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PS4 Thanks Kunos

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by fbetes, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. fbetes

    fbetes Simracer

    Sorry for my english...

    I would like to thank Kunos to bring ACC to our consoles.

    30fps? Yes, the first time you play you’re a little bit shocked, but once you are playing, I honestly think it’s not an issue. Obviously it would be great to get 60FPS, but I’m conscious the actual consoles are 7 years old.

    Improvements? Yes, we need some of them:
    -The lights of the car in the night needs increases the power, this is the main issue today (in my opinion)
    - Wheels DOR should be automatic, it’s frustrating to load a preset for each manufacturer.
    -AI needs to be improved. AI rolling starts very silly in some tracks, Montmeló is one of them (last chicane) before the main straight.
    -Private lobbies with ability to create custom championships.
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  3. antonpaco

    antonpaco Rookie

    I did not thank Kunos yet, I prefer to wait. I bought the game for PS4 but I can't play due to issues on the wheels. I have T300RS and play every racing game since years, but nothing to do for ACC.I am gonna wait for a patch and then I will say thank you Kunos.

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