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The Best Cockpit View - Single Screen

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by R3jn, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. viffviff99

    viffviff99 Gamer

    Hi, I'm not good at cutting and pasting images, so I will try and give you a feel.
    Opentrack set to many default values. On first screen, Input = PointTracker 1.1, Output=Freetrack2 enhanced, Filter = Accela.
    In Options > Output. All are set to default (no inverts)
    Options > Relative Translation = Disabled
    Yaw mapping most important (defaults for others will do as a starter). I set about 5 deg = 30 deg initial curve, then 15 deg = 45 and curve pretty straight from there. Some asymmetric tweaking but that depends on your seating arrangement and camera.

    In the game itself, very important to set Lock with Wheel to 0% (ie disabled) (or the Opentrack doesn't work properly). To do this, run a simulation, press Esc to pause it and select the View options tab. I also set lock to horizon to 0% also.

    It is also important to start Opentrack before you start ACC. Also, in ACC, cycle the views with F1 to make sure you are in cockpit or another view that responds to Opentrack. There a few views that do.

    Hope this helps. Get back to me if still stuck!
  2. Magilla67

    Magilla67 Gamer

    Thanks a lot, it helps! Yesterday I actually positioned the camera a bit closer and it works better now, but I don't still feel it natural. This evening I will play a bit with the setup following your advice to see if I can find the sweet spot.
    The main reason I wanted to try a head tracking set (I have DelanClip) is to be able to see better the turn apex and other cars surrounding me when I race. I have a large TV (65") hanged on a wall which I use as display, and this forces me to have a relatively low FOV (28 to 30) to have proper distances. However with this low FOV my view is pretty narrow, and when you have tight bends is very difficult (at least for me) to get to the apex because I will not be able to see it while entering the turn.

    Thanks again
  3. OlivierMDVY

    OlivierMDVY Racer

    one short question: which view has the right driver eyes position? cockpit or helmet view? thanks.
  4. What do you mean with right eye position? If you pick Perel, then you pick Pierguidi, camera changes?
  5. OlivierMDVY

    OlivierMDVY Racer

    ok bad wording from my side sorry, I mean camera location, what is the most authentic camera location if you want to have the same view as a pilot in the car?
  6. Nuu

    Nuu Gamer

    the positions are both "correct", the difference is how motion and tilt are displayed.
    I can't drive in "helmet view", the tilt/roll is just strange, wrong direction if you ask me
    so cockpit with motion at <50% it is. No lock horizon for me.
  7. If you want to look at the apex, next corner, all stuff is natural for you in real life, unfortunately there is no simple solution.

    Helmet camera follows to movement of the head, its very cool, but the view wont follow the eyes, so you will not see what you want to.

    You can try with the first cockpit cam with "look with wheel" on. I achieved some serious results and my experience is way more enjoyable like this. Unfortunately there is not such option for the helmet cam.

    However I think the best solutions are triple screen, head motion trackers and vr, but a motion tracker is probably to be prefered, since it does not need much space, does not cost much, does not require crazy hardware.
    Although, if I should by a motion tracker, I would also by a widescreen, since you don't want to move your head too much or too less, but naturally.

    Once you have those, you can use the lowest fov possible for the most realistic experience.
    If you really cannot afford those, go for cockpit cam, high fov, steer with wheel.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2021
  8. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    VR can't be beat
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  9. Rebel_488

    Rebel_488 Racer

    It could be improved though or even just optimized
  10. Panky said somewhere that the helmet view is the point of view of the real life driver. In first step I set the mathematically correct FOV in the onboard and helmet view.
    As a 2nd step I try to set up the exact same dashboard+steering wheel size and position on the screen in the cockpit view than what I can see in the helmet view.
    For me it's working perfectly. (without look of horizon and look with wheel)
  11. ? Look with wheel works with helmet cam too now?
  12. No, it doesn't work. I use the onboard view, without look with wheel.
  13. MYTH_Moebius

    MYTH_Moebius Rookie

    I´m new to AC and ACC and I´m trying to find a good set up for my view.

    I play in a rig with a 43" screen and my eye distance is about 95cm. I have calculated my FOV with various tools and the result is always the same:
    hFOV 53 and vFOV 31, for AC the vFOV is the recommended value.

    with the FOV at 31 the view is near perfect but it feels very slow

    with the FOV at 53 and adjusting the height/distance/pitch to get basically the same view the speed perception feels way more authentic.

    Am I doing something wrong, or are there other drivers experiencing the same?
  14. ohjeah

    ohjeah Hardcore Simmer

    31 is the correct one. The speed perception usually won't be a problem after you get used to it.
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  15. MYTH_Moebius

    MYTH_Moebius Rookie

    Thank you for your reply.

    Actually in AC I´m feeling ok now with 31, only in ACC it still ¨feels¨ very slow. I used to to do some real racing, but there again things feel actually faster because of the whole sensation around you.

    You are right, I guess I just need to get used to it.
  16. Inclination of the horizon and perspective changes can influence your sense of speed.

    Try to set everything back to default.
    Also go much faster into corners XD
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  17. MYTH_Moebius

    MYTH_Moebius Rookie

    Actually is there a way in the video settings to enhance the speed perception for a single screen setup?

    Or will that just improve going for triple screen or VR?
  18. Perspective should be let as default in single screen.
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  19. MYTH_Moebius

    MYTH_Moebius Rookie

    My front tires sort of disagree with that XD
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  20. MYTH_Moebius

    MYTH_Moebius Rookie

    Thanks for your tip Salvatore, I will try some laps in default setting with FOV 31
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