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The 99 PC [Pace] Club

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by fabT, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    Count me in! Misano Hotstint event :)

    At least for now. In the 5 minutes between setting the time and taking the screenshot I already went down from 20th to 28th :eek: Gotta go faster, but there's still the odd tenth to be found here and there.
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  2. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Can confirm, this is actually scary. Really scary.
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  3. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    What's interesting to me here is that CC is only 63. With that pace, he's obviously doing something right. Shouldn't the CC be higher to reflect that? @Minolin
  4. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    I did gain 2 points in CC while doing the hotstints, as I became faster over time. I previously went down from CC 75 due to not being fast enough in the dry on Misano :)
  5. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Not really, because there is Hotlap. Not only the direct correlation is there, Hotlap also brings the bad manners, like @Gevatter indicates.
    In a quick lookup the good laptimes have 80+ CC, but most of the laps (that are obviously Hotlap tries) have laptimes of 1:37-1:39 with and corresponding CC values. Looks ok for me, it's just the Hotlap we need to get rid of :D
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  6. Rizzl

    Rizzl Rookie

    Now that I can legitimately post in this topic, place 87 in hotlap. Time 1:34:254. CC 64 CN 94 TR 66.
    I'd like to know what input devices you all are using. It obviously doesn't make a lot of difference, but I'm just curious.

    I'll kick off. I'm using an old and trusty Logitech G25 with a GT EYE brake spring.
  7. Nesja

    Nesja Racer

    I have a G27. Very old, but does the job just fine.
    I believe the person in #1 also has a G25.
  8. Joined the club last night (hotlap) - got to a point where I was reasonably consistently getting mid 34's so I could really start experimenting things. My CC dropped off the cliff once I started pushing into the 34s and using a different setup, went to around 48 (from 66) then started creeping up again once I settled into a groove.

    Here's my numbers. @Rizzl this was using an OSW/Heusinkveld setup.

  9. Rizzl

    Rizzl Rookie

    Hey that's me @94. Luckily I've improved since then.
    I'm wondering if such hardware would improve my driving and my times. Guess I'll find out after I get my FeelVR set.
    For now, practice makes perfect.

    Have you tried the setup of Romain Monti? I think it's rather good. Set my best time with it.
  10. Ha ! Leaderboard neighbours :) As far as wheels go I doubt they make any difference. Infact I turn the gain waaaayyy down when practising as at least I get too tired and start making mistakes.

    Pedals I upgraded from some T3PAs, I guess that will be down to the individual and practise whether it makes a difference or not (some theory is that muscle memory is better at pressure/resistance than movement). The pedals mimic more like a real race car with a lot more pressure vs movement. Again, you can get tired... I tend to be in socks and overdoing it my left foot was a bit sore so need to leave it for a couple of days. The pro pedals take quite some effort to get 100% pedal travel. My times dropped off initially getting but then picked back up again (note: I personally wouldn't recommend any sets with crazy 100kg+ pedal pressures).

    At the end of the day it's all just electrical signals from 0-100% really doesn't make a difference what hardware is generating it as far as hot lapping. I can't speak to VR.

    The real reason you get this stuff is immersion & fun factor. All my mates who are into motorsports in various forms get out of the rig grinning like idiots. No comparison between a DD wheel and a regular old wheel. Turn the gain up to 40-45%, AC on an old 90s F1 car and go for a blast - it's awesome fun.
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  11. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    it's amazing how different setups are resulting close laptimes :) my PB on the leaderboard is 1:34,7 i think (i did 34,5, 6s in race session too btw) but there is like 0.5s in there yet. but my setup is soo different... using much softer springs, less anti roll bar for example.
    i'll try this too, every new way of setup makes the car more easy to understand.
  12. mESCx

    mESCx Simracer

    Guess i'm in :)
  13. cobrettee

    cobrettee Gamer

    @Rizzle noticed you set better time and as of this screenshot you were 1 position below me :) I expect you will go faster soon - i'm stuck

    edit: using TM TX - last edit :) best time also with R Monti setup with minor adjustment for my style
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  14. OrganDonor

    OrganDonor Racer

    Have the numbers/algorythms changed since the time you posted this or am I one of those 13?
  15. flihp

    flihp Racer

    I'm in as well..or should i say back in. i was 99, went to 98, now back at 99

  16. Rizzl

    Rizzl Rookie

    And I did get faster! :) Finally in the 1:33's. And in the top 50! Well exactly place 50. But still.
    I also noticed that my CC has jumped up. Last Wednesday was my first time driving after the weekend. The CC was suddenly at 90 where it was at 67 during my last drive in the weekend...
    It has suffered in the last hotlap sessions because it is now at 85. Still pretty happy about the progress.
    Here is a video of the lap.

    Messed up the first part of the lap. So there is still time to gain. ;)
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