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CARS The Ferrari 488 GT3

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    When Ferrari decides to participate in a series, it does so without compromises. When a couple of years ago Ferrari decided to evolve and homologate the 488 GT3, everybody else was adapting road cars to the regulations of GT3 and different versions for the more extreme GT2/GTE series. Not Ferrari.

    The 488 GT3 was designed from the start to be a race car able to compete in the highly demanding GT2/GTE series and with small changes to fit the rules, also in the GT3 series. The result is a highly sophisticated full blown race car. Chassis, suspension, engine and most importantly aerodynamics, everything has been designed by the highly experienced engineers of the “gestione sportiva”, the engineering department of research and development of the “Scuderia” responsible for all the racing cars and of course Formula 1 cars. All this translates to an extremely capable car in every single aspect. When the car first appeared in the tests for the Balance of Performance classification, it was instantly clear that Ferrari had build something extremely capable. Even by sandbagging and asking the drivers to keep it slow, it was evident by the tests that the car could destroy the competition. The most important aspect of the car is its aerodynamics. While the car produces a bit too much aerodynamic drag, it has also clever flow solutions to overcome this at higher speeds. The downforce is probably the best in class and the chassis and suspension offer neutral handling and very good tyre wear behaviour. The mid turn speeds are almost always the highest and the car responds even in the slightest chassis and aerodynamic setup changes.
    The engine in the road car, is a twin turbo V8 that has won for four consecutive years the “engine of the year” award. It delivers over 700bhp reliably in the road car with all the emission and noise restrictions. It’s easy to imagine what it can do in race trim, properly tuned while at the same time achieving again top of the class fuel consumption. As this wasn’t enough, it’s power delivery is controlled by a first in class, traction control system, that separately control the amount of slip allowed and the amount of engine power cut for given slip, all at the disposition of the driver at any time, by two separate dials.

    It really sounds like a category slayer, so how come doesn’t dominate the Blancpain GT3 grid? Enter BoP (Balance of Performance). The Blancpain BoP follows specific rules and effectively and successfully manages to balance the performance of the big variety of cars that appear in the series. It is a great equaliser but by definition it has to take some unpopular decisions to achieve the promised balance.
    How do you lower the performance of a car that has great chassis and suspension design, top of the class downforce, amazing engine controlled by very advanced electronics? Turns out the most reliable method is to take advantage of the electronics of the engine management system and limit very precisely the amount of turbo boost throughout the whole power band. You can argue that the same applies for all the other cars, but if the electronics are not so advanced you can go only that far with intake restrictors until the engineers find ways to bypass this in some range of the power delivery. With the 488, you can be much more precise on what limitations you ask…

    Every race results shows the same identical situation. The Ferrari 488 GT3 stuck behind one of the top cars of the series, practically pushing in the middle of every turn, digging its nose under the diffuser of whatever car at the front during the long straights, but never getting out of the slipstream to overtake. When they do, it’s almost comical to see the car losing speed because of the low power and drag caused by the high downforce. It drives almost like a prototype but then has no power to overtake in the straights. All the 488 drivers know this and really deserve our applause and reward as they fight and duel with other cars in every single race.

    To be able to race and overtake, the car need to sacrifice some of the rear wing angle to generate a bit less drag. But the front splitter and diffuser generate a lot of downforce to the front, so in order to balance the car, it often needs to be run in negative rake. That means the front slightly higher than the rear. This will bring the aero balance back to the rear again making the car more stable at high speed turns. As usual for the GT cars the front suspension bump must be carefully controlled with bump stops to stop the car from pitching forward under braking and turn in and maintain stability. A bit of turbo lag might compromise occasionally the traction, but with so many options in the traction control, it’s not a big issue. The dampers are specially made on Ferrari specifics. They might not have the wide range of the Öhlins, but they do their job properly. You will also need to use them in unconventional ways. As described above, the car has a particular low CoG and race suspension geometry made specifically to save tyres life. This is a great advantage in the GTE WEC series where the tyre manufacturer creates specific compounds for every car. Unfortunately in the GT3 series the tyres are identical for everybody with just a single compound for any track, any weather combination. This is a great achievement from a tyre manufacturer and an effective cost control. Unfortunately in a combination of cold weather and slow circuit, while the other cars manage to keep the tyres in temperature, the Ferrari often finds itself not to be able to keep temperature on the tyres. Stiff springs and dampers can help with that, but obviously it badly compromises the handling of the car, which normally should be the advantage of Ferrari.

    Speed at the apex is paramount so the drivers need to adjust their driving style accordingly. Late braking, smooth lines, precision and early power application are needed in order to make the car deliver lap times, but the car actually helps the driver to achieve this. It will also take more aggressive driving styles and will remain relatively sincere, but much time is lost this way, as the car doesn’t have the power to recover from sloppy driving. Lowest fuel consumption and lowest tyre wear also helps in endurance races, although Blancpain rules force pitstops every hour and thus almost eliminating such advantages, equalising all cars. Still, using less fuel than others, taking advantage of the less tyre wear as the rules give a limited set of tyres for each weekend, can make the car shine against competitors and aim for the podium in many circuits, making it definitely one of the top cars always capable of winning. Sponsors are also always keen to be on a Ferrari…

    Screenshot by @richard thompson
    richard thomson.png
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  3. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    a bloody good read as always Aris :cool:

    I get why some series have BoP however there is always something weird to me about de-tuning a beast...
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  4. Achokaracho

    Achokaracho Racer

    Nice Aris, realy nice.
    Give me more
  5. ignission

    ignission Simracer

    These blog posts really are a fantastic insight into the cars that make up the field. As someone who is only just getting into the GT3 series (because of ACC), I get a lot out of reading these articles.

    Thanks Aris :)
    boxster233 and SimGuy_1 like this.
  6. david m

    david m Racer

    what track is the photo?

    Really nice to read ,thanks a lot
  7. ignission

    ignission Simracer

    Monza :)
    david m likes this.
  8. tbhockeyboy

    tbhockeyboy Gamer

    Great read.

    This brings up something I've been wondering. With BoP rules in place, how are manufactures encouraged to develop their cars if the net result gives them almost no benefit?
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  9. I love this car. I spent 500h on it. it is very very hard to be fast. but if you are, you definitely competitive. I hoped to get more clues about the setup.
    looks like I am already good at it, so no other improvements.
    I could go for another car now, but my love for this one never ends.
    its drive <3!
    _maRtin_ and Luis Branco like this.
  10. david m

    david m Racer

    you mean 50h true? :p
  11. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    Very good info of how the 488 is and ACC nailed it perfectly.
    It's one of my favourite cars, and I'm always torn between the Lambo and the 488 but still I think the 488 is the one where I've put more mileage on.
    Really love how the car reacts to inputs and is clearly the more GT3ish car of the pack (probably the 911 too, but I'm still getting acquainted).
    I don't even try to understand how some could prefer the BMW, Bentley or Nissan over the 488.:p:D
    It's like choosing between a bike and a tricycle, with one extra wheel to muddle and not helping at all :D
  12. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    It has always been my favorite.
  13. QWERTZcoRe

    QWERTZcoRe Rookie

    He might've played it in other sims.

    Great post Aris. Do a front engine car next please! Nissan or Lexus would be awesome.
  14. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    Nah, it's the time on ACC only.
    I have more than 500h in ACC also, like others too.
    We're a bunch of "wanna be racers" that can't afford a real race car so the best we could managed is this.:D
  15. Nice post Aristotelis, I know we talk about the game but the #72 at Paul Ricard last weekend made the best results of the pack +12 from the beginning with a Drive Through penalty and finished 2nd.
    Love the 488 and all her sexy curves
  16. acc is my only sim since gt4 (at the time it was ok for me).
    and yes 500h on 488 since november 14, which is our anniversary!
  17. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Yeah I'm watching with interest the 2019 season of the 488. Seems like that car has found top speed and extra performance.
  18. i could die after this comment!
  19. nimp

    nimp Racer

    This is so true and an even bigger issue in sim, where people cling to their position as if their life depends on it. Only way to make a pass stick is setting it up for half a lap and then throwing a serious divebomb, hoping the guy in front reacts with his singlescreen. Otherwise it's easy to get stuck behind a car thats even 2 seconds slower per lap. Qualifying is everything in this car.
  20. nkohout

    nkohout Gamer

    That is exactly one of the goals of BoP: Cost reduction. Development costs money, so it's a way to discourage that and keep participation costs low and entry numbers healthy in a customer racing series.

    There IS a way to develop the car that doesn't immediately get nixed by BoP, and that's ease of setup/drivability. The current EVO kits and new cars have focused on aero platform stability and expanding the setup window for a fast car in order to make the cars more approachable for gentlemen/women drivers.

    Stephane Ratel is on record as wanting to reduce the amount of downforce on the cars, and that's one of the reasons for pushing the new GT2 category. When GT3 cars with lots of aero bodywork run into each other, it's an expensive repair.

    All of this is also a reason Mercedes is still running a 2015 car. Big NA engine (not very stressed), stable aero, good balance, competitive car - why mess with it? Customers have already spent the half million to buy the car, so it adds value for them to be able to keep running it and not have something newer to buy.
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  21. david m

    david m Racer

    Awesome guys.respect.
    ACC is fantastic for have fun,avanti!:)

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