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The beginner's problems and various questions

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Christy, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Christy

    Christy Gamer

    Hello everybody,

    I discovered the racing car simulation in 2018, after 6 months I finally gave up . The beginner integrating into multiplayer when you start, it is almost impossible.
    Because on the servers the majority of are very experienced. And even if many leagues say they accept beginners, reality is something else entirely ...

    1) Because if you are a beginner, and even if you have perfectly integrated and that you apply the rules of fairplay on the servers, you never stamp a car (except an error of loss of control) you are a beginner slow, and it annoys most of the participants.

    2) Then the other side of the problem is that the beginner is frustrated by the fact that he is always the last or almost :)

    3) If on the ACC multiplayer server, there were some servers 'exclusively' reserved 'for real beginners', this would allow them to participate in races with people of their level, and thus have the pleasure of try to 'fight' to be in the 1st 10 or better .. and that way the matches would be fairer.

    4) What I found great on ACC is the skills system to be developed TR-CN-CC- etc ... and for 3 weeks I have given up all my other sims, to acquire the necessary skills , and it is the 1st time that thanks to this system, I am able 'finally' to roll by having regular laps.
    (Missano track with the Nissan GTR-2018)

    5) But with regard to the CC there is something that disturbs me:
    - I had reached 54 of CC
    I started to run races with IA and there my CC is degraded why?
    To succeed the CC I found that I absolutely must not drive on the red areas on the track.
    But in racing IA drives no matter how, and does not hesitate to overflow to roll on the bands and of course wins places.

    And for my part to fight with AI and win places I started driving the same! And so I come in the first 3 places.

    but by rolling my CC down to 45! So I do not know how to do it anymore?

    6) How to set IA:
    Currently my beginner level allows me to choice at 83% and so I have to 'fight' to arrive in the first 3.
    Aggressiveness AI: It is impossible for me to run with 25% -20% -10% .. because the behavior of (IA) is unmanageable.

    I get stamped, pushed etc ... no respect for the rules of fairplay. And it does not interest to roll like this.
    so I set it to 1% and here it becomes manageable.

    Conversely, if I raise AI to 90% and AG 25%, I find myself in the situation of playing multiplayer and always being in last place.

    So I'm coming to ask you for a little help.
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  3. If you want to be faster start looking up some hot laps on YouTube or something to get an idea on where people are braking and what gears they are using. Maybe you might find that your driving habits are slowing you down.

    CC is more related to sliding the car and wheelspin. As you get faster this stat becomes less and less important.
  4. Matt_ZRS

    Matt_ZRS Racer

    Hi, it can take a long time to get the practice in and become "fast" so dont beat yourself up about it.
    Regarding the CC it is basically telling you that you are being too aggressive and letting the tyres lose grip, diving into corners too fast and late on the brakes, turning the wheel too much causing understeer/oversteer. Although this can feel fast it is a very slow way to get round a track. Being fast is about smooth flow trying not to unsettle the car, some of the fastest laps appear very boring and slow but infact the precise minimum inputs are used. Try to use less steering input and feel for the grip without letting the tyres slip (you can hear the tyre noise).
    I would use the CC as an indicator of driving but dont get focused too much on it. Mine fluctuates from 69%-95% depending on what track and races I do. My TO score is over 9700 normally for reference.
    There are normally a few servers about designed for new/not high experienced drivers with lower SA ratings ect.... They can be a bit crash happy but not always.
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  5. Burnleyhome

    Burnleyhome Racer

    Its a tough learning curve, but its why we stick with it.
    Matt_ZRS said it all about driving into the corners too fast.
    Best way get CC up is not to care about lap times by:
    - make sure that you coast the apex - this avoids braking or throttle at the apex, which will stop wheel spin.
    - throttle applied slowly. Change TC down to 1 or 2 and when getting out of a corner, watch the TC bar and try to keep it not going yellow.

    If you hotlap, then you can see your ghost so where you are gaining / losing time, get to know the track limits, and more specifically each lap your tires are refreshed, so if you had a spin there isn't a problem.

    To make sure that you are ready for MP in my opinion is to make sure you can do a 20min hotstint without a spin. I would try to get laptimes with a 2 sec spread. If you can do this, even if you start in last place, you will gain ALOT of places.

    For races against AI, if they bang you off at a braking zone, then you are braking too early, which means you are either taking the wrong line, or not enough apex speed.
    Set a AI race with 1 other car and set a low AI skill and follow the car around and follow their line and see if you can stick with them through all corners. Gradually increase AI skill level and they will take corners faster, just make sure you stick with them.
    I've found that AI are bad a some corners (at low AI skills - Hungaroring first corner), or that just might be I've gelled with that specific corner. For these, just make sure you stay with them.

    I started doing the above with a 90% AI and now I'm up to 95% AI for most of the tracks.
    For mp races, I'm normally midfield. Downside is that you sometimes get punted in mp on first lap from
    - slow people forgetting that they are on high fuel, cold tires, and cold brakes and outbrake themselves on first lap
    - fast people not qualifying and think that you have the same braking points and apex speed as they use even though you are 4 seconds slower than them.

    Have fun and see you online mate.
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  6. Christy

    Christy Gamer

    Here is an "example of regularity from my last session of 12 laps.
    Your opinion ?

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2020
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  7. Christy

    Christy Gamer

  8. Just work on your consistency, it’d be best to try and get all your laps to within .500 of eachother and build speed from there. Right now you have laps that are over a second different from the next which isn’t very desirable.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Unless of coarse,... you are racing.
  10. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    You gave up wayy to early
    At first i was complete trash in first Assetto corsa then i was finally was good when ACC was in EA.
    when i tried ACC i was again on low level now after over year of time i'm finally getting laptime that are close to alien.(still not alien btw)
    It took me nearly 3+ years to get good but instead of giving up i loved the challenge.
    It was more fun when i was trying to control the car,learning things now its all about where i'm losing 10th of a second which is not as exciting(still fun though don't get me wrong)
    Don't give up, love the challenge to control the car exactly on limits (or over the limits slightly)it's amazing when you consistently get this down first time.
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  11. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Wrote a wall of text and i am like i will simplify it.

    Dont expect to be fast and good in your first couple of hours.. joining clean and fast servers can only motivate you thats how i was motivated.. at my begining in ac people used to driver bunch of cars in column and they were fast... i was always spining and slacking behind... and that was my motivation.. not to be the worst..

    Now in acc and after countless hours (well steam says 1400+) i am fast but i still can do more.. and this is all widouth the setup ⁹shenanigans..i hate those.. i use agressive setup and i am up to 1-2 sec off the alien pace.. if i knew settups and stuff i thini i could reach alien laps also..but i dont mind it atm..

    Practice and practice more and more. And you will get better and better. Dont get discuraged by other fast guys because they spent a lot of time on game already
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  12. spaceweed10

    spaceweed10 Racer

    After you have followed these instructions, practice a little more.
  13. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    If you want to become faster, forget about racing with others for a while because they make the conditions a lot more dynamic in terms of driving. Pick 1 car and 1 track, focus on your driving, record videos of your driving and analyze your driving. You can even post videos of your driving on this forum and people will point out in what regards you can improve. Also check out youtube videos, there's a channel that has lap guides for every track: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk_3Ekb3fRQiDQfseyamj3hYxrjT1ImPv
    Don't only grind 1 car and 1 track tho, as it will become boring. It's important to have fun, but the fastest way to improve is having a free track without any disturbances.

    Turn off the racing line in case you're using it. I have never used it in ACC so I don't know exactly how it works, but if it's a dynamic racing line that will change depending on what speed you're driving it will cause you to not brake consistently because your brake points will always change. Look for static trackside objects (things that are always there, so not shadows or tiremarks) and use them as braking points.

    Also, don't look at CC if you're racing, especially against AI. CC is calculated by your ability to push the tires to the limit, when you're driving with AI (and especially AI that's slower than you), you can't push the tires so your CC will always be lower than what it should be.
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  14. Atak_Kat

    Atak_Kat Racer

    I know the point you make. I have found that I don't really care so much which position I finish, but just that I have some cars around me that are similar pace and made it a bit of fun. I think the real problem with your 'wish', is that the actual pace/speed difference of the beginner drivers is FAR more spread apart and inconsistent than the higher level drivers. So, the laptimes are really different at the beginner level, and it's really hard to find close racing simply because one mistake in one corner from one car can result in a several second gap almost instantly. I don't think the issue is to make special races for beginners.

    I'm certainly not expert, but starting to feel more confident (especially some tracks), and sometimes I go and find a beginner (low SA) lobby to join. I do this every now and then just to give some of the other guys a chance to have a good race, even if I'm not running 100%. Usually someone wants to race even if we're at the back of the pack. I try to be consistent, and give them some practice with passing, leading, following, etc. I can usually pass them if I want (but not always!!). If they spin, I slow and let them catch up. The number one thing I see is the desperate attempt for late braking, so sometimes I lead and brake early and lightly to help them see that the exit is where the real time gain is. Sometimes a little fender bender, but all is fine. I usually lose by a car length or less, and guys give the 'GR Kat' comment at the end. The chat lights up, and you can tell they had fun. But this sort of running close and side-by-side is what's fun, not only lap time. I actually think it would be a good thing if the more experienced drivers would dedicate some 'coaching' time in the junior lobbies (without just running off to 1st every time...)

    I would really suggest to spend more time in AI races as well. I see you aren't happy with ACC AI, but personally I think it's damn impressive. I run AI races all the time. I have no idea how you approach an AI race, but I think many beginners try to just go balls-out, and then blame the AI.... I tell you, the AI is damn good in ACC. Much better than what you find in most lobbies.
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  15. Christy

    Christy Gamer

    I read with great interest all your advice and comments, they are in fact all very interesting, I even took notes ... :)

    and above all I started to follow your advice and it allowed me to progress a bit.
    1)I no longer focus on my time .. and it freed me!

    and I found that I drove a lot calmer, I took the turns with more precision and in addition I won 3s on the Misano circuit. (Thank you....)

    2) With IA, I did exercises with 3 AI and finally I found more educational with 1 alone as you advised me (Burnley) it's absolutely great.

    Admittedly at the beginning I had to do it a dozen times before driving while being as close as possible to the AI car, I was sometimes 'super close' and I did on purpose not to overtake, to teach myself to manage this.
    Really it gave me a lot of fun and it gives me a lot more self-confidence (thank you)

    Oblitor: thanks for the link to the videos. and for idea to of the posting videos for advice. It's really fabulous, to have such nice and understanding people on this forum (Merci).

    Tomorrow I will post 2 videos: One with AI for advice positioning.
    I can't wait to read yo your tomorrow ...:)

    How many laps should I record, (so that the video is not too large) I thought 4-6 laps maximum?
  16. 3-4 laps will be more than enough to highlight possible issues that happen with your driving experience.
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  17. DD_Friar

    DD_Friar Simracer

    Also you can turn off the ratings when playing off line if you are worried about bumping with AI and it changing your ratings. Its what I do.
    Great advice to race against 1 AI of the same car. Again I use that all the time.

    You have received some great advice here. Stick with it. I have been racing since AC was released as early adapters and still struggle for pace.
    Also play around with AI skill and Aggression. I have had some real "ding-dong" battles with them and when you watch replays back I sometime challenge my friends to spot my car, they sometimes get it wrong!
  18. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    last two days did a big step forward in some races 60mins long against 92-93% ai at laguna and kyalami. ai is doing every lap same things so i can overtake very clean. cc is no problem, but you dont have to focus on it. these things take a long time. as @Atak_Kat wrote - AI races are underrated in my opinion. you have to find your sweet spot what strenght is the right for you. i do two approaches - when i need a smile in my face then i make them a little slower, so that i can go from 20th to top 3 in 60mins. give them 2-3% more and now its possible to enter the top ten. usually now its racing in a pack with really good action. 100% aggro everytime.
    have fun!


    Racing against AI 60mins - from 25 to 10(sometimes top 5) - no probs with cn/cc as you can see.
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  19. Christy

    Christy Gamer

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  20. Winston

    Winston Hardcore Simmer

    The journey you are on is where the game content is. Too many people think it is in the number of cars and tracks.
  21. chksix

    chksix Simracer

    @Winston Have to like your comment more than once :D
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