers too much, but at the same time not losing too much time to my opponent in front.
    Given that both races took place at regular public servers I was quite happy that the GT3 drivers managed these situations rather patiently and did not simply push us off track (which I was fearing a bit before these races).

    Big thank you to everyone involved at Kunos and 505 Games!
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  5. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    I didn't try yet mixed class (gt3 + gt4) but I like gt4 because it seems more difficult.... the cars don't want steer (understeer) and braking (longer respect to gt3). I also did some mistake but very funny. Also other drivers seems less kamikaze, probably because less power is more simply to manage.
  6. I really liked the Aston GT4 on my first try. The Beemer annoys me as much as the GT3 one. I really want to drive them but guess I'm not as patient as is required to drive them. Also the GT4s seem to be way more diverse than GT3s which is awesome.
  7. Thanks Kunos, it is perhaps even a little, I would say thank you thank you thank you, for your great work.

    I state that in online driving games I have been around for a long time, not letting even one escape, and in the simulators, I would say that only the Nascar product by Papyrus could be placed at the TOP in this simulative dimension.

    Today with the evolution of the world both graphics and hardware components, this is for me (and I believe for many others), the only real simulator present to fully enjoy the driving realism in every aspect.

    I can't help but thank again the immense availability of Aris for his generous videos, and all the rest of the Kunos team, for having worked on a simulation system so complex and articulated in every aspect, so much so that it ranks first overall .

    It doesn't matter if there are some smudges, the gem of the "DRIVE FLASHING" button was enough for me to make me understand when the creators themselves were passionate ... and then they are Italian !!! Like me…

    The cost of the initial package and the DLC, frankly, are also little, for what they have created with great professionalism and skill.

    Thank you so much
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  8. kingdomblues

    kingdomblues Racer

    outstanding DLC this game was already a gem, now it's even better !
    yes I am lyrical :)

    thank you very much Kunos
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  9. BartZie

    BartZie Gamer

    Yip. Job properly well done. Top sim, hands down. Thank you!
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  10. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    Is it just me or it seems that lobbies with GT4 cars are a lot cleaner? Maybe it's just the cars being so driveable, slower and able to get on curbs easily, but i've found GT4 only public lobbies to be very well mannered; less people ramming your back, more respect of racing lines etc etc
  11. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    I think the same. Better races. New life with gt4. I like again to play MP race.
  12. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Simracer

    Additionally it is a DLC, so only the enthusiasts who love this game bought it. Most likely those drivers have a bit more experience than those who get it on sale during a free weekend.
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  13. Alistair McKinley

    Alistair McKinley Hardcore Simmer

    Thank you again, Kunos!
    Last night I drove the GT4 cars for the first time and I really love how they behave and how different each car feels.
    You did an outstanding job once again.
    Driving in ACC belongs to the best sim racing experiences I've ever had.
    I really enjoy your game/simulation very much.
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  14. Sheepy !

    Sheepy ! Rookie

    So I signed in through Steam just to give major kudos to the Kunos team. Hats off to you guys, the GT4 DLC is EXCELLENT and well worth the price. Really good job.

    Now if I'm being honest I also signed up to shamelessly beg you guys to consider working on 90's DTM DLC with tracks and liveries... LMP1 & 2 and GTE can wait ! :D:D:D

  15. This sim is something precious. The more I play, the more I discover little things that amaze me.
    It pushes you to study the effect of the environment on the car, the effects of setup twicks, driving technics and more... All little details to discover that actually make the difference.
    Details you can focus on, to unlock (like in a rpg :eek:), by studying and testing, knowledge.
    Using motec, comparing data with your friends, training, then winning and losing, together.
    And anytime you gain a second, it is so rewarding. Endurance racing even amplifies this.
    I joined simracing almost 2 years ago, just to try on ACC d1.
    After 2 years I am still exploring this amazing world with passion and curiosity, and I cannot have enough.
    So great job Kunos and thank you to take so much care of your products.
    Thank you for chosing to go for such an advanced simulation, against everybody (also your own users sometimes).
    I love this hardcore approach, and I can only hope you still enjoy it to go on.

    P.S: Watching a SRO gran prix, and getting that bad positioning in the pits is not a bug, but real stuff, well, it is simply mind blowing. I felt like a scumbag for having thought it was broken.
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  16. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    I think it's time, in the old tradition, to bring the topic back to life.

    I don't know who exactly did AI, but this is good progress. ;)
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  17. I personally believe it is the largest, most articulate and realistic simulation ever. Congratulations to all the Kunos staff
  18. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    thank you Kunos for another fantastic DLC!
    i hope we'll see ACC improve and grow for a long time!
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  19. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

  20. long_chicken

    long_chicken Rookie

    Thanks Kunos for another tiny but great update. Just got a new monitor and now I can enjoy it even more!!!
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