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The Ferrari SF15-T power unit & driving advice.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Aristotelis, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    I just fiddled with MGU-H mode.
    In Hotlap setting of MGU-K deployment after the battery is empty, the MGU-H delivers some energy for the hybrid system, but the amound differs quiet a bit between "battery" and "motor" modes.

    With empty battery and mode set to motor the electric power meter shows about 20-25% support, but with mode set to battery (with Hotlap mapping) it goes up to about the 70% like with a charged battery and can be used the complete way down long straight.

    I think this is a bug, because the harvested energy from MGU-H should be the same regardless of send to the motor or battery?!?
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  2. lelinuxien52

    lelinuxien52 Racer

    Not sure.
    1st: The intensity needed to load battery and to power the MGU-K can be different.
    2nd: When you transform mechanical energy to electric energy and revert it back to mechanical, I think they are lot a losses.

    (just 2 ideas, I'm not a F1 expert)
  3. Ethan Dean

    Ethan Dean Hardcore Simmer

    Absolutely insane. Geeking out pretty hardcore right now.
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  4. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    You're right, I was thinking similar things as a reason for it too, but factor 3 seems quite (/too) high.

    But by that logic it should be the other way round.

    MGU-H energy directly to the motor should be more efficient than the 3 times as powerful way of MGU-H to battery and from there to the motor.

    (MGU-H to motor is weaker than MGU-H to battery and electric power support)
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  5. lelinuxien52

    lelinuxien52 Racer

    Let's wait last update (this night according the third post ?).
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  6. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    OK. Just wanted to mention it in case it was missed until now.
  7. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    I think you're right. Good catch!

    The deployement you are seeing though is not coming from the MGU-H it is the normal hotlap one coming from ES. The bug is that the BATTERY mode continually prevents the battery from reaching full ZERO charge. It keeps it alive at 0.000something and the game is fooled into thinking it can deploy as usual.
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  8. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    Great simulation, but it's all too hard for me!
  9. Rift Racer

    Rift Racer Alien

    The overtake button is max deployment.....
  10. yusupov

    yusupov Alien

    yes, or very close; so is hotlap preset +mgu-h motor. id misread aris' post & thought he'd said it was set to be 70% at full power, rather than with mgu-h set to battery.
  11. It's like flight simming :D
  12. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Brilliant read Aris. Really nicely written. Could this info please be stickied?
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  13. RedLoto

    RedLoto Racer

    before this manual i just used all setting to charge and spam the Kers button like crazy:D
    thanks for the info Aris and Jon
  14. bobthecow

    bobthecow Rookie

    But in real life, don't the drivers shift at the end of the blue leds?
  15. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    I think it doesn't matter that much at which revs you shift exactly, as the car has a very broad range of revs where it delivers hell of a torque.
    At least if you have electric power left. If you run out of juice, you're doomed.
  16. shrapnel1977

    shrapnel1977 Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

    This is a useful video for anyone wanting to monitor steering wheel stuff vs real life.

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  17. coret3x

    coret3x Simracer

    I think the battery may be larger than 4MJ, but the lap limit is 4MJ.
  18. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    There is no limit on the battery capacity, except obviously weight and placement constraints. When we talk about 4MJ and 2MJ are all imposed energy back and forth management limits. Not battery capacity limits
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  19. fantomas76

    fantomas76 Racer

    How does the AI manage all this stuff?
  20. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    Yeah it would make sense to have more but it looks like they can't. See left side.

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