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ACC Blog The ACC Rating System - PART II (Long version)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Minolin, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. nfsw55

    nfsw55 Hardcore Simmer

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  2. fabT

    fabT Hardcore Simmer

    I think as well Safety rating and Racecraft are stuck.

    Yesterday i did follow another driver at Misano almost bumper to bumper for about 8 full laps and saw no changes. That's just an example.

    Moreover it would be interesting to know how long you have to drive before triggering a rating increase. Was bronze at v0.4 release and i think i've driven more than 1000 km after that and many days passed by as well.

    EDIT: did about 30 sessions after v0.4, meaning i probably drove > 3000 km actually, considering my average session time.

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  3. DSK123

    DSK123 Rookie

  4. @ Minolin,

    would it be possible to add at the end of the hotlap ranking list the last ranked and its place, example: 2000__ xxxxxx __ 3.45.999. In this way, we would know where we are among the pilots.
    We currently know our position, but we do not know how it is based.
    Thank you

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  5. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Hardcore Simmer

    @anthony galmiche
    In your Driver Profile Rating under PACE you can see all the special events results you have done so far.. and it tells you current place / out of how many people did the event.
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  6. @D.Jankovic
    thanks dude
    but it would have been more practical and especially faster to be able to view it at a glance in game like RSR livetimming, knowing that the number of pilot will not stop growing until the V1 before exploded a once it comes out in view of the quality of the game.
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  7. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    On the other hand you could also ask how 'relevant' this info really is.

    In the 30 minute Hotstint with the 488 @Hungaroring I was around place 500-600 with 1 or 2 laps to go, as I checked my profile it said that around 1800-1900 drivers were listed on that event.
    So that means that more than 70% of the entries didn't even finish that event or maybe crashed/spun so often that they are lap(s) down on other drivers.
    At least as I did set my time I was 15th with a PC rating of 99 since it was based on the ~1800-1900 entries while I'd say aborted attempts shouldn't be used to build the basis for the PC rating calculation.
    (so, if it would be my call then I'd pick only those drivers who completed 16 laps while 17 laps is what normal drivers should achieve, there had been only 2 ppl. who drove 18 laps at the time where I did the event)

    So I guess in the Hotlap challenge(s) are also a lot of times set that might not be really been serious attempts to set a decent time.
  8. manuel_rendo

    manuel_rendo Gamer

    I have seen a few posts stating that the ratings are somehow “frozen”..maybe those cases
    Are isolated ,,it has happened in September/October with individual drivers..
    I can only write about mines.
    SA works fine for me...hard to go above 87. Easy to go down .
    CC I was below average a couple of months ago,now I am 92...it has scaled up slowly
    Since November,,but i think the improvement in rating is a bit exaggerated.
    PC largely depends on how well you do it in any special event compared to others,,
    Example I was below average 72,but recently I was able to obtain a position 380 in leaderboard timetable or similar in the 30 mins stint in hung+Ferrari..inmidiatley went up to 87...
    CN consistency seems harder to move up or down,,,and very hard to go to 80’s....I can not go higher than lows 70’s...
    Probably I do not deserve it.
    RC must be bugged..I am always 99.
    The total number now is 9081,,bronze......
    So in short,,it is working for me somehow,,although I am not very attached to numbers,yet too early.,it is fun
    But while the Multiplayer is U/S and in test right now it does mean Nothing as it is messy
    Due to lack of filters (ex Safety rating)etc,,(assuming you can play MP) I see too many crashes at the moment.
    Happy 2019 for everybody.
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  9. Atak_Kat

    Atak_Kat Gamer

    Also for me, something is not working correct form ratings I am sure. Strange that the overdrive is at zero for half of the sessions, and then for the other half they are all 33, 34, or 35.
    All of the columns in the graph are out of order. Some from few hours/days ago are mixed in with others from many weeks ago
    Also Racecraft 99..... I wish

    Sorry if I've not understood something, but is there a way I can reset or fix this? I read many posts of issues and 'fixes', so I don't know if I've somehow missed a way to fix this.

  10. Same here, but I can not see the session details (I tried by clicking on the bars, but nothing). :eek:
    About CN can't go over 83, even with 1 hour basically doing always the same time without cut penalties.

  11. doamf

    doamf Rookie

    Hi, Just try to click on any bar in the graph and press right arrow cursor (keyboard) enabling you to scroll through your session details.
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  12. Thanks, but, like I wrote, I tried to click on the bars but nothing happen. Note that some time ago it worked. It have stopped working at some point. I will try again next update.
  13. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Hardcore Simmer

    Clicking on rating name on side and then use arrows left and right will show you event stats... some of them dont show but moat of them does and you can see bars light up a bit when you toggle on it
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  14. It worked. Using arrows showed the session details. Thanks.
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  15. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro Rookie

    Damn, I really hate this two step verification code, just to sign in... Jeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz....

    Ontopic now.
    Got the last EA version. Cool, lets try it. I like Zolder and the JAG. Since last version I just can't be on a multiplayer server more than 10 mnts. the game always crash. 'fatal error' window and bang, crash.
    But before that, went for a couple of laps and my PC (pace RS) dropped from almost 80 to 0, lol. Did a few more laps but it had remain in 0, so left game and went to play another game.

  16. CoproManiac

    CoproManiac Racer

    PC rating is still bugged, it isn't supposed to drop to 0, but it does so for everyone. Shouldn't worry too much about it, you can always improve it by doing some of the hotlap/hotstint events.
  17. sirgaric

    sirgaric Simracer

    I think it drops to zero whenever we get new special events. You need to do the new special events for it to rise again.

    Enviado desde mi ONEPLUS A5010 mediante Tapatalk
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  18. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Racer

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