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The Ferrari SF15-T power unit & driving advice.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Aristotelis, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Kr1st

    Kr1st Rookie

    Hello, (I already did a Google search)
    Does anyone know where i can find some setups (.ini) files to for this car to download ?
  2. sacredaardvark

    sacredaardvark Hardcore Simmer

    Try the Setup Market, there are a few there.
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  3. Kr1st

    Kr1st Rookie

    Thanks, i found some.
    (I didn't know the Set Up Market)
  4. Vassilis

    Vassilis Gamer

    You may also find a few at racedepartment.com
  5. Kr1st

    Kr1st Rookie

    Thanks again.
    This car is a really challenge. Even using the racing setup that i got from Set Up Market i cannot achieve the top speeds as 350Km/h like real cars at the end of the Monza and Spa straights. I achieve maximum 335km/h, even with the DRS on and pushing the Kers button.
  6. RS10

    RS10 Racer

    Is it just me or does the car feel disconnected and 'floaty'?

    last weekend i wanted to see how close i could get to last years fastest laps or quali times with some very basic setup changes (dropped fuel, SS, less wing) ... i ended up 2.6 seconds off the ferrari Q3 time and 3s quicker than the fastest time in the race so i think the time itself was reasonable

    but ... compared to the F138 i never have a proper 'feeling' for the car, it's ok when i'm a few seconds off pace but when i'm on a hotlap it's just weird ... through les combes it just never feels like it has any grip, i just turn in and hope it doesn't spin and i can't tell when i can turn into malmedy ... it seems "floaty"

    it's not overhating tyres - that happens at the end of the lap
  7. Kr1st

    Kr1st Rookie

    but ... compared to the F138 i never have a proper 'feeling' for the car, it's ok when i'm a few seconds off pace but when i'm on a hotlap it's just weird ... through les combes it just never feels like it has any grip, i just turn in and hope it doesn't spin and i can't tell when i can turn into malmedy ... it seems "floaty"

    I do totally agree with you
  8. Jyrpsi

    Jyrpsi Rookie

    Maybe it's actually how the car feels. Could be that simple. There were few strange situations last year, when the car behaved a little bit weird even in Kimi's and Seb's hands. Kimi spinning in Canada and collsion with Alonso in Austria, where he lost the control of the car. Seb also spinned out in Mexico.

    These cars also have less downforce than pre-2014 spec cars (F138).

    Would be interesting to know how last year's Mercedes would feel like. Or Red Bull.
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  9. LChaves

    LChaves Hardcore Simmer

    Any info on tire pressures being addressed?
  10. Just a note, I'm pretty sure the Kimi spin at Canada was something to do with throttle maps/torque maps they use at the start of a race of for pitstops. I think what it does is make the pedal much less sensitive and therefore easier to control when driving off the line, but its designed to go back to the normal mode after 90 seconds or something like that. I think the map changed mode as Kimi was apexing the very slow hairpin, and the throttle position changed.

    Can't account for the others though.
    Vassilis likes this.
  11. RS10

    RS10 Racer

    yep that was related to mappings and sudden ERS delivery afaik
  12. Jyrpsi

    Jyrpsi Rookie

    Ahh yes, that is true. I forgot about that.
  13. @xel

    @xel Racer

    I've got a small question: from what I learned (little...) back in 2014 about these PUs, I thought that the KERS system were now fully automatic, it went to be renamed "ERS" and in fact its functioning completely run by the PU; therefore according to how it were set up, it would send the gained power to the PU itself.
    But then I wondered, if ERS is supposed to be auto, why is it that in AC we can trigger it like F1 drivers used to do in 2009 and from 2011 on (prior to the implementation of PUs) ? Isn't it somehow unrealistic or is it because a game cannot simulate the level of intricacy actual PUs have?
    Then I read OP and went like aw, are you guys telling me that ERS and KERS are now two different things, that now drivers do press "the tiny button" to have extra horsepower like in the previous era and basically what I knew before was completely bull****? :D
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
  14. ERS is 'automatic', in that the drivers will have preset modes which deploys the ERS at specific parts of the lap, based on whether its ultimate lap time or being able to defend/overtake etc. This would be custom to every race weekend, where we in AC have a variaty of modes that kinda have to cover all the bases.

    They also have the Overtake Button, for when you want to override the ERS Profile and just 'give it all', for when you need a quick burst of power to defend etc. We have this too, and it works just like the KERS button.

    Hopefully this explains things :)
  15. @xel

    @xel Racer

    Thanks, I think it did. :)

    So what we used to call "KERS" is now being used by the driver much less frequently than the KERS from the past era, its functions were actually split into the automatic part of the energy recovering (ERS, being this time way more complex) and the manual button of instant power usage, now called "boost", "overtake" - or whatever - button.
  16. Thought this article was interesting leading up to the Singapore GP: http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/pirelli-reduces-rear-tyre-pressures-for-singapore-827413/

    Says Pirelli are reducing the minimum Rear Pressures from 17.5psi to 16.5... thats not cold pressures either, thats pressures going onto the car, so already been heated by the tyre warmers!

    In AC the lowest we can go COLD are 17psi Rear, which is 25psi in the warmers! Surely there's something not right here? Or am I missing something?
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  17. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    What tyre pressures were they allowed to run last year?
  18. 18psi front, 17 psi rear.
  19. LChaves

    LChaves Hardcore Simmer

    It changes from race to race, since Singapore is low speed stuff pressures are lower than what Pirelli usually recommends, rear around 20 with fronts 1 or 2 PSI higher (and that's at 110 degrees celsius not 80 like the AC warmers).

    To sum up, yes pressures need to be looked at.
  20. Simple formula car please.
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