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CARS The Bentley Continental GT3 - 2nd gen, 2018

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    Yea i assumed over 800HP because they want to keep lap times around 3:30. I know that they have decided 750HP but i don't think it's final.
    Still 750HP is good power but downgraded from nearly 1000HP of LMP1 which this hypercars are going to replace.
    GTE class have slightly less power than GT3 in general but maybe sometimes due to BoP GTE may have more power on certain tracks.
  2. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Hypercar is going to be somewhat slower than LMP1-h but possibly not by as much as one might think, considering the freedom in terms of aerodynamics the class appears to gain (just look at the Aston Valkyrie). Also, LMP1-h don't have those 1000hp over a whole lap either (~500hp from the engine + ~500hp from the electric motors with strict energy deployment limit and typically not deploying above a certain speed), so 750hp all the time is already a plus for hypercar. And the 3:30 laptime is only a guideline, the cars could turn out quicker (before any BoP and reshuffling with LMP2 is applied, that is).

    As for GTE vs GT3, yeah, BoP between the classes and series is completely unrelated so typically GTE might be quicker at a circuit, sometimes GT3. Fairly unrestricted GT3 in the GT Open series have been posting quicker times than WEC GTE on certain circuits in the past.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  3. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    You guys know a lot, please keep the conversation going, I'm actually learning something.

    Are GTE and GT3 the same cars? or is it GTE just a variant of GT3 or viceversa?
  4. Not entirely sure but GTE = GT Endurance and allows for more modifications to the road car for competition, see 911 RSR which is now a mid engine car vs the 911 GT3-R which is the same layout as the road car RR (rear engine/rear drive). GTE generally has way more aero performance, TC is allowed but no ABS, and I think more tire compound selection (ie stickier rubber, not 100% sure).

    GT3 is more closely linked to road car counterparts, there is no drive train/engine re positioning, ABS is allowed as well as TC, lower aero performance, heavily BOP'ed.

    I think both racing disciplines are governed by different racing associations, since I dont remember GTE and GT3 ever racing together.
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  5. nimp

    nimp Racer

    IMSA runs both GTE and GT3 cars as GTLM and GTD classes with their own BoP.
    Iirc they had issues with GTD cars being too fast on the straights and too good on the brakes (due to ABS), so the GTLM teams complained about the GTD cars creating issues for the lapping GTLM cars and the GTD cars got BoPed more heavily.
  6. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    LOL imagine being overtaken by lower class cars.
    My philosophy in racing is that higher class car such as GTE should ALWAYS have MIN 70HP more than GT3 cars no matter the track or car.Also it should be either ABS or TC having both assist only makes driving easier.IMO getting rid of TC will be more challenging as the cars will slide little bit more hence more entertaining to watch and separates skill gap between drivers even more.getting rid of ABS will cause more timr loss though compared to NO TC situation.
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  7. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    By saying "re positioning" if you mean manufacturer cannot change FR car to MR or RR car then you are right BUT i think they can change the position of engine in give layout but not put engine in say for ex middle if road car has it in front.
    They can adjust the location of engine and transmission in give layout for better weight distribution etc.
    P.S : Also i don't think they can change engine direction i.e if it is longitudinal in road car then it stays same in GT3 car.
    All above information is correct GTE cars have way better aero,allow more modifications,costly and are generally quick than GT3.
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  8. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    brilliant discussion, I'm learning a lot.
    Coming back to the subject of the thread, what is the maximum speed the bentley can achieve at P Ricard straight?
  9. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Simracer

    He uses default aggressive setup, so higher topspeed possible

    So I got 289km/h just before hit the wall
    Hotlap mode
    7.oo morning
    Ambience temp: 10°
    Clear weather
    Wind: I don't look at
    Optimum grip
    Max. Tire pressure
    Zero camber, Toe
    Min. Ride height
    Zero brake ducts
    Dampers as they are
    Ignoring any track limit

    Under some circumstances, maybe not the useablest setup ()?
    With better exit to straight 290 should be going

    Need a brake after raping my car and track
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  10. Stefan Lemke

    Stefan Lemke Racer

    bentley is atm totally underpowered...dont know why all drive around me...i can set at 34° tracktemp and 55l -> 2.18.9xx and i did all i could do tried all, i got 261km/h topspeed, i got so much grip in corners and the time tells me every time the same...all other cars are so much faster. as u can see no one drive that car in mp...why? correct the other ones are faster bop is atm strange...i fight with blunt weapons. i´m mad ...sry
  11. Rolz

    Rolz Alien

    really depends on the track...
    Say around Bathurst it's arguably one of the fastest cars around the top of the mountain, but not so quick down the straights... but certainly not one of the slowest either...
  12. Stefan Lemke

    Stefan Lemke Racer

    yeah that can be...i speaked to a racedriver...he says to me that the bentley got great power on the straight but got less cornerspeed...i dont feel power on the straight, all drive away on the straight...dont know what they do with bentley...i drove before porsche, the old and the new...was insane, i got a chance by setup to fight against other, but now...i´m only on the track, thats all
  13. slatanek

    slatanek Gamer

    I drive the Bentley quite a lot. Thing is every car has its strengths and weaknesses. So saying the car is slow is saying nothing. At what track? Go to Silverstone, Spa or Suzuka race there and tell me the Bentley is not competitive. I can go through EauRouge flat out, Stavelot flat out, Blanchimont flat out. Now try that in an Audi.

    Bentley has a long wheel base so the car is super stable in high speed corners. Being front-mid engine it doesn't have the mid corner understeer of other front engined cars and having gearbox at the back it's traction is better than the usual front engined car. Having said all this, the twisty tracks don't suit this car. The hairpin on Suzuka is kryptonite for the Bent. So yeah, it's a different car. I came from P24 to P4 in a 90min league race at Suzuka, so the car is fine.

    PS. If someone's super good on breaks it's either:
    A. he's an alien, don't worry about him, you'll never be that fast
    B. he's using brake pads 1 (another secret knowledge that's not in the game; even the aggressive setup uses pad 2 which is inferior)
  14. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    Aris commented once on his videos about brake pads but I don´t remember the proper set and differences among them.
  15. slatanek

    slatanek Gamer

    There's a post on the ACC Blog about ABS and pads implementation. Long story short: dry conditions, races up to 3h = brake pads 1 (better initial bite but a bit more temp too). I'm using pads 1 on almost all occasions. Brake distances are shorter compared to pads 2. Usually you can brake a car length later which can make the difference when u wanna overtake in the braking zone.
    Tundra likes this.
  16. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    Appreciated your input, I will test them this evening. Thanks!
    slatanek likes this.
  17. exited22

    exited22 Racer

    Do Pad1 lasts for one hour or 90mins races? I tried one time to race a 30min race with Pad4 as in the blog it is written that they last 'up to one hour'. But they were shredded after 20min and I had no braking anymore until the last 5mm of my brake pedal travel...
    Thats why I'm using Pad4 only for qualy now and for the races (60min or longer) all the time Pad2.

  18. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Simracer

    Brake pad 1 = Brake pad 4 in term of performance so you shouldn't ever use pad 4. It's only there for testing and drive with worn brakes because as you said they don't last long.
    slatanek likes this.
  19. slatanek

    slatanek Gamer

    @exited22 THIS. pad4 only testing worn brakes behavior. pad 1 easily lasts 90min (although if track temp is high you can get tyre blistering from excessive heat)
  20. Stefan Lemke

    Stefan Lemke Racer

    bentely got V8 biturbo...and acceleration out of the corner is soooo bad...EVERY other car drove away...can u overtake in the corner...oh wait not rly...because all think, hey it is a bentley and it can nothing...so i hang all time behind the cars in the corners...but if accelerate, i can´t come to overtake...topspeed is anyway...but acceleration is the thing...i cant believe it.
    which league u drive? do u know why no "alien" drive the bentley? yes they must fight to much and cant win.
    i build my setups with motec and i know a lot...or should i say the only one thing that i dont have is the CoP...
    something is missing in bentley.

    ah before i forgot it...i drove audi evo...i can go flat eau rouge and blanchimont and i wasn´t slow.
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