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The Ferrari SF15-T power unit & driving advice.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Aristotelis, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. IMrIMike

    IMrIMike Hardcore Simmer

    I thought the maximum deployment was 4MJ, and the 2MJ was the maximum amount of recharging?
  2. shrapnel1977

    shrapnel1977 Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

    That's a typo as mentioned earlier in the thread. @Aristotelis can you amend this pls when you get time?
  3. Alberto Llinares

    Alberto Llinares Hardcore Simmer

    I think they keep the Default setting.
  4. IMrIMike

    IMrIMike Hardcore Simmer

    Ah, you´re right, now I see it. Read over it 3 times.
  5. Vel

    Vel Racer

    I really enjoy flight sims that require binders and require the player to invest time in study guides. I enjoy complexity of simulation and am in awe of the exacting attempts at replicating every detail and simulation trait you put into AC. While i do not want an 'easy' mode for the SF15, ... I'm coming to the gradual conclusion that it may be too much car for me.

    Too many things to manage from revs through to ERS modes. After only couple laps it gets a bit too much. This said, please don't change the complexity of the SF15....but for the sake of making it a little easier to drive correctly (without driver information overload), how likely is it that we might see a distance based ERS system implemented into AC in the future?
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  6. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    After 60+ laps I think it is not that difficult to drive this car.

    You have to get used to it and get in your comfort zone, along with adjusting your mind to the speed of the car. At the beginning it was quiet exhausting, mainly on the mind, but now it's way better and less straining.

    I think MGU-K regen. 40-60% (depending on track), MGU-K deployment to "balanced low", MGU-H to motor and engine brake 10 or less is a good starting setup just to drive the car.
    This setting is about even in electric power deployment and regen, so SOC stays consistant over the laps, not to much electric power with good stability on braking, turn-in and mid-corner.
    Ideal shift point is last red LED to 2nd blue LED (10.5k to 11k rpm).

    With this setup you can drive for a while, get a good feeling for the car and start to get into a rythm.
    When you are fimiliar with the car you can adjust the settings.

    MGU-K regen +/- and deployment +/- are the settings I adjust the most, so this should be mapped to buttons you can reach fast and easy, MGU-H mode and engine brake I adjust less frequently.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
  7. Vel

    Vel Racer

    This is the really difficult part. The car moves so fast, one moment accelerating, the next decelerating before taking a corner. The quickness you need to get on the shifts to keep the revs under 10.5k is really intense. The idea of even thinking about adjusting the ERS system on the fly between corners, during this constant shifting is mind boggling :)
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  8. Quick question; I know we've been told its quickest to shift up at a certain RPM, which equates to the end of the red lights, but it seems something is not realistic as the real life drives definitely shift at the end of the blue lights, very consistantly and only short shift to aid traction.

    Now the problem is either we are supposed to shift at a higher RPM, or more likely the lights aren't calibrated to the optimal shifting RPM.

    Anyway, check out this video for proof, shifting at the end of the blue lights almost all of the time:

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    LIONER Hardcore Simmer

    ^Yeah, it's seems that shift lights shine way faster than these in AC, also there's no shift lights at last, 8th gear. I don't know why, maybe these lights in real were calibrated to show up at lower rpm.
  10. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Vettel and Kimi shift at higher rpms, the game is not quiet accurate here.
    Because of the fuel flow limit max. bhp of the combustion engine is reached at about 10.5k rpm, more revs mean higher friction so less efficiency, but they shift at 11.5k to 12k rpm.

    The problem in the game seems to be that the power decrease over 10.5k rpm is too high in comparison to the real car and that's the reason in AC it's faster to shift at 10.5k to 11k.

    From Aris:
    But it looks like it hasn't changed enough.

    It takes time to get your mind to keep up with the speed of the SF15T, but once you are getting there you will notice that it gets easier.
    I think the most important thing is just to drive it, no need to get to maximum at first, just get a rythm and eventually your mind will get up to speed.

    But what really throws me off is switching from regen/charge to Hotlap, you need to adjust everything, get a high SOC, keep up with shifting, DRS and tyre temp and after a fast lap the other way round to charge the battery. But this is stuff for when you are familiar with the car.
  11. Vel

    Vel Racer

    It's the shifting that's really draining. Oh. And one other thing :) ... once you have all of those variables managed, you also have to race the other cars on track, keeping appropriate situational and tactical awareness.
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  12. shrapnel1977

    shrapnel1977 Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

    Yes, me too. I can drive it perfectly on conservative settings (race) but then when I switch settings to perform a qualifying simulation I end up missing apexes all the time due to higher speed into the braking zones and different braking distances. I also struggle on the power on exits due to the linear power delivery in the hotlap profile, which does feel somewhat more natural but after 30 laps of "balanced low" it is very different. Because you only get one lap at a time on the hotlap profile it doesn't give you much time to get used to these things. I just spent some time doing one lap on hotlap, followed by two recharge laps, then another hotlap, etc... I did this to help myself learn the hotlap profile, but I am not sure I helped myself! Though on the whole I think I learned more about the car and ultimately more about dealing with these changes in performance.

    This hotlap run was one such, where I was less than a tenth faster than a similar run on "Top speed" due to having better throttle control:

    Good fun though, these are the challenges that simracing has always been about for me. Learning!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
  13. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Yes, Hotlap is another thing, exactly for the reasons you stated.
    And since you have more power in lower gears I'm a bit more cautious out of slower parts.

    Although my lap times aren't faster (yet?) in hotlap mode.
    Fastest laps I get with balanced high, easier out of corners, SOC can be pretty consistant over several laps and you can do lap after lap, so you can improve lap to lap and go closer to the limit.

    But I still have deactivated tire wear, with tire wear at 1x the medium tyres were down to yellow after less than 10 laps on mugello and I was about 1.5-2 seconds slower after 5-6 laps.

    OK, racing might be another thing, I'm still at free practice.
  14. shrapnel1977

    shrapnel1977 Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

    Well it depends on the circuit really, balanced high or low were best around Catalunya, but at Mugello I found Top speed to be much quicker though it needed more aggressive regen to balance out, but given Mugello only has one big braking zone that is not so bad. Having said that, Catalunya doesn't have really any long braking zones.

    Curious, I have tyre wear on and similarly saw wear drop to yellow after ten or so laps (10 at the front but the rears held out for 12), but this reduced as I got better at managing turn in and was not scrubbing the fronts on entry so much. I also wasn't dropping quite that much time when they dropped to yellow, more like about 0.7 per lap. I was mostly able to keep the front left "green" except for the fast section out the back of the circuit.

    I think the tyres are just another aspect of this great car to learn really, so turning it off is just delaying in the inevitable! :D
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  15. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    I spun 2 or 3 times on mugello, maybe that had such a big effect. Or I ran one outstanding lap or ERS setting (unknowingly). Or just pushed to much at the laps were I was so much slower. I may have to retry it.
  16. shrapnel1977

    shrapnel1977 Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

    Ah yea, spins and flatspotting really screws these tyres.
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  17. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Surely the AC shift lights should activate lower down the rev range? Watching rl on board videos the drivers seem to shift when the lights flash, if we do that then it's obviously slower than shifting earlier.

    The engine revs so freely it's hard to keep the revs down though, I'm constantly over revving.
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  18. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    On which tires did you run that lap?
    My best was a 1:28.7 on medium.
  19. yusupov

    yusupov Alien

    in iracing i would find myself cranking everything to max deployment and then, on my 2nd lap, as the battery depleted 1/3rd of the way through or less, find myself faster. pretty embarrassing but the ERS is all torque and it is difficult to manage.
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  20. shrapnel1977

    shrapnel1977 Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

    Mediums, anything softer dies at Mugello with the long high speed turns. I can run 1.27's and low 1.28's on fifty litres of fuel on mediums with managed regen for 12-15 laps.

    That video is a low fuel qual run, slow outlap but fast enough to heat the tyres, then switch everything up just before the final turn and go for it on a lap.

    I did repeated Q runs like this today, never really got a properly clean lap but ran three 1.25.3's. There is easily a low 1.24 in it with a good lap.

    Probably more with a better driver than me. :)
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